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obligatory hello gaia post

hello gaia
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Oh are we battling with Asians now?


I see your Asians and raise you a German [or two]
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Hi everyone o3o
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Can we please have it to where we can edit guild subforums more?

Like how we're able to move a topic to a different subforum.....what about moving a subforum?

When we create subforums there's listed in a very basic list style.
--Subforum 1
--Subforum 2
--Subforum 3

But what if you wanted subform 3 to go where one is?
--Subforum 3
--Subforum 2
--Subforum 1

See? Able to move it!

But! We can't do that. All we can do is rename subforums and move alllllll the topics to that subforum. I think moving the entire subforum would be so much easier~~


Can we have a separate password for gifts? Because a lot of hackers could easily gift items and you're suppose to give our normal password...but if they have our normal password then we should be able to have a different password for gifts so they don't use such a method.

Because when you gift items there's no records of your gifts and who you gave whatever item to

I think the separate password will enable us to protect our items from gifting our items away to where they disappear and we have no idea where it went.
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In 2005, a bunch of gaians got together and mailed Gaia HQ a scrapbook full of Gaia things. I was one of them.
Most of the old picture links of what we sent are broken, and I don't think we ever got an update on how the scrapbook was received.

1. Did Gaia HQ receive the scrapbook?
2. What did you think of it?
3. Do you still have it today? What do the new people (post-2005 staff) think of it?
4. If you still have it, pics for nostalgia?

Thank you for your time.

We definitely received the scrapbook. Thank you and all who participated! I still have the scrapbook on my bookshelf right above my desk. We share it with everyone and it's often found on our coffee table.

It's always very nostalgic to look through past messages from you all. 3nodding
User ImageThank you!

Is there any chance of posting pics anywhere (not officially)? Many of the images were never uploaded originally, and a lot of the other links are broken. We (the submitters) never got to see the full finished project we contributed to.
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA! Can't wait for Halloween! Have a great week and we'll see you next Monday!
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Is the Aquarium Community ever going to get someone to communicate with us on a regular basis? I liked when Panagrammic was trying to help us, even if we didn't always get the answers we liked at least it was a step in the right direction.

I'm afraid you'll be stuck with me. Unfortunately, I'm not yet up to speed on how the code works. I didn't write it, and there is a lot of code. I'm going to try to find time to go through it soon.

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