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I'm loving the halloween event!! BUT I'm not loving the laggin on the videos. It lags A LOT when A Mcdonald Ad is display on the bottom or the right side of my screen neutral I'm not loving McDonalds!!! It lags so bad I can't even play emo
Do I look like I can intimidate a jury?

You can report bad ads here.

I couldn't intimidate a child, and believe me, I've tried.
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I was submitting something for Crosstich and a message appeared saying something like "Only numbers, commas, dashes, and spaces" or something like that. Is that supposed to happen? There was, I think, a dash in the title... And it took the fee out of my account so I hope it got submitted...
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Hello and Happy Halloween everyone!

How's the Halloween event going? Do you have enough time to collect the prizes?

What costumes have you prepared for Halloween this year? I'm a skeleton his Halloween. Time to find the right suit for my avatar. biggrin

Happy Halloween Lanzer and all mods
I have a few questions for Lanzer
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you guys are lucky you're on the west coast. sandy is pounding over here. domokun stargate
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3) Can the latest event be extended a tad so that those enduring storms can have more time to play it?

All major events run for 2 weeks to give everyone time to finish them. Unfortunately, we can't plan these things around Mother Nature's wrath and need to stick to our plans so that we can get things wrapped up and begin work on the next events in a timely manner. Long story short, we currently don't have plans to extend the end of the event.
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I don't have a question. Although I feel compelled to make a post just to bother you.
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Hey, everyone -- just lurking, will snipe the occasional question or maybe just make witty comments, if I can find someone around here that will help me be witty.
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Would it be possible to reduce the amount of Gigantous Strawberry Sticks in the Cupcake Confection formula? I don't think ten of them is necessary when it takes 55k tickets for each Cupcake Confection (so 550k tickets to get to level 5) and the fact that I've bought everything else. I can't just buy the tickets and it takes me two weeks of straight grinding to get tickets out of Blackjack and Tiles.
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Grumbie Skin.

Will you guys ever have an event where you get the skin?
And the Gaia App.
For some reason it keep force closing on me.
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Will there be a final prize for the event or victory prize?

Also I really love this months REI Antipathy
You guys did a smashing job.

Are any of you guys following the walking dead tv series?
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How do we find out about job opportunities with Gaia? (Are you guys hiring? I'm a CS major graduating in about a year.)

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Woooo NZ love on the ATA TODAY!

Anywhoo let me think I did have a question.......oh I remember now.

Would there be a chance of re-issued rules on how to handle trolls?

And not just basic something more in depth? there are situation where users are banned for getting angry at a troll or a troll avoiding being banned because they can sidestep rules.

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Just wondering....what goes on at the real Gaia HQ? Coffee breaks must be pretty weird...
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Any plans to visit NZ when you Visit Aus?

Might as well while I am out that way! Besides, I need to Zorb! I really do. That looks awesome! eek

Yeah you would be silly not to since its not far off.

Zorbing is pretty epic, havent done it myself but know a few people who have (Though yeah we do sell ourselves as the adventure capital of the world and are always trying to come up with new exciting ways to do things that seem deadly but are safe ^_^).

If you make, make sure to go to both islands, though I know time will probally be short heart
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Any big events coming this November? Any big changes?

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