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Any updates on the Beta for Heralds of Chaos? whee
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I asked this last week, but it was left unanswered. I'll ask again(please answer crying )

How many signatures does an item petition need before it is seriously looked at being made by the artists?
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Oh yeah, I also miss trick or treating in the original towns. That was a lot of fun. 3nodding
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Zero! I'm a bit disappointed that I've waited so long just to be told you haven't forgot about me. Way to make me feel otherwise, champ.

How about some updates to the PM I sent, pretty please?

*Le sigh*

Who are you again? No updates right now, sorry~ I'll see if I can check into it this week.
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Can the Halfling Pipe be included in the "risky lifestyle" achievements? (repeated Q)

Will the NPCs The Fish and Countess Ambrosia be visiting the forum, pretty please?
Why did you guys get rid of Jack in zOMG?
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Will we ever see another story event in Towns similar to Halloween 2006?
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/ gets out some popcorn and watches thread instead of cooking dinner.
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What's your favourite Halloween candy you are looking forward to this year? I'm always a sucker for Reece PB cups.
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I know this isn't entirely your fault, but this has been bugging me for weeks. What has happened to Summer Springs? There hasn't been an update in a month. No e-mail rewards, no Rich sunny faces, nothing. And the Facebook page has gone idle as well. Is there any reason for this? Any news? I hate to hear it's been abandoned, but at least knowing nothing's going to be done is better than being left in the dark.
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Dear Gaia Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is *taps chin* For the Christmas forums to open up December 1st this year....

Oh and 1 Angelic Halo,
2 Angelic Wings,
3 Cabbage patch dolls
And a Orphie plushie in a pear tree.. rofl

Why you ask? Because Gaia, you just love me. biggrin

Oh, we'll need a lot of miracle workers for that. smile Do they still make Cabbage patch dolls?

Yes they do...you can buy them at the store i work at xD
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Hello godmins! How has your Halloween experience been so far? wink

I'm just wondering if you have any future Housing Updates planned. While I know that Houses aren't that big of a thing on the site, I still get super excited when new things come out! And the potential for animated housing items like seen in the Cash Shop for Christmas is a great area to go!

Also, what about other "pets", like Aquariums? I believe it was mentioned ages ago that you guys were considering expanding past aquariums to offer more pet options, not just fish. Was that idea abandoned?

Thanks, guys! Loving the event so far!
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how old is edy and nicu and will the other npc appear in the mangas or rigs later on?
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2. Will there be a Halloween event in zOMG where we can kill jack for lots of gold?


Its big old NO!

there will be no event recycled or otherwise in zOMG this year for Halloween.

But check out the zOMG forum for lots of fun user run events!

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