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When will the gold shop updates be out? I'm always really excited to see the Halloween ones!
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Thank you for the hard works!!! Loving the October forum event. heart heart
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Hello everyone!

How do you like this year's Halloween event? Are you able to name all the costumes that the NPC are wearing? And how far are you at collecting the event items? Tell us what you think!
all i ask for Halloween is zodiacal gen. T.T
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I love the event but I keep seeing people asking on zOMG, "Where is Jack?" Is Jack going to be on zOMG!?
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Hey Guys!!!

When is our Gold shop update for this month??
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- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Any good news?

- The New Dark Elf and Vampire Potions: Why did you put them in the Treehouse instead of Skin Tyte. There's nothing special about these potions to make them worthy of stickers.

- I've been having some problems with the site while using Chrome. Please read my thread for more details.
Who's idea was it to stick bats in the mini game for the Halloween event? You know bats are mortal enemies of praying mantises. My three girls are terrified. How are they suppose to enjoy Gaia now? emotion_bigvein
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Hey Gaia staff, a happy end of Monday to you all. I have a couple questions

1. When will some of the hot topics like adventure time ,tiger and bunny, and lolita fashion be removed?

2. What are you doing for Halloween this year?
What are the chances of getting Gambin 'Brows as an item?

dude has some epic brows.
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What happened to the essence to gold button on Heralds of chaos that was a nifty little feature
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what are the sacred keys for, seriously?
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When is the Gaia app going to be available for more phones?

/currently unable to use it
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I missed last week, so my questions built up sorry…

Soul Crash

Hi SoulCrashers!
We wanted to let you know Season 3 started, but new bosses will be added in the upcoming weeks

1. Does that mean act six will come out this season, and when act six comes out will the max level be raised? Does weeks mean we are close to a push, or is it the usual weeks may be months scenario? (I understand and have no issues with missed deadlines due to dev stuff I know its part of what gaia is, its just nice to know we can expect something around Xish)

2. Ive been trying to complete the zanten/dragon plate set, the current final boss set. There are 4 items in the spin, and the spins 5 soul cash. Ive had ~ 40 spins and still not got it. Are the odds meant to be that low, or would it be buggy or just bad luck?

3. Any chance of adding video rewards or similar back again? Even 4 vids a day for 1 cash I would do.
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A couple random items I'd like to ask about...

1) I've pretty much given up on asking for the Marketplace's "Sell An Item" menu to have an Aquarium tab...but there are still some Aquarium items, such as the Aquarium Starfish [lite], that have a Sellback Price listed in the Marketplace but can't actually be sold back. Can this discrepancy be fixed, either by letting us sell them back from inventory or by removing the false sellback price info from the Marketplace?

2) I frequent the Alchemy forum. It's a pretty slow-moving forum (when we're not bombarded by misplaced topics from people who've misclicked trying to get to the Gaia Exchange.) I should also note for this question that I usually use Google Chrome. One thing that annoys me about visiting the Alchemy Forum is that, if I've been away for most of a day, topics that have not had any changes to them are marked as new and I can't tell where the topics that actually have new posts begin. I assume this is due to not having enough memory devoted to tracking my viewing history or something, but I can't find any way to adjust that in Chrome's options. Is there any way to solve this problem on my end?
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Hello Lanzer and staff!

I am noticing that some of my notifications are not working even though I have them enabled. I am mostly having trouble with the trade request notification. Sometimes I am not being notified unless I go physically into trades to see if I have a trade open or if I had a reply. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

What items are you thinking of adding to the black friday sale? I am willing to pay 75-100 dollars for a Cherubic Queen of Solair *hint hint* wink

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