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*poofs in, making the thread 2+ points cuter*
how many months do you plan rigs ahead?

Can we see Hatsya as a character in another RIG, in the near future?

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Thanks for the post! We've seen you post this a few times - guess you really like this character! I'll pass along the suggestion.

is there any way for me to ask whoever does the rig art, myself? i've been asking the adminsin this forum for a while, and feel like I'n getting nowhere. So I'd much rather ask the artists who does the rigs
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Narumi Misuhara
Hey Guys.

How is alchemy updates progressing, any big changes expected before Xmas?

Nope, currently scheduled for updates in Q1 2013

Cool cool, Thanks hun heart
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Good evening Lanzer and staff!

There's a hurricane on the East Coast. I'm in Pennsylvania and the winds are really strong right now.

I hope you are safe! heart
I just got back from a Sparks concert. What do my former compatriots think of Sparks? razz

This is actually the most important question you will be asked all night.
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I asked this on another ATA but didn't get a response.

Is it a possibility to incorporate a "did you mean: ___" when searching for an item?
I no spel rite. sad
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Happy Halloween to all the Admin! I know it's early but we won't have ATA on Halloween so I'll wish you guys and gals a Happy Halloween early.
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Doing good.

This event is going fine despite losing 3 seconds everything I would try to heal. Got all the prizes except the achievement.

See avi for costume. My RL costume is about the same. Zombie lol
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so gaia is having troubles with inflation right? So why not have a "second hand" store that sells items that people sell back to the game. Then you could get money out of the system and keep items from being lost for no reason smile
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Are you planning on wrapping up the current manga arc this year?

I love the story and the site, it's just been a really long time with this one.

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i wanna know something about my banned account
i have filed a ticket
and wanna know if theres updates
and roughly how long will it take to have a result?
Status of ticket: Work in Progress
help? emotion_kirakira

Send me a PM with the ticket ID and I can check it out.
pages are flying through~
PM sent, thanks. :3
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hey everyone at Gaia HQ hmm only got one question and it's pretty simple when are we going to see some new alchemy formulas?
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Happy Halloweens!
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Lanzer, are you dressing up for halloween? If so, what as?
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CAAAAAKE! I would love it if you guys could put regular cake in the GS. emo To be specific, Buttercup Cafe. Just to let you know, I have no money/GC, so each time any item that is released on Gaia that is costing money, I don't buy it with cash anyway because I don't have it (unless I spend days/hours/weeks/months on doing offers). xd So you're pretty much missing out on me buying it, you're 'biggest' cake fan! surprised But seriously, PLEEEEEEASE add cake to the Buttercup Cafe?

Here is a thread on that: Y NO CAKE? crying (Item Request/Recolor; w/EXAMPLES) [/shamelessly self advertisement]

Hopefully any artists that are lurking will see this...or bring it up to them please. ninja And please, get it right this time- Gold Shop, not Cash Shop! emotion_donotwant (Seriously, I want to hoard GS cakes and gift them away too as B-Day gifts- so pretty please!?)

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