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I love the npc costumes XD and liking the event though

I think you guys should probably change the wing tree skins heh 20wing stickers for one time useage is kind of...heh steep
any chance of that happening?

how is halloween on your side of the world ?=P

also! I love the way you guys are joining in on the forum event when you have time
it really spices things up<3
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1. Would it be possible to either unsoulbind both the zOMG rings Integrity and Abuse, or allow for a limited number of transfers for them? Integrity creates a rather unfair advantage to those who didn't receive it, as the most important role in the game (tanking Bloodlust Kamila) is extremely difficult without it. Due to a tanker being essential to defeat her, this ring can often prove to be whether a crew is able to proceed or not. As for Abuse, the ring is seen more as a trophy now rather than a punishment, except for collectors who are unable to get the ring. As well, anyone who doesn't have the most stable internet connection would never be able to get the ring due to the massive amount of lag Bloodlust Kamila (the boss who has an extremely low chance of dropping the ring) gathers in her boss fight.

2. Would it be possible if you made a change in buying formulas? like, the Orb Aggregate formula. It's a hassle to buy them one by one, could there be an option of buying more than 1 at a time?
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      Few things here:
      • User reactions towards the new Treehouse Halloween potions have been mixed, largely because of the high price point (2O wing stickers) on a single use item. Many argue the price should be lowered OR the potions should be turned into skin items that can be equipped freely. There are also concerns that the potions are seasonal products that, like the werewolf items of 2k11, will be removed from the Treehouse when the event ends. Any words?

      • There has been quite a bit of grumbling regarding the current team scores for the Don Halloween event. Many insist that the game is rigged, and have developed varying tactics to "make up" for the handicap. My questions here are twofold;

        • Firstly, will team stats be released after the event? I am very interested in learning just how outnumbered the Kuro team was, and how large of an influence the "handicap" had on the raw numbers. And to clarify; how are mules being included when calculating team activity?

        • Secondly, those vampire tactics. One of them involves opening multiple tabs of the heal minigame on a single target in order to raise the number of heals cast, and therefore artificially inflating the team's heal score.
          So, what can we do to win this war? The answer is easy: stop attacking them and, also, STOP HEALING!

          You must just find someone who's injured (or even killed): open numerous tabs, say 10, by right-clicking on the "HEAL" button. Then, for every tab start the healing game and DON'T PLAY IT! Your healing will be counted, and in few minutes you'll be able to score HUNDREDS of healings!

          >.> Hmmm I wonder if this well actually work or if it well back fire on us? I mean the admins/devs could penalize us for this. -___-::: I guess only time well tell.

          I don't think so. For first, in the main event forum I've seen threads about using this strategy to get the event items quickly: it really doesn't get a genius to apply it to the team's score, so I'm pretty sure someone is doing the same, in the other team.
          Most important, it's not like I want to exploit a bug or else: it's totally the fault of the one(s) who designed this event, not only if we can use this strategy but, actually, for the fact we're almost forced to do it.

          [OP's reasoning of how total scores "should" have been calculated, redacted]

          If only killings were used to determine the final scores, we'd be winning because we surely doesn't have the triple (+200%) of the elves, in number of active players! I guess we're about the 20% more active players than them. So, with the triple of killings, we deserve to win.

          Im just beyond confused right now @_@. So click heal button, but just let the game run and do nothing? How does this make us win?

          It makes us win because it's the NUMBER of healings what counts, not how much we heal. If we heal for 0 points, we can keep doing it as long as we want, without losing time in desperate search for some injured player. Look, I'm in the top ten of Von Helson healers: those points are part of our total healings. I've made almost all of them this way!

          I think the quotes speak for themselves. Is this "strategy" being considered an exploit?

