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What will Heralds of chaos have?
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I was just wondering, I am still awaiting three achievements from past events/things I've done to be granted... they are still missing from my achievements. It's been quite awhile since these events, too.

Can a mod do something to fix this?

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When does the october event start exactly?
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May we pretty please have a Recycled Halloween Event for zOMG!
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Zero Omega

I have a question again... I am having trouble recovering my email. I can't remember it for the mule account, and I don't know what section I should file the ticket under.

You should file it under Can't Access External Email Linked to Gaia Account.
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When does the Halloween event start?
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I have a concern about your insistance every Haloween on pushing the envelope as far as gore in items goes. Simpy put, could you please consider how these items might trigger someone, or take a lot of enjoyment out of the site for those who aren't into gore especially around October?

I'm not trying to censor or anything but at the same time, I do think it's a valid point.
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Any chance will the identity of the vampire who was loving Kuros mom be revealed further on? (storyline question)

what species is Friday 13th?(NPC question)

Any chance of getting "i am"pose able character and creatures back in CS?
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The ability to post notifications from Resort World has been glitched for several weeks now. Threads have been posted in the Bugs forum and the Viximo forum, with no response in either. As this is the only way to earn Gaia gold from the game, will the matter be dealt with shortly?
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is there any news for an item layering feature? I would like to use items in a spacific way. However it doesn't work with the current item layering. So is there anything like this in the works?
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Hello everyone!

We're excited to be able to show you Heralds of Chaos finally. It's quite different than other games we've done before, with more strategy and a lot of high quality animated characters. Hope you'll like it!

Welcome to ATA!

Hay ATA Forum~
I have two questions
1. When is the halloween events going to be free-lancing around the gaia world bringing joy and stumic aches to all?
2. Is the Heralds of choas Beta free to try?! i've been worring about it cause i diden't read any of what it said i really wanted to try out the game.
Thanks for listening!
Beloved Pastries yum_cupcake
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I'm here to work on my cool points, from 0Omega
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Opera Phantomess

1. Since Halloween is closing in, I think it be best to ask: Rocky Horror themed items please? emotion_kirakira (You know I am going to keep bugging you guys about this until it happens...)

Haha, I've passed the idea along! Do I need to throw more toast at you? eek
Will there be a recycled Halloween event in zOMG this month?
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I heard that Hasbro is okay with you making pony items.
At least, that's what I heard.
They say Hub is the only company left that you need to ask permission from.
Will you be making any MLP items?
Maybe in a set like you did with Adventure Time?

Where'd you hear that from? o_O

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