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I also want to tell you admin that Friday was my birthday so can someone please wish me a happy birthday? (well a happy late birthday)

Happy Un-Birthday!
Hey guys.

Still not much to say this week. Looking forward to the event. Am glad to see kenny and zero got thier dolls. Will Codemonkey make the cut soon?

One question.

This past week, someone in the CB got banned after canceling a dice game. They had a specific prize which they ended up trading away for a item, and as they no longer had the item they closed the dice game. Participants who didnt win anything banded togather to report said person and thier ban went through.

As someone who likes to run dice games (As well as other games) and understands the odds. The chances of anyone winning that game was in the 1 in a billion range. Thier competition had no set end date (and was cancled without warning). He was reported on scamming. (Though he had the prizes up till when he closed the game, and some people were saying the scam was that the prizes were impossible to win)

So...If I run a dice game where the odds for the highest prize is virtually unobtainable. And then the game ends without the highest prize being won. Is that too likly of being banable. Or was is just because the item got traded away.

(I tend to have easier tiers, and run other prizes, so that people can still win something whist trying as well as end dates, but should I not have the next to impossible top tiers? I am planning a pretty big game thread for halloween, with many different games, and am concerned about having a crazy prize which is unlikly(but could be) won (And would be paid out only if won))

The ban happened strictly because the game was offered a prize but then the offer was completely retracted. So if you stay true to what you're offering, there's never any problems. Thank you for organizing your games.
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Speaking of Carbonphyber. Where is my favorite developer
Yeah, where is Carbonphyber?

Codemonkey just quoted me and said he's still around. ^_^
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Jak Bauer
I also want to tell you admin that Friday was my birthday so can someone please wish me a happy birthday? (well a happy late birthday)

Happy Un-Birthday!

Thanks! smile
May there be phoenix items in my future! xd
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MAN, I am WAY late!

I'm still geeking out over my white dander ears POSSIBLY going into the loyalty shop!

Anyway, a question for anyone!

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Admins gift me a Doufu Hua please ;w;?
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Have you guys picked up the new Pokemon yet? If so, X or Y? ~

Just excited for the Halloween Event and Pets afterwards. 4laugh

Keep up the good work guys! heart
Jak Bauer
Hey there Gaia staff. Will you answer any none stupid questions this week? :3

Hi there,

I, like most members of the staff answer questions that I know the answers to. If I don't know it, I don't try to answer and possibly give out some bad information.
Ooo sorry, close but not what I was wanting as a reply. I like your answer, pretty straight forward but was looking for "The only stupid question is an unasked one." You win a participation prize. 3nodding
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DJ Arrow
Admins, Whats your favorite class when you play RPGs?

Hi there,

I used to be primarily DPS, but lately I have taken up Healing with a passion smile
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Beast Henshin
I decided tonight i'd ask some Verge themed questions. As anyone could tell you, i'm not the biggest fan, and think it should be burned down, but i'm curious.

1. A friend told me at the opening of Verge, that there was a thread asking why it was called Club Verge. Why is it? (just know I can always ask my friend, I just thought it'd be nice if you could tell me)

2. With a usercount of 11K, why bother making it secretive? We hear about the updates anyway.

3. How come users get to interact with the artists directly on what's put in, but for "loyalty" we have to answer to Bozo?

I was wondering if Sis got my PM, and if I was going to get a reply or just wondering if she at least read it. ~
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The 6 jobs on the gaia corp site. Are these mainly for gaia, the new site or a mix of both?

Not sure on the specific positions but I know we're hiring for the Gaia team.
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Hi, AtAers. Here's last week's question again since I wasn't answered last time.
Hello, admins. I hope you are okay.

I feel bad about asking this even though I might be wasting your time.

1. Will there be a RIG with the theme of the Seven Holy VIrtues and Seven Deadly Sins in the near future?
2. At some point will we see Ciro, one of gaia's RIG NPCs again? I know he's been MIA since Famestar Masquerade and I was just curious.

Like I said I felt bad about asking this since I haven't been to AtA in quite a while.

I'd also like to add for the RIG NPC questions if are you guys continuing the trend of using older RIG NPCs for more appearances?
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Hey Admins,

I recently came across an oddity in the Cash Shop: the Alchemy formulas for Chance Items have not been updated for 11 consecutive new CIs.

I would like to know if this was a simple mistake, or if it was shelved due to lack of interest in Alchemy, or some other reason.


From page 2.
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Any Chance we can get a candy Corn colored Grunny ?

we call them Crunnies

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