Can we see Hatsya as a character in the next RIG?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Hatsya is cool though we have got quite a few other RIG ideas lined up for now. Sorry.
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I believe the Halloween event this year was pretty awesome. Although, trick or treating just isn't the same without going through the towns collecting candy. I miss Jack too :/ He was the coolest. Why no Jack this year Admins?
what are the sacred keys for, seriously?
alchemy, they're an item requirement.
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Hello I'm having a great month in gaia this time thank you! <3

Also I would love to have some BANGS mods (have no bangs, cut off bangs, different styles of bangs, or different colors of bangs etc) On my main Avi now I love this hair but i would like to cut off the boxy bangs or put it on the side. the masquerade bangs dont match its color. Thank you! smile
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GLITCH: There's an achievement glitch pop up. You can see it here. Go to spoiler at the end, "open" the spoiler and click inside the spoiler area and the "Beta Treasure Hunter" achievement pops

Edit:The achievement also seems to pop up when clicking in the tiny area between the post time stamp and the link to the post.

Suggestion: Also, some months back. I was talking to Carbonphyber about the CSS @-import rule and why it was filtered out. It's filtered because IE6 allows CSS "expressions", basically JavaScript in CSS. To prevent cross site scripting it gets filtered out. But it's only in IE6, you guys have dropped support for IE6 some time ago, why not allow it? It shouldn't even really be a problem though, I haven't met a single person who even knows what a CSS expression is. If necessary set a script that will parse out the at-import from the CSS if it's IE6, because again, only that browser supports it. This would open up more possibilities to advanced profile shops and other advanced CSS users such as myself.
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Hi, hard-working people of the South Bay! How'd you like the rain showers this morning? And what about them Giants! The Oakland Coliseum will be packed tonight.

Also, can the Halfling Pipe be included in the list of items that trigger off the "Risky Lifestyle" achievement?

Oh, and I am not even close to getting all the items. I think I am at 100 attacks and 64 heals as a vampire. A long long way away from an Achievement.
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What percentage of Gaians have been let into HoC beta?

I'm wondering how many are left, that like me, have yet to receive a PM. emo
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Bid Blast

It was mentioned that when bid blast shuts items may be put in MP for bidding. Would this be like Cresentos Alchemy item store just with non alchemy items? May it actually be in Cresentos store?


1. Any updates on the progress of the alchemy review? I know Narumi said it’s a project that will extend into next year. Does this mean that there might not be anymore updates to alchemy this year?

2. Its been said that games will be united in their payout of tickets, and that the alchemy update will use more games. Does that mean it will just use more zOMG/Towns stuff, or more tickets as well? Or even linked into upcoming games maybe Hoc and the smaller flash ones coming up.
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currently there are less than 20 gc offers that give 100gc or more that don't cost money. Will there be more higher paying gc offers in the future?

Do you know what the price of items will be for black friday sale? Do you know what items will be listed that day?

Will cherubic queen be rereleased? Will breakfast the kitty be rereleased or other animals from that chance item?

When will the event end?
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Hello everyone!

*waves* cat_whee
How do you like this year's Halloween event? And how far are you at collecting the event items?

I haven't even begun yet, because I'm too busy elsewhere. cat_stressed cat_evil cat_scream

1. I've asked about having the ability to disable "likes" and "dislikes in user-created threads, and now I'm wondering......would be at all possible for us to have a feature to "revoke" a "like" or "dislike" in threads -- particularly in the case of if and/or when we were tricked into following a link that led *TO* an automatic "like" or "dislike" for a thread which we had not thoroughly reviewed for ourselves beforehand? cat_stare

2. Could you take a look at the "Status" section of "My Gaia", and perhaps solve the mystery of why practically everyone's statuses mysteriously disappear/vanish/etc., and then randomly reappear without warning? cat_stressed
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Hey Gaia staff, a happy end of Monday to you all. I have a couple questions

1. When will some of the hot topics like adventure time ,tiger and bunny, and lolita fashion be removed?

2. What are you doing for Halloween this year?

1. Decisions are being made regarding those and other Hot Topics, no ETA at the moment though.

2. Relaxing at home.
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Zero! I'm a bit disappointed that I've waited so long just to be told you haven't forgot about me. Way to make me feel otherwise, champ.

How about some updates to the PM I sent, pretty please?

*Le sigh*

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