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How Much Money Does The Gaia Staff Get? o;

There isn't one answer as different poeple are paid different rates. If you search how much a programmer would make, then the average programmer on Gaia would be earning about the same. Except for Narumi, I heard he earns waaaay more than anybody else. biggrin

I have two small questions.

I have been begging and begging for weeks now for a long straight black hair. And with this new rig that came out you made white hair exactly in such a way. I can't help but feel a bit mocked. Is there any way possible you guys can work on such black hair?

Also on a second note a few of my friends and I have been on this topic as well. There have been more and more items being put out there for women and the male items that are being so rarely introduced aren't as well designed or thought out as the female ones. There have also been far too much cutesy items. Not saying I don't mind being cute once in a while but I would like to look like my actual gender you know?

Please be kind enough to answer these two questions. Its all i ask out of gaia.

Most of the art team has left, I don't think anyone here currently can answer that question XD

waaa ; x;
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~lurks through the pages~ (from page 12)

So how are you all doing this evening?

WHo was the artist for this months collectables?

I just wanted to say thanks for the Mournful Wail,I really like the dress, the hair, and the background.

And the whites, in the eyes, is that part of the collectable or another item? Because i put them on and my eyes show up with black surrounding them. Is that how its supposed to look?

Any fun upcoming events other then the Halloween event?

if it cannot be answered due to staff being gone, I can wait and repost next week! (since i know you all are answering questions left and right, and are getting so many)

Also I think you all should dress up and post them online and have a contest. (where we users vote) not sure what you would make as the prize though) but it would be really fun to vote!
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Uncle Kenny
Any hints on what the coming event is going to be like??

Is it going to be like B.O.O. VS S.I.N. ????

It will be based on the Dark Elves v. Vampires. The battle mechanics will reuse the elements that you're used to but put a different spin on them. We'll also have some GCash functionality built into the gameplay for those who want to go a little faster. For more, you'll just have to wait to see the actual thing later this week cool

What... Dark elves? Pfffffffffft its all bout FARIS!!!!!
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A question I just remembered...

When getting the statistics for the number of Gaians that are zOMG! die-hards, was the factor of Gaian mules taken in consideration? If not, one way that I figure it could be done is to look at the Order History, could it not?
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Good evening, everyone.

I've been wondering why is that Josie never seems to have any role or "screen-time" in the Gaian story like any of the other NPCs.

She's a shop-keeper and from the few times she has been in the comic, we've seen that she has a level-headed personality and a desire to be a superhero that could be a expanded upon. Additionally, she seems to be foreign- based on her clothing and accessories and educated about the 'outside world' (relative to her town), based on the wares in her store. These aspect could easily be expanded upon and intergrated into various stories, items and dialogues.

However, instead these aspects have been ignored, as compared to most of the other characters- even those who aren't shop-keepers- she has little to no development.

She's largely absent from the events or given a minor role at best. Save for Pie Hard, in which she was a contestant, not in the last two Christmas, Halloween, New year, Thanksgiving, nor Valentine's day events did she participate in any way. In fact, she was notoriously absent from the most recent Valentine's Day event- she's not even included in the list of NPCs to whom you can send a valentine.

Even though she isn't given much of a role in the manga, its unfair for her not to get any attention elsewhere like the other shop owners. Even Carl- the elk shop-owner of "Junk in the Trunk"- has played a larger role that her; he was a ship captain (albeit a terrible one) in the Frontier Skies game and had a cameo in the Old Pete Christmas side-story.

While I appreciate the fascinating stories you work hard to tell and illustrate, and the various characters in them, it seems that Josie is here as little more than a 'differently colored place-holder' present simply for the principle of adding visual 'variety', Gaia. (In other words, a token minority) You need to treat your characters equally and give all of them- especially Josie- their time to shine. And not simply as some random obscure character with a 2-bit part.

I would love to see some more of Josie- character development and presence in general, as well as the people who have signed my petition.
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yep!!!!!!!!! biggrin actually i was such a fan some people said i looked like scully so my username is from that but also my aol. xd

Oh coollllllllllllllllllllllll. So does this mean you own all the dvd's?

i only own the first and second movies. both dvd but i think i have the first on vhs too. then there is the tee shirts, a lunchbox, a limited group pic, um the barbies... um.... uh..... sweatdrop

So you own quite a lot of memorabilia then? Do you still collect? whee

i stopped collecting when i got to college, which was when mulder left the show or about then. and i didn't really get to watch the series anymore from that though what little i recall dagget or whatever his name is, the liquid terminator guy, he was a cool character too. just a shame how they ended the series which would been better if relationships stayed platonic. xd
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We just have strangely drawn dogs on the chalkboard this week

I read your subtext loud and clear dude.

To-do list:
1) Buy chalk.
2) Case Gaia HQ, mainly night security.
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Are there going to be any updates to the profiles? I've been having problems with mine. :l
Hey ATA, I noticed there has been some little glitches that has become a bit annoying, as for my favorite hair, the thief of dreams...it layers out from hats (any type) neutral

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

and also Everyone's Reprise hair pose have a little green spot on the side of the hair, by the ear that is quite noticible too. It only shows on the flash spaces.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I know these types of things ain't your priority but I just took the chance to mention it because I would havn't gotten any luck posting glitches on the glitches forum, I tried that before sweatdrop

Thank you

I know the images are quite little, but well the glitch look actually very noticible in the flash areas.
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Did I say hi to Sisky? *mumbles to herself* rofl
Lilsis Charmer
Just wanted to stop by and say 'thank you!' for the marketplace warning. ^^ By the way, some have complained about the size, others about the colour. If it's going to be changed, I think the nicest compromise would be toning down the brightness of the red in the text using a larger font size (=the price). Same size, darker red. Just my two cents. (Personally I think the marketplace warning is PERFECT as it is, but since I've read a lot of bickering about it... I see no reason not to compromise if the brightness of the large price is too 'in-your-face' for some. ^^; Have a nice ATA.

The change is not hard to make, whatever works best for avoiding mis-pricing and easy on the eyes is what we're shooting for. smile
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! Have fun at the Halloween Event and we'll see you next week!
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Did I say hi to Sisky? *mumbles to herself* rofl

Hi! How are you feeling - sinuses any better? Did the minty bath work? biggrin

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