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would it be cool ta have some Sailor Moon type items in Mecha Neko?
Oooo, specially with the redo *_*
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I finally made it in to the thread... *falls over*
question is it banable to hoard like millons and millions of gold ?

Define "hoard" - if you are just saving legitimately-earned gold, then no! If you are being a sneaky weasel and stealing it from others, stuffing it into your dragon lair of an account, and laughing maniacally, then yes, yes you would be banned.
im actually trying to get an item worth about 155mill and i can do it if i hoard and vend cash items. thats why i ask
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1.when will the forum updates sisky was talking about in site feedback go into affect?

2. will housing get an update after everything is moved to towns 2?

Aiming for early November to start rolling out the changes biggrin I have been working on the spreadsheet though, and should have that up soon biggrin

Once you release the spreadsheet, we can get more feedback on that right?
Or can we like, vote on our favorite suggestions for new forums?? User input ftw?
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1. Would it be possible to either unsoulbind both the zOMG rings Integrity and Abuse, or allow for a limited number of transfers for them? Integrity creates a rather unfair advantage to those who didn't receive it, as the most important role in the game (tanking Bloodlust Kamila) is extremely difficult without it. Due to a tanker being essential to defeat her, this ring can often prove to be whether a crew is able to proceed or not. As for Abuse, the ring is seen more as a trophy now rather than a punishment, except for collectors who are unable to get the ring. As well, anyone who doesn't have the most stable internet connection would never be able to get the ring due to the massive amount of lag Bloodlust Kamila (the boss who has an extremely low chance of dropping the ring) gathers in her boss fight.

2. Would it be possible if you made a change in buying formulas? like, the Orb Aggregate formula. It's a hassle to buy them one by one, could there be an option of buying more than 1 at a time?

1) I've actually beaten Kamila quite a few times with tanker using fitness instead of integrity and it works out well. Integrity does make it easier, but still possible to beat Kamila without it. It just depends on how much power-up tanker is willing to buy and experience tanking that actually proves an advantage. Personally I don't think a ring like that causes the advantage. How well the back up healer is I think affects it more.
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crying I'm going to miss everyone... crying

HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! *throws a wombat at you* Catch!
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Will housing be getting an update after towns 2 is done and housing is moved over? I’d love to see a housing update.

We'll update housing, yes 3nodding

Yaaaay .
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Hello Lanzer and staff!

I am noticing that some of my notifications are not working even though I have them enabled. I am mostly having trouble with the trade request notification. Sometimes I am not being notified unless I go physically into trades to see if I have a trade open or if I had a reply. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

What items are you thinking of adding to the black friday sale? I am willing to pay 75-100 dollars for a Cherubic Queen of Solair *hint hint* wink
Was bottom-paged on page 2.
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IF towns is going to go away , what is going to happen to all the items i have in my home??
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again I am here to ask one thing.


you made a white version of what I envisioned!! I felt like you did it on purpose after my constant asking!

also put price caps on items. no way in all hell can people afford in gold for a fawking pair of wings.


I don't believe this was done intentionally. This is my first time seeing that you had asked for this type of hair. I'll pass it along that you would love a recolor of this hair in black though 3nodding

; x; I've been asking for weeks on end...my night was just made. omg thank you..
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Mashed Potato Jones
I finally made it in to the thread... *falls over*

-picks up a sisky and dusts her off-

No falling down now...have to remain on your feet...what if suddenly we were attacked by Zombie Carl?

Then you better hope my dad is near with his Nikon camera! XD

P.S. - Did you know I was attacked by an elk when I was a kid, and my dad had to rescue me, but all he had was his Nikon camera, so dad started hitting the elk on the nose until it bellowed and stormed off? eek

That sounds like a terrifying experience to be honest...I'm glad you survived though so we can hang out here in the thread at least. Good thing those old Nikons are built like tanks, otherwise that trick might not have worked.
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crying I'm going to miss everyone... crying

-gives you a cookie-

Aww, thanks. *munches on cookie* whee
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This ^

Because I often see people asking questions that I'd like the answer to as well, but never get it because they are ignored. I don't mind me being ignored often, because lets face it, I come in here when I can to point out that an inventory arranger would be good. I got that answered (kind of) a long time ago. Even though it still hasn't happened.
However, other people ask really good questions that get passed up really often.

Just food for thought. yum_pie

User Image A house of red Light burns like your wanting eyes

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Right? Not everyone has time to be here at ATA and it happens only once a week for a short time so even more chances to miss out on it. It's insulting that I need to post over 9234893283 times and still my questions aren't legitimate enough?

The way is our way, what we say when we say… we will play with fireUser Image
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Anyone else on this thread and watching the Presidential Debate?!

Heeell no. I'm so sick of the attacking and the politics. I've had to start muting commercials they are making me so angry.

Recorded TV FTW.
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Anyone see my questions back on page 12? sad If not...

1) When will we get the Weapons Shop?
2) Any future story development planned for Agatha?
3) If no answers for the first two. Can someone please make a note to bring up the Weapons Shop to the staff? I would really like to see some answers on this, and have been asking for months! (well, years technically, but months steadily...)
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crying I'm going to miss everyone... crying

-gives you a cookie-

Aww, thanks. *munches on cookie* whee

You are welcome

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