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Hi Gaia Admins.

I have 2 things to ask.

1. Can you fix Voracious fog for this layering?

User Image My friend had it layered before, and it showed black fog in the dress up screen, however, once it was saved, the fog turned green.

2. Is there any news on a Black Friday Sale 2012?
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any chance could we get a separate clogs pose for the item nihon shoki?

the clogs are seriously amazing but it would be soo much more awesomer if we could use it withou t having to use the trousers
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      Is choosing the beta players in HoC hard?
      I really am dying to play that. gonk
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How Much Money Does The Gaia Staff Get? o;
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1. Moar Waffles!

2. When does the Halloween event kick off?

3. If any of you admin are gonna dress up, post pics? wink
I will always agree with moar Waffles!

I would like to dress up but I wouldn't know what to dress up as, unfortunately. emo
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Uncle Kenny
Good morning everyone.

I have one or two things I'd like to ask.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have future events, such as Christmas start early during the whole month, instead of the last two weeks. We want more time hosting them. gonk And giving participants more time to enter the contests. sweatdrop

Hurry up with the Halloween event please. rofl By the time you guys start it, I'm going to be back at work. I'm impatient Darn it. rofl

Working on it! burning_eyes

Thanks Uncle K. Oh hey, if we were to use a percentage. How far would you say you are with the preparation of it? 3nodding
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subfuse v2
          when am i ever gonna get my trading pass back on my main account? (subfuse)
          they've been disabled for 2 months and NOBODY is explaining why it was disabled in the first place.
          pretty sure it doesn't take this long to get something like this fixed.

Did you by any chance PM me about this? If so, send me another.
why can't yall one day unbann everyone account question
Darc Nightgale
So I asked last week about gettin' the devil tail layered infront of the spartan cloak. This was your response. "I thought it was designed to go on the back, but then it wouldn't make much sense would it? biggrin I'll look into it."

Are you guys able to fix this?

There were a lot of conflicts for moving the tail up, so we were not able to change it for now, sorry.
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Hello Admins~! Great day in California, no? :'3
I'm just wondering on a few questions...

⇒ Will Alchemy get changes to have more formulas and/or an easier way to scale through each level?
⇒ How's everyone in Gaia HQ doing?
⇒ Will Gaia be having another Black Friday like last year? I've been saving up alot of GCash this year in hopes of the big sales event again. whee
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When will notices for subscribed threads work again?
Event skins have been disappearing when we changed avatars, for the last couple months.
It was posted by a developer that wearing the skins from previous events has been users exploiting a glitch.
If we were not meant to keep our skins or no longer able to keep it, why not simply make a Dev. Notice of it?

Thanks have missed the last few ATA and haven't seen an answer.
I would just like to have these at least acknowledged.

The only old skin that counts as "exploiting a glitch" is the original B.O.O. skin since it was removed from the site. The other skins are unequipping due to a bug with the dress-up feature and is not actually an intended functionality of it. Unfortunately, I don't have an estimate on when to expect a fix for it currently.
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WHO came up with the NPC costumes this year?
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Ren Orenji Doragon
Hi AtA. o3o

  • SISKY! Any more teasers on that special surprise you have for the z!F? emotion_c8

  • Oh yes.... yes! Would you like hint? Maybe just a little one? MAYBE? Ok, a forum contest thread is going out tonight. It has to do with this...and pumpkins. And server lag. That is all I can say for now! ninja

    User Image
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    Do rare items from banned accounts get recycled? Or do they just sit there?
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    NippIe Jelly
    Dear Admins, do you like cats? Do you want to hug every cat? Do you want them all in a basket and on rainbows?

    Well, considering that cats allow us to be admins... because as you might have heard...

    The internet is, in fact, comprised of felines.

    Lies, it's a system of tubes.

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