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ninja heart Just popping in to say hi!
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When will i be added into Heralds Of Chaos? Im quite excited to play!
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          when am i ever gonna get my trading pass back on my main account? (subfuse)
          they've been disabled for 2 months and NOBODY is explaining why it was disabled in the first place.
          pretty sure it doesn't take this long to get something like this fixed.
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Good morning everyone.

I have one or two things I'd like to ask.

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have future events, such as Christmas start early during the whole month, instead of the last two weeks. We want more time hosting them. gonk And giving participants more time to enter the contests. sweatdrop

Hurry up with the Halloween event please. rofl By the time you guys start it, I'm going to be back at work. I'm impatient Darn it. rofl

Working on it! burning_eyes
Hello there admins!
I was wondering,will we ever see a Bogie doll? emotion_kirakira
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Anything inappropriate get thrown up on the office chalkboard yet?
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The Grombie event was so attractive because of the "evolving skin" that was available, but failed due to the massive server lag and sushi-errors. Today though, you guys have much more resources than that era!

Have you guys ever toyed with using that "evolving skin" idea again? Maybe not with grombies, but something else?
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You guys like the WG, right? I'd love to hear that my fave forum is also adored by the staff at Gaia. 3nodding
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When are you going to fix/let us use the friend request functions in flash games(rally, VH, etc.) again?
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I'll make this short. Can we have a simpler inventory arranger?

Can we have an option in the marketplace/gold shop saying "This item is on your wishlist" like how we have one for "You own this item".
For the people who have long wishlists and has hard time keeping track of things.

EDIT: Thanks you guys for the tips, now if only the admins would answer this for once.
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Normally i'm not negative. But I can't help but notice the obvious lack of male targeted items in the last few RIGS. Can we please have something done about that? I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
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My ticket is still open this is almost the 4th month...Should i just make a new one? emotion_0A0
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                          User Image Hello! I'm Samantha/Charlene. User Image
                  User Image

                  ★ ~ When will modus 11th gen. going to be done.. I want to wear it already.
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Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I wanted to say thanks for Dark Reflection 2 . The thought of gender-bending the NPCs sounded pretty interesting. It got me curious about the others as well.

If you guys had an option aside from the others in the RIG, which NPC would you like to see as the opposite gender?

And I wanted to say thanks for letting us see the NPCs new costumes this year, Sam's really woke my childhood up when she's dressed as Gadget Hackwrench and Stein's looked great as well.
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I'm still sad that the facial hair system is such a low priority... emo

likewise bro.

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