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Something Royal
My ticket is still open this is almost the 4th month...Should i just make a new one? emotion_0A0

Shoot me a PM with the ticket ID and I can check into the status of it.
zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything to share?

We do have some surprise for everyone, please wait and see smile
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hi could you guys update some of the old EI like titans legacy seed.
and please update the old slender item for us slender man fans.
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In regards to the rigs we have been receiving lately for some months now, i would like to say that the amount of Male items versus Female items is outrageously outdone. I'd like to vouch for most of our male population by saying that i think Gaia artist should consider making the items involved in the rig evenly distributed between both genders. It's unfair to have about x amount of items in a rig and only about 3 being solely for male that is considered Likeable to us, and if not it's concentrated on being unisex. Gaia also has a male population they shouldn't forget that
When are ya'll gonna fix Monster Galaxy?
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Zero Omega

Hey Zero, would I be able to retrieve my main email from my other account if it is banned and I close it?

Sure, shoot a ticket to http://www.gaiaonline.com/help
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Ive asked this before in glitches but here goes...
Except for the items as previously saved and thus part of saved outfits, my avi can't hold (equip?) items

Any idea why?

PS - can next September be a design a costume contest for an NPC?
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Can we get a simple, solid-white background item for us forum-goers so we can make avatars without worrying about the Green Goo problem? It's a pretty simple fix and a LOT of us who are avatar-enthusiasts would really appreciate it!

Alternatively, a lot of people want background items that are just solid colors.

( Some interest in the item is garnered here. )
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can we have a sdplus murasaki?

please? emotion_kirakira

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Hiya Gaia Staff!
I wanted to know when can people outside US will be getting daily gaia cash from the tree?
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Darc Nightgale
So I asked last week about gettin' the devil tail layered infront of the spartan cloak. This was your response. "I thought it was designed to go on the back, but then it wouldn't make much sense would it? biggrin I'll look into it."

Are you guys able to fix this?

There were a lot of conflicts for moving the tail up, so we were not able to change it for now, sorry.
Awwww! emo
Thanks for tryin'. Well I hope it gets fixed one day. 3nodding
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Zero Omega
Zero! Where the heck is my rejection letter? I've seen some new purple names, so you have no excuse!

I have an excuse! You weren't in the reviews of the people we had, come next round you might be. ninja
What kind of answer is that?! And, wait... what? What period of apps were you reviewing? It's been so many months!

Can't say! But don't worry, we had a few apps before you, you weren't forgotten though.
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Regarding glitched tasks on zOMG: is there any way to just reset them? My mules have gotten through the game without a hitch, but I still have quests in the Aqueduct and Otami that I can't clear.
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why can't yall one day unbann everyone account question

Well, that wouldn't be good from a safety perspective. Many of the account bans placed are for safety violations - hackings, password phishing, posting explicit content, etc. These are not accounts we want on Gaia as they have caused harm to other members of the community.
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Are the notices for our subscribed threads going to be fixed anytime soon?

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