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Hello everyone!

Halloween is two weeks away and we're all excited already! Why? Because the event will be starting soon! When? Maybe someone in the event team can share some details with us. wink

Let's get started!
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Artist question. Can we pretty please fix the layering of Modus Operandi + Oolong Wonder + Kabuki so that they properly go UNDER, like so?
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A lot of users feel that some of Gaia's latest items may be over stepping the 'excessive gore' rule by a bit. I was curious if you guys could give us some information on whether Gaia items are supposed to adhere to the same standard as, say, user created artwork or if Gaia artists have a little more leeway when it comes to pushing the envelop?

And if you guys don't consider ripped open torsos with visible spines and entrails or gouged out eyes with eyeballs laying in pools of blood to be excessive, what is? Does it have to do with how realistic it is or is there some other standard? I think some users have just been uncomfortable by seeing what appears to be some kind of double standard when it comes to what is allowed.

The Walking Dead items, many of us shrugged off as a sponsorship but Antipathy is all Gaia. I know it's raised more than a few eyebrows. (I also know some users really love it and I'm not discounting those users. I'm just curious what staff has to say on the matter.)

While I have you here. Just how many male artists does Gaia really have? There seem to be an awful lot of rumors going around that there's only one guy on the art team and he's drowning amongst the tidal waves of estrogen. Any chance this rumor can be staked through the heart and laid to rest? <3
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How soon are we away from the Event?

When can we roughly expect the gold shop update,
and will it be befor the event starts or after?

Lastly when will HOC be open to every one? I signed up to the bata
quite sometime befor bata started to open up and I have yet to
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So I asked last week about gettin' the devil tail layered infront of the spartan cloak. This was your response. "I thought it was designed to go on the back, but then it wouldn't make much sense would it? biggrin I'll look into it."

Are you guys able to fix this?
Can we see Hatsya as a character in the next RIG?

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Hi AtA. o3o

  • JACK2012 emotion_kirakira Pretty, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • Any update on stickying the "z!F Guide to Guides and Resources" thread I linked last time? o3o ( and maybe removing the current guide sticky? ^^;; Or even just porting all of the guides from the one guide over to the current sticky? D: )

  • zOMG! glitch fix update? Do we have any to speak of? ^^;;

  • SISKY! Any more teasers on that special surprise you have for the z!F? emotion_c8

  • Orange Lizardman ( Lizardman item recolor request ) Please? <:

  • Quick question about Going Postal. Is it open for submissions now, or not? .w.;;
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zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Anything to share?
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Hi ata people!

1) Why does the mouth always reset when we change our avis’ outfits?
2) I haven’t been able to buy my Power-ups in game anymore, but I can on Gaia page, what’s wrong with it?
3) People have been earning 100K-150K per hour with the new game HOC, since this will happen again with future games, isn’t about time to unnerf Booty Grab and zOMG! and do a site wide nerf of top 1%?
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Squee Nii
Artist question. Can we pretty please fix the layering of Modus Operandi + Oolong Wonder + Kabuki so that they properly go UNDER, like so?
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We had fixed the masking for the hair, but we weren't able to fix the layering, sorry about that! crying
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Hello everyone!

cat_whee *waves* cat_whee
Let's get started!

Well, you know us, Lanzer.....we're gonna keep asking the questions we want to ask, no matter how repetitive they may seem, until we get definitive answers for them! cat_xd

1. In forums, there's a feature that allows you to display certain items in your inventory, but it's a little flawed -- specifically, you can only view and/or display a limited number of items. Would it be at all possible to alter this particular feature so that you can see your ENTIRE inventory, and therefore be able to display whatever you want in a post? cat_3nodding

2. Ok, so........The "Superior Form" monthly collectible got its own unique set of "Elven Ears", and there are even different kinds of these ears for each of the skin dyes created from the bug exchange.......so can we have Elven Ears for Vampires, Orcs, & Centaurs, as well as for each skin of the "Uncanny Form" monthly collectible? cat_sweatdrop

3. This is probably the strangest & most unusual question you've probably heard all year, but.....can we have a feature that allows us to combine the properties of two different kinds of "one-time-usage-only" skin potions? For example, combining a Dark Elf skin with a Centaur lower half, or allowing us to create muscular Zurg-Orc hybrids? cat_ninja
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Evening all. Spent my morning today under the drill of a dentist...getting three front teeth prepared to receive crowns. My temporaries are bugging my tongue a bit, and they feel funny. Hopefully everyone else had a slightly better day?
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I'm still sad that the facial hair system is such a low priority... emo
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I miss the old gc offers where you could do a short qiuz like 'what character are you?' type thing and I was wondering if we'll ever get those types of offers again? I also want more offers that give greater than 100gc.

Are any admins reading the black friday sale thread in the gcd about what users want? Will we see a rerelease of Cherubic queen?

Will the halloween event start this week?

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