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Hello everyone,

The Halloween event had reached 8 billion gold in donation! So we'll be seeing the Grombi skin again after so many years. The event itself is almost ready, and I look forward to its release later in the month.

Any Walking Dead fans out there excited about the new season?
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Ask the Admin FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions we get in ATA:

When does the Halloween event start?
Second half of the month!

Are you going to re-release Flynn's Booty/Chest again?
Yes we will be. We know that there are some users that do not like this item, but there are actually a lot of users who do like this item.

Why are there so many flash sales?
The reason why we have so many is because we're trying out different ways of communicating and letting users know about different sales going on.

What are you going to do about inflation? Where are the gold sinks?
We know that there is some inflation going on, in order to combat this we have created a variety of gold sinks such as:

- The pre-Halloween event
- The Barton Town grab bags
- The MC recolors

Gold sinks take time to consider and develop, so they may not be out instantly, but we are constantly thinking of many different gold sinks.

Where is the loyalty shop?
It's still being worked on, we haven't forgotten and it's still coming.

Updates to zOMG?
There have been no changes to zOMG. For more information, please see this thread

Inventory arranger update?
It is still in QA and being tested for bugs and various other issues.

Why did you center the site? The majority of users said no to it.
The poll was to gather opinions about what users thought of a centered site but in no way was to be used as the sole deciding factor behind the outcome of the centered site.

Updates to a new chat system like Meebo?
We have one selected, however, we do not have a launch date for it set.
My mantises Zombie and Taboo are here at the ATA with some serious questions. They are currently in the process of making baby mantises... like literally in the middle of the process... on my keyboard... and they want to know what you are planning to do to make Gaia a better place for their offspring?

When will we be getting some adorable praying mantis pixels? How can they represent themselves on the forums without any I Am Mantis poses?

Please keep in mind they are currently intently staring at you while awaiting a response.

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Hey guys.

Still not much to say this week. Looking forward to the event. Am glad to see kenny and zero got thier dolls. Will Codemonkey make the cut soon?

One question.

This past week, someone in the CB got banned after canceling a dice game. They had a specific prize which they ended up trading away for a item, and as they no longer had the item they closed the dice game. Participants who didnt win anything banded togather to report said person and thier ban went through.

As someone who likes to run dice games (As well as other games) and understands the odds. The chances of anyone winning that game was in the 1 in a billion range. Thier competition had no set end date (and was cancled without warning). He was reported on scamming. (Though he had the prizes up till when he closed the game, and some people were saying the scam was that the prizes were impossible to win)

So...If I run a dice game where the odds for the highest prize is virtually unobtainable. And then the game ends without the highest prize being won. Is that too likly of being banable. Or was is just because the item got traded away.

(I tend to have easier tiers, and run other prizes, so that people can still win something whist trying as well as end dates, but should I not have the next to impossible top tiers? I am planning a pretty big game thread for halloween, with many different games, and am concerned about having a crazy prize which is unlikly(but could be) won (And would be paid out only if won))
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Hello Admins/Devs/Artists

I have a few questions to ask this week.

1. Will the Grombie skins released in the Treehouse be the exact same as the one released in 05'?

2. Did you pick up Pokemon X/Y, if so what starters did you pick?

3. Any chance of a possible sponsorship with Sentai Filmworks (North American licensor/distributor) for the anime K-ON! in Mecha Neko?
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I know I will most likely not get an answer for this, but I was wonderin' how many people donated 100 million for the pre Halloween event? I just reached 100 million in gold, and I'm on the fence if I want to dump it into the goldsink or not.

Also I asked this last week, and got no answer. About the smashblox. Do you think you could add some games where you pay gg instead of gc, and maybe win tickets? As of right now smashblox is pay to play. I know you have the free one, but you don't win anythin'.

Thanks for takin' the time to read my post.

