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Has the "In the queue" forum been forgotten? It seems like a brilliant idea that's fallen by the wayside. Is it just due to time constraints that this forum isn't used? I would rather the time be used on fixing bugs, but it seemed like a really good idea for users to keep track of bugs!

I see a lot of questions in Q&A about bugs and people wonder if they've been reported or if they're known about.

Also, thanks for making mobile payments available in Australia, whenever that happened. (Probably ages ago) Now I can use up all my leftover credit on Gaia instead of giving it up to the 'expired credit' gods biggrin
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Hello everyone!

How do you like this year's Halloween event? Are you able to name all the costumes that the NPC are wearing? And how far are you at collecting the event items? Tell us what you think!

i geeked out because i knew most of the characters. i thought someone like... got into my brain and knew what all i like. xd

anyway... hi everyone! biggrin

let's see... questions... um... uh....

well, you are all invited for the zomg birthday bash. (cough

will the mini games we have right now from this halloween event be added as new games? i really like the matching game. >>

and, i can't think of any other questions atm because i made spaghetti. xd *noms while staring at thread*
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Hey guys! o uo
              How's everything going at HQ?

Moriarty was REAL!
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Zero Omega
Hey Gaia staff, a happy end of Monday to you all. I have a couple questions

1. When will some of the hot topics like adventure time ,tiger and bunny, and lolita fashion be removed?

2. What are you doing for Halloween this year?

1. Decisions are being made regarding those and other Hot Topics, no ETA at the moment though.

2. Relaxing at home.

at least they’re being talked about on what to do with them. and that sounds like a fun Halloween. You look so different zero, i’m used to your other avi
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when will we get a gold shop update?

Will the next crosstitch item contest be xmas related?
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Hey guys!

Just a quick question,

How soon til we get the new CrosStitch items? :O
Super excited to see them!

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Two things:
1. Will salon durem eventually gain the ability to put highlights or streaks in hairstyles with a full color palette? It was in the Spring Cleaning Proposals 2011 forum. I would truly love to have red highlights or streaks in this black hair.

2. Will there be a Halloween event in zOMG where we can kill jack for lots of gold?
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Mashed Potato Jones
Dear Gaia Santa,

All I want for Christmas this year is *taps chin* For the Christmas forums to open up December 1st this year....

Oh and 1 Angelic Halo,
2 Angelic Wings,
3 Cabbage patch dolls
And a Orphie plushie in a pear tree.. rofl

Why you ask? Because Gaia, you just love me. biggrin

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...and one of the ones beside them. These temporary crowns are bugging me and the final ones cannot be made fast enough.

Sprinkles some magic dust to super duper speedy recovery. Hope that works? sweatdrop
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Hello everyone!! The Halloween event is amazing, getting the event items is a little slow-going for me, but I will eventually get them all! I just wish Jack would have been included in the event, I miss him crying Will he be reappearing next year?

But anyways, wanted to stop by and tell ya'll thanks for everything, tomorrow is my 9yr Gaiaversary!! heart heart
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Hi Admins!
Hope all of you are well smile Thank you for the event and items. The mini-games are addicting and I've enjoyed receiving my items. Also, a thank you for being so quick to fix the glitches with this event!
Enjoy the remainder of your day.
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any progress on resolving the "Hangout" achievements in rally?
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I've gotten all the items and the achievement! Personally, I love events like this. I enjoy having a side to fight for (Vamps!). I also like when events tie in with the manga/ comics. biggrin
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Squee Nii
Squee Nii
Artist question. Can we pretty please fix the layering of Modus Operandi + Oolong Wonder + Kabuki so that they properly go UNDER, like so?
User Image

We had fixed the masking for the hair, but we weren't able to fix the layering, sorry about that! crying
But why can't the layering be fixed? gonk

I know that specifically regarding Kabuki and the MO coat the wrap is meant to go OVER all shirts. However in the future there may be another wrap that goes under all clothing.
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Sen Natsu
what are the sacred keys for, seriously?
alchemy, they're an item requirement.
wow slightly dissapointing i have 7 for each year i have been on gaia and was hoping for some kinda door or chest lolz well its kewl atleast i can sell them biggrin
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Zero Omega"
It's next week. emotion_kirakira

Also, is gaia ever going to get back into the business of selling its own real life merchandise?

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