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Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA. Time for us to watch the debate!

Have fun at the event and good luck collecting all the items! See ya!
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Narumi Misuhara
Darling Vortexus
Are there any new expansions for zOMG in the works? If so, about how long should we expect to wait for the new area(s)?

No, the game is in maintenance mode. We will do our best to maintain what is there but we won't be building anything new.
Okay. :3 Thanks.
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for the PSY fans out there .

There are other Korean artists. Like : Dumbfounded.
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I have a question!!!
did you guys already drop Summer Springs??
it's been weeks since the last update in facebook... and we no longer get the weekly rewards.... everybody is worry. I like the game a lot, I hope you won't drop it! :<
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Celtic Scholar
Celtic Scholar
Um, hello. I'm a bit nervous right now since this my first time doing this ATA thing. I was just curious about who to speak to about more armor items being added? I had started a thread that has a bunch of ideas that me and some others would like to share with you. 3nodding

I apologize if this seems a bit too forward. ._. Like I have said, this my first time doing this ATA thing, so I'm fairly nervous.

You can go to the site feedback forum and suggest it.
Or make a petition.

Thank you. I think I will try a petition, though I'm honestly not sure how to go about starting one. Thankfully, my thread about the armor items is already in the site feedback, so hopefully it will get noticed in the near future. :3

You can bump it if it falls off of the first page.

I'll remember that. Thanks biggrin
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Will the Gaia Online office staff be performing a Gaia Style (Gangnam Style) video?
With Lanzer as Psy of course!

I think CP makes a better Psy than I would biggrin
hey random question can we have an item update to that store that has items in it that are over 1mill. ?
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Hello Lanzer and staff!

I am noticing that some of my notifications are not working even though I have them enabled. I am mostly having trouble with the trade request notification. Sometimes I am not being notified unless I go physically into trades to see if I have a trade open or if I had a reply. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

What items are you thinking of adding to the black friday sale? I am willing to pay 75-100 dollars for a Cherubic Queen of Solair *hint hint* wink
Was bottom-paged on page 2.
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Zero Omega
Week #2.
When Can I have my Acc off ban restriction.

Have you filed a ban appeal at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help ?

7 to be exact
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would it be cool ta have some Sailor Moon type items in Mecha Neko?
Oooo, specially with the redo *_*
I'd get a Sailor Mars & Queen Beryl Companion.
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Fedelta Hellbond
I have a huge favor!!

As a regularly logged on gaian and someone who buys gaia cash each month I see this as a total disregard of consumer concern.

I have heard you are getting rid of towns for towns 2. This is not ok by me, and many others who like me prefer towns over the poorly designed laggy towns 2. You have no idea how disheartened I was to hear that jack was not in towns, much less to hear that everything I love and adore will be removed.

The pool, trick-or-treating with Jack, snow towns with the icy pool, summer pool. Towns in general means so much to so many people.

By not even giving us a choice about it I feel you have not given thought of how people think or feel. That I will say again is a total disregard for everyone's opinions and a complete lack of choice.

I believe you should at least hold a poll about it to give us a chance to voice our opinion about towns leaving and give us an option to keep it as well.

Again as a gaian I feel as if you did not care enough to let us voice our choice or even give us one.

"Please do not disregard or skip over this because this means alot to me and I am sure it means alot to others as well."

No, it's not just a matter of what is wanted. The infrastructure is so old, we can't even properly maintain it. Adding things to it is difficult to impossible. The system is so outdated ideas we have had for a couple of years now have had to be scrapped. I understand it will suck to have to switch to a new system, but the benefits in terms of site integration and new things we can do in Towns that we couldn't do before in my eyes vastly outnumber the benefits of keeping the existing system.
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crying I'm going to miss everyone... crying

-gives you a cookie-

Aww, thanks. *munches on cookie* whee

You are welcome
Is it choc chip? blaugh

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User Image A house of red Light burns like your wanting eyes

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Can we PLEASE get more black female and male hair items?
and gothic lolita items? PLEASE??????

will we ever get badges for DMS monsters? or things in EB?
All I ask is for one reply, ONE

The way is our way, what we say when we say… we will play with fireUser Image
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Two things:
1. Will salon durem eventually gain the ability to put highlights or streaks in hairstyles with a full color palette? It was in the Spring Cleaning Proposals 2011 forum. I would truly love to have red highlights or streaks in this black hair.

2. Will there be a Halloween event in zOMG where we can kill jack for lots of gold?

We've been trying to add highlights for quite some time, having it work right with different color hair had been difficult so we haven't gotten a system to work right yet.

We tried bringing back the older zOMG halloween event but only to find out that the DMS update over-wrote a lot of the codes for the holiday event. We'll continue focusing our effort in resolving bugs and issues wtihin the game.

Suggestion if you haven't thought of it for some reason
Couldn't you try to make some sort of "clip on" highlight? I imagine then it would be up to the user to decide which styles/colors they want to match their highlights to.
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I dunno if I should mention this ,but every so often reports has a problem When I fill out a report it sometimes gives me the message:

Unable to retrieve topic information from database.

When it shouldn’t and I have to go back and do the report over again and it goes through fine. Is there something that can be done about that?
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One year ago today I was at a Gaia Meet Up in Cincinnati, Ohio/Newport KY! Close enough that I could walk to and from the convention, it was great! I hope more are planned in the future for this area!

oh hey i went to that too!!! i was running late because i got.. lost.. >>;;;

*brofists anyway* emotion_brofist
Oh cool! Another local person! emotion_brofist

it's still a long drive for me but it's fun going up there. biggrin

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