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Hi Admins
Just a few suggestions.
-make suggested content on MyGaia page optional. some of us do not want our friend lists advertised and seeing a
list of people to add is annoying
-move Daily Chance more to the left..its too far to the right. the cash tree and tv are in the right spot but DC is too far away
(for us who put left aligned back on Gaia)
-also having ads on Towns 1 makes loading towns slower and gets stuck alot. i never had issues until these ads.

Side note: I am having difficulty changing my mouth poses on my avatar. I would try different poses and nothing happens.
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May I ask for a hug? Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my grandmother's death, a grandmother I helped take care of in her last years. All I need is a hug.
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♫♫ How is the progress on the Loyalty Shop going?Can we expect to see it in the next few months or so?
Also how is the update to the inventory arranger going?
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My Questions are a little everywhere tonight:

Any Idea when the Halloween Event will be starting?

What are the team names going to be? I'm hoping EB's team will be called E-Corp again :3

When FB was released you guys said this in the FB FAQ
Have you considered how this item and gold grant will affect the Gaia economy?!?
We knew you'd ask this, and actually yes, we did! We had several people trained in statistics and economic systems analyze the potential gold output of the item, and the most likely effect it will have on the overall Gaia economy long-term.

Compared to other gold granting features, the Flynn's Booty item is not expected to have a negative impact on the overall economy in the long-term. Might there be a temporary spike in inflation in marketplace values? Yes, this could happen, but given the limited time offer of the item and the fact the gold source is finite, it is not predicted to have any long-term negative effect on the economy.

Do you still think this is true?

Have you tried out the new Pokemon game? So much fun!
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Hello all thank you for doing this

Any word on when we will get an alchemy update to the gold shop?

and Is the return of the Grombies going to be Jack's fault or will a certain Technician be blamed,

or is it the Easter bunnies Fault?
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Decrease Smashblox payouts like you were supposed to back in September
Still no real apology for that survey - a staff member made it, multiple staff members saw and approved it before it was sent out. Yeah
Seems like some of the staff have been a bit degrading towards users lately in the forums.
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Hey Admins,

I recently came across an oddity in the Cash Shop: the Alchemy formulas for Chance Items have not been updated for 11 consecutive new CIs.

I would like to know if this was a simple mistake, or if it was shelved due to lack of interest in Alchemy, or some other reason.

Hello Gaia Staff! Here are things that are of interest me!
1. Any info on the loyalty shop?
2. Will we be getting anymore Grab Bags? I was
disappointed we didn't get one at the beginning of this month.
3. The Rosamund bundles made me wonder if it would be possible
to get a Biancamella bundle of some sort in the future. I was thinking Binacamella,
Azuramella, a new recolor(I'd really love lavender and silver) and the alchemy formulas
for Minthamella, and Glacemella.
4. Will we get any furniture, or housing updates soon? I'd really, really,
REALLY love one even if it's just recolors of older stuff! I have examples here:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Direct link
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stooopid router rahh

Any inventory arranger news?
How's that announcement addressing various concerns coming along?
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Darc Nightgale

I know I will most likely not get an answer for this, but I was wonderin' how many people donated 100 million for the pre Halloween event? I just reached 100 million in gold, and I'm on the fence if I want to dump it into the goldsink or not.

Also I asked this last week, and got no answer. About the smashblox. Do you think you could add some games where you pay gg instead of gc, and maybe win tickets? As of right now smashblox is pay to play. I know you have the free one, but you don't win anythin'.

Thanks for takin' the time to read my post.

User Image

Can't say how many have entered but I can confirm that the odds are much better than winning the lottery?

We're looking at how to adjust Smashblox's payouts and requirements and will let everyone know once a decision has been reached.
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Darc Nightgale
. Do you think you could add some games where you pay gg instead of gc, and maybe win tickets? As of right now smashblox is pay to play. I know you have the free one, but you don't win anythin'.

or something like a gold buyin, and the winner gets 80% of the gold paid in (And 20% removed)...would work.
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Suun Sha
May I ask for a hug? Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my grandmother's death, a grandmother I helped take care of in her last years. All I need is a hug.
emotion_hug emotion_hug emotion_hug
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Hi Lanzer and everyone at HQ, whee

Hope everyone is doing well. I have a couple of things I'd like to mention today.

1 . Is there any way that user names can be taken away from Smashblox? And just display the score without the names? Because I've had a couple of abusive and rude pm's from people calling me insulting names and basically asking me not to buy Gaia cash, and not to play the game as they want a chance to win. Although I can see their frustration in this, but that's luck for you, you either have it, or you don't .

I just don't, and will not tolerate rudeness. And have told these people just that, in a nice kind of way. stressed
So having our names not show, would help us deal with these types of situations and certainly stop them. sweatdrop

2. Since centering the site, my browser hasn't been in my favor, it keeps freezing/lagging. It comes to the point now where I'd have to log out of Gaia, and then log back in for it to stop doing that. I've tried different things, such as clearing out my cookies/cache etc, still not working. I am using Firefox. However, I also changed browsers, and the problem seems to be ok. So it must be FF that does not quite like the center look. So this is just feedback for you to know for future.. gonk

Hi there,

For #1 if you have people who are harassing you for ANY reason please feel free to click on REPORT THIS PM button and we will investigate A.S.A.P.
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Admins, Whats your favorite cookies?
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1) Is the inventory update still going to be released this month?

2) Myself as well as other people on here are having issues logging into the site, when typing in the password it tells us "incorrect info" this will happen a few times before it finally accepts us. I would also like to verify that the pw is correct because I sometimes have it on copy n paste.

Any results on this, or can this get looked into?

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