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The 6 jobs on the gaia corp site. Are these mainly for gaia, the new site or a mix of both?

A lot of jobs are shared between multiple teams but as far as developers are concerned we're hiring for many teams including Gaia Online.
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Leothalis v2
I never ask questions in the AtA or even attend. Consider this a rare appearance.

Now then!

- What goes into making a rig/mc? How is the decision made for the themes, for the rares and rig pet?

- Why is there going to be no opt-out for the pop-ups for sales? I generally don't care for your flash sales - I like many others prefer when you have ample warning of what's going to be on sale and when, like with the Black Friday sales and the Summer sale.

- Since you seem pretty adamant about rocking Flynn's booty and whatnot, why not make a variant that awards high end and equally highly desirable items?

DJ Arrow
Admins, Whats your favorite class when you play RPGs?

Cleric. Have a thing for support class. But end up sucking in solo games.

Play a druid. That'll fix your problems.

I think my brain is telling me to put pokemon down and hop on wow so my guild knows I'm alive.
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Can we all just take a second to look back on Narumi's rant to the users after AtA last week
Let's all read back
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Oh, thank goodness, I finally made it in time!

OK, this was forever ago, but I must still ask. I sent a mail-in entry for the summer sweepstakes, but never got any confirmation. When you guys mentioned the no-names, despite knowing my name was on it, I sent an e-mail and then still didn't get any response. Then I sent another email after it was done again and still didn't get a response.

ALL I WANT TO KNOW WAS IF YOU GOT IT. I didn't care so much about the entry, but I sent maybe 14 small sheets of staff avi art for the staff who I'd seen around recently. And I would really like to know if those got lost in the mail. Because I want you to have your art.

It was from Rachel in Utah.

All the entries are still sitting on my desk, so I quickly looked through the pile for you. Unfortunately, I didn't see any entries from Utah gonk
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Beast Henshin
Thanks for re releasing the Grombie skins guys!
Will it be like a regular item we can put on and take off or a potion?

Says potion.

Ohhh didn't notice that. thanks :]
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why isnt there more comics to read?
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why is it that im getting no response regarding the tickets i filled about my main account? its been days, and i dont know what to do. theres no option under the ticket system for my problem, i cant get into the account no matter what i try and its not my fault. this is a "glitch" per say regarding the secondary authorization code that was supposed to make my account safer, but all it ended up accomplishing was locking me out of my main account and so far, nobody is helping and nothing i try is working.

Hi there,

Have you made sure to check your spam/trash folder? Sometimes our e-mails get filtered into those folders. Additionally, please add the e-mail address, webadmin@mailer.gaiaonline.com, to your safe list/address book and try again. If you're still experiencing issues, then please let me know.
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They shouldn't be in the first place. Out of everything, I was out outraged that that was one of the selling points of Verge. And that they auction off their skills for avi art. razz
anything for a few bucks?
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I know its a bit early for a last post grab.

But I just want to say a big thanks for all the awnsers this week, I think we have a lot to chew over in the GCD this week ^_^

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Nihilistic Outcry
Pointless to make gold sinks when you keep re-releasing Flynn's Booty/Chest.

Correction, Zero. More Gaians HATE FB/FC than like it. Get it right and stop re-releasing that garbage.

Are you able to produce factual data to prove that? Outside of just posts? Remember there are thousands upon thousands of users using the site every day.
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! We'll see you all next week!
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          yum_strawberry Just going to throw this idea out there ( Alchemy related ) but, since you guys like selling things for Gaia Cash, why not sell the hard-to-get components for GC? If you want Alchemy to start bringing in money for you guys, why not head to what's needed most for Alchemy? Right now, Alchemy is a gold only thing and a decent gold sink, but it's not good enough. You can either sell high end components for GC or lots of gold or sell them for both, leaving the option for those who can afford the Gold but not the GC, just like in the other shops. The other shops have that options, so, why not with The Bifrost? I'm sure you'd make a nice amount of money with people buying the components for GC, but that's also depending on how you'd price the components. For example, you could sell the hard-to-get components ( one's not achievable through caches ) like the Hero's Heart / b*****d's Heart ( commonly used in some wing quests ) for a set Gold price of 10m - 15m in the Bifrost but also have a Gaia Cash amount to buy a single component for $5 - $8. I know not many users would be fond of this idea ( Original wing makers before the sale ) but it would give you opportunity to bring in more cash and to liven up Alchemy a bit more.
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Hey all,

We know this was a pretty busy ATA and we know that we were not able to respond to everything. However, we will be sure to scan this thread and get back to as many of you as we can with answers to your questions.

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