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Hey I wondering why u can't get free gaia cash no more because I go on there and it say not today every time.?
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Hi Guys
these are suggestions for the artists to look into implementing and anyone else that may be involved.
1. Please increase the number of outfit slots? I am at 20 saved outfits and can't save anymore. It would be nice to have more slots

2. Please bring back the items removed from the Phin Phang I really miss the mermaids etc.?

3. Would love a Waffles plushie, he is too cute. I am a big fan

and last but not least, please add a pose to the Astra-11-Lucky Clover, where the clovers are flowing down like the Sakura blossoms. User Image
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Good morning everyone.

I have one or two things I'd like to ask.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have future events, such as Christmas start early during the whole month, instead of the last two weeks. We want more time hosting them. gonk And giving participants more time to enter the contests. sweatdrop

Hurry up with the Halloween event please. rofl By the time you guys start it, I'm going to be back at work. I'm impatient Darn it. rofl

Working on it! burning_eyes

Thanks Uncle K. Oh hey, if we were to use a percentage. How far would you say you are with the preparation of it? 3nodding

I'd say 90%, give or take. Main work is completed, just going through some internal playtesting, stress testing, and going down the master list of "Things to Fix Before Putting the Event Live so it Doesn't Crash the Site".

The wait is almost over.
Hi ata people!

1) Why does the mouth always reset when we change our avis’ outfits?
2) I haven’t been able to buy my Power-ups in game anymore, but I can on Gaia page, what’s wrong with it?
3) People have been earning 100K-150K per hour with the new game HOC, since this will happen again with future games, isn’t about time to unnerf Booty Grab and zOMG! and do a site wide nerf of top 1%?

That's due to a bug, sorry! We'll fix that ASAP

Which particular power up items are you referring to?

It's definitely a balancing issue as we're still making adjustments to the gameplay. As we polish the gameplay, so will the payout change.
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Hello , ATA crew.

Is there any way you guys can get rid of the Bid Blast count down thing adding 30+ second after every bid?

That's unfair and very unrealistic seeming as to no one has the time to just sit at their computer and click "BID" over and over until everyone else gives up on it.

I understand some users may like that advantage, and there's always the a-holes who snipe products, but there will always be that possibility on every bidding site.

( example: Ebay! )

So please, get rid of that, it's so annoying . I have school and work , I can't just watch the items 24 / 7 until they end !
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I've just noticed Zero's Mini wings. gonk
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Do rare items from banned accounts get recycled? Or do they just sit there?

They sit there.
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Just like last year's Halloween, can there be another Zombie store? but everywhere around the rally not just the store?

I can't wait til' the event coming soon ^_^
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Hi AtA. o3o

SISKY! Any more teasers on that special surprise you have for the z!F? emotion_c8

Oh yes.... yes! Would you like hint? Maybe just a little one? MAYBE? Ok, a forum contest thread is going out tonight. It has to do with this...and pumpkins. And server lag. That is all I can say for now! ninja

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Save yourself some trouble and send it all my way ;D

edit: somethings off with quoting.
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I'm starting to see quite a few new pink names...I hope my app wasn't forgotten?
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Hello Gaia Staff! Very excited to see the [NPC] costumes and MCs are out today! smile Great job on all of it! Here are my questions for tonight.

1) Any new shops planned for release?
2) Any progress on getting a Pets system?
3) When will the next scheduled manga update be released approxiamtely?
4) Any new information on Countess Ambrosia you can share?
5) Will we see any new characters in the Christmas storyline this year?
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Thanks for making HOC. I loooveeee it so much once I got the hang of it!!
heart heart heart heart
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Empress Boa
When is the trash available for Towns 2.0? or is it ever going to be in there?

It will eventually, we're shooting for before the end of this year.
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I've just noticed Zero's Mini wings. gonk

I've always had Minis.
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Seriously Im not saying at to the level cap but new rings that arnt retarded to get maybe a new set or two and some new area's (Non end game) I genuinely enjoy Zomg! and love its artstyle along with unique ring mechanic which actually lead me to create a wizard in D&D that makes magic rings XD Its a good game but of my friends they stopped playing because it turned into a grind fest no more quest no reason to go to other area's I have countles idea's and would be willing to unload them trust me Ive been playing DnD since I was lil after a few years you learn to keep it original but still fitting the tone of game.

oh and More actualy jack
keep making jack items but he has no real hold on gaia
same goes for Grunny and old school zombie skin that is no longer obtainable

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