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Admin.... tell me why you decided to "waste your time" on making another unicorn item for the RCI instead of making a phoenix item... I wanted to see some kind of dark and evil phoenix (seeing how that's the theme of this RCI) I'm very disappointed in you, I thought you would be higher up than THIS! Well, we are talking about the same people who kept releasing Flynn's booty. rolleyes
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Hi Lanzer and everyone at HQ, whee

Hope everyone is doing well. I have a couple of things I'd like to mention today.

1 . Is there any way that user names can be taken away from Smashblox? And just display the score without the names? Because I've had a couple of abusive and rude pm's from people calling me insulting names and basically asking me not to buy Gaia cash, and not to play the game as they want a chance to win. Although I can see their frustration in this, but that's luck for you, you either have it, or you don't .

I just don't, and WILL NOT tolerate rudeness. And have told these people just that, in a Not so nice kind of way. stressed
So having our names not show, would help us deal with these types of situations and certainly stop them. sweatdrop

2. Since centering the site, my browser hasn't been in my favor, it keeps freezing/lagging. It comes to the point now where I'd have to log out of Gaia, and then log back in for it to stop doing that. I've tried different things, such as clearing out my cookies/cache etc, still not working. I am using Firefox. However, I also changed browsers, and the problem seems to be ok. So it must be FF that does not quite like the center look. So this is just feedback for you to know for future.. gonk

Thankies heart

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There were ZERO pants in the last RIG.

Not one.

Out of a total of 37 new items in this RIG, absolutely NONE were pants. What the hell is going on there, guys? What gives? Everything was either body mods, dresses, or skirts. The continuous lack of items I personally find useful over an extended period of time is one of the reasons I unsubscribed from Autocash. I know good and goddamn well your artists are fully capable of making complete item sets. And by complete item sets, I mean a top, a bottom, shoes, and accessories. They do it all the damn time. But when it comes to making an item set that doesn't have a dress or skirt pose, pants are completely neglected.

And no, leg mods are NOT a suitable substitute. Nine times out of ten, your leg mods follow a specific formula: dainty, adorable, ending in tiny feet with either knocked knees, pigeon toes or one leg/both legs up. In simpler terms: very feminine leg mods. Leg mods take away 50 percent of my avatar design, which is, forgive me, the main draw of this site, isn't it? If you're disallowing 50% of my avatar design by not giving me the option to mix and match bottoms with footwear and bottom half accessories, then where's the fun in that? You guys aren't listening. Your artists aren't listening. What solid reason is there for not providing pants in your item updates? What, exactly, is the problem here? If your Artists, who are drawing a salary from this site, are incapable of designing a pair of pants for an otherwise complete item set, they're either not as creative and talented as they'd like to think or they're just lazy. There is no other reason that pants have been so neglected in item design.

A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE ASKING FOR MORE PANTS AND MALE/MASCULINE ITEMS IN PARTICULAR. EITHER GET ON THE BALL OR HIRE NEW ARTISTS. This is not an isolated goddamn incident. This is not a singular complaint. Many people have complained, multiple times, over several years. What the hell is the holdup? Here's a small sampling of other threads requesting more pants/masculine items.

Where the hell are the pants?
More girly items? Don't we have enough already?
More Mens/Masculine Clothing
Gaia, why do you hate shoes?
The # difference between feminine items and masculine items is insane.
Petition for more equality in items - more male/unisex items
Jesus ******** christ, does Gaia release any new male items?
I hate male Gaia items so I might as well cross-dress
Ugh Gaia, you should make better male items
Gaia needs more male items
Proposal - Male items, particularly hair
Where are all the good male items?
Can male avis have a break for future items?
Male and Masculine REIs
Shoes. We need more.
Can we get some good leather boots?
More masculine items, please?
Masculine items; Girls and guys want 'em.
More masculine items. Items need to get manlier.
We need more masculine items.
Over 90% so far agree - We need more masculine items already.
Masculine items - We want them and you CAN make them

Let me put it in a simpler way for you and your Artists to understand. I go to a store and buy their things because they have things I like. When the store no longer offers the things I like, I stop spending money there. That's what happened in this case. I cut off Autocash and stopped buying Gaia Cash at all because you haven't convinced me to spend. There was literally nothing I wanted to spend my money on, so I stopped spending. Your item designs have gone stale. It's all the same stuff over and over. The same item style, the same themes, the same color combinations. When everything is the same, where is the incentive for me to buy? Easy. There is none.

Seriously, get with the program. Gimme some more pants, gimme more shoes, and chuck the deuce up to these goddamn leg mods already. Tell your Artists to quit slacking off and gimme some slacks, ffs.
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I want the grombie skin. heart That is all.
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1.Well the pet system have any different pets like monkeys/frogs/dinos?
2.Well towns 2 have something like this?(show afk the whole time without the typing..)
3.Will Jacked-up Shirt get any recolors?
4.Hows the Loyalty Shop coming along any updates on it yet?
5.Are you admins gonna be dressing up for the halloween event?
6.Are there gonna be normal announcements and sale announcements(like the sales get their own announcement thing that we can turn off)
7.Hows Word Blitz and Sand Attack coming along any news?
8.CodemMonkey37179 SD Real Doll please
9.Admins gift me a Doufu Hua please ;w;?
Thank you for answering my questions and have a good week :3~
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Princess Angelishia

Jak Bauer

Narumi Misuhara


Uncle Kenny

Zero Omega



cat_stressed And here we go again. cat_whee

1. When I first heard of "Alchemy", I expected that nothing but "components" would be used to create new items, but instead, you've made it so that equippable items are required to create other equippable items, many of which I've never even heard of. Wouldn't it make more sense to have to use actual components in formulas? Furthermore, why not have all crafted equippable items marked as "Alchemized", in order for people to be able to tell the difference between a regular item & an item created by Alchemy?

2. Why not change formulas (and for that matter, zOMG recipes) so that once a user obtains one, it is permanently added to that user's "known recipes and formulas" (i.e., not deleted upon use), so that a person can create as many as he/she can afford?

3. For people attempting to continue leveling their Alchemy skills without wasting exorbitant amounts of gold, why not change the exp. gained from crafting lower-level items from 0 to 1?

4. If higher levels of Alchemy allow for better crafting "odds", then why not just add another five or ten levels to the Alchemy system (along with the previous suggestion), so that users will eventually have a 0% failure rate?

5. Will we ever get a House Editor window that shows the entire interior perimeter of a fully-upgraded house? There are times when I can't even click-and-drag the interior of my house in the editor to see and/or edit a side of it without somehow clicking inside of the ''boundary window'' of an item placed in my house, and then there are times when the interior can't be moved at all because it somehow locked itself in place, and can't be moved again unless I reload the editor.

6. If you're all so concerned with helping to "fix the economy", then why did you allow an item you knew for a fact was going to pump even more gold into the system -- without the repercussion of actually having to SPEND any gold in order to obtain it -- to be released every other week or so?

7. Furthermore, why is it that you keep pushing these "flash sales" on us from "La Victoire", when you've got that "Dernier*Cri" shop waiting -- rather impatiently, I might add -- for more & more high-value items to be added to it?
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Happy Monday Admin!

We’re all gearing up and excited for another fun ToT event this year! And I'm SO excited for the new season of Walking Dead!!!! I'll miss Andrea, though. cry

Just a couple of questions this week, please.

1. Other than more money, can you tell us why you joined up with an anime site that required Gaia to be centered? It was obvious that most people didn't want it centered, because you had a poll that indicated most people want it left-aligned, despite the way you chose to interpret the poll results.

Also, why have we not heard who this mysterious "popular anime site" is yet, even though the Centered Site has already been rolled out?

2. Is there any consideration being given to nerfing Smashblox? Some time back, aquariums were for "putting too much gold into the economy and causing inflation," but Smashblox is paying out over a billion a day to its pay-to-win users! Is Smashblox going to be nerfed SOON?
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i am ready for halloween

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