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Darc Nightgale
Anyway we can get the devil tail to layer infront of the spartan cloak. It looks like part of my tail is missin'. 3nodding

I thought it was designed to go on the back, but then it wouldn't make much sense would it? biggrin I'll look into it.

-Keeps fingers crossed.-
Thank you. emotion_kirakira
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First of all thanks for the latest updates to soul crash the upgrade skills shop is a great use of gold and soul cubes.

1. Talking of which, Soul Crash season 2 ends soon. Any chance of a roughly clearer idea of when soon is.

2. Heralds of Chaos open beta....Sweeeeeet. What is the rate of which your adding users to this beta (loves being amongst the first users to help iron out all newly added games since before "battle system" wink

3. I know we have a few stunning events before we get to the big one-oh on gaia next year, but I also know you guys plan your resources quite far ahead where you can. I love my anniversary sash is there any chance that we can get items again based on the year which we joined for this one? And since its a big date do we have much bigger plans like a full blown event?

4. For the past few atas we've known siskataya is going to Aus.

But...(@siskataya) are you going to see stunning New Zealand whilst you're down in this part of the world, or are you going to come all the way here and miss out?

And for that matter do any of the Gaia team plan on coming to NZ in the next year or five? ninja I live about 50 mins from Edolas (if you know your Lotr), and about 40 mins from where
Aslan dies in the big battle scene
in the chronicles of Narnia in Castle hill
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I heard that Hasbro is okay with you making pony items.
At least, that's what I heard.
They say Hub is the only company left that you need to ask permission from.
Will you be making any MLP items?
Maybe in a set like you did with Adventure Time?
I'm not really sure if this will get answered or not, but i'd still like to at least ask.

Does anyone know if there is work going toward balancing out the alchemy?
I feel like things are mostly revolving around the gaian multi-millionaires.
Maybe i'm wrong, though.
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Hey zero did you read the pm I sent you about my trading pass getting disabled?
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any chance you could raise the limit of gol u can make in zomg per day?
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Why was the BTPD Guild given a cease and desist by Gaia?

Could you give me some more details about this in PM? I haven't heard of this.
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You know, you should make medals for the new beta game. Kinda like the Frontier Skies medals. And how you can get stuff on zOMG. ^^ Thanks!
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I was jumpy and happy during my exam while making weird hand movements to picture biological molecules. I went through it pretty fast either going, "Oh I know this" or "Pfffft, that's not the answer."

Sooooo, how well do you think I did on my exam? emotion_kirakira

Edit: Also, when am I going to receive my pm about the new game? I want to try it out. emotion_donotwant
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I wonder if Leader Clair will stop by tonight.. 4laugh Love you Clair!


I do not usually show up to ATA seeing as how I'm usually extremely busy, but I do have a few questions.

1. The Cash Tree - I can get maybe 1-3 videos to work before nothing else will play. I have emptied my cache several times and still nothing. What's up with that?

2. Why is the Gaia app for android not for everyone? I've waited but it isn't compatible.
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Squee Nii
Harbinger of Pandamonium
Squee Nii
Zero Omega

Twelve million days.
Serious question, serious answer please. emotion_donotwant
never ever emotion_kirakira
Which question are you answering? classified_fu
The first one emotion_kirakira
I need an answer to the second one. classified_mcsourface
Hello everyone!

We're excited to be able to show you Heralds of Chaos finally. It's quite different than other games we've done before, with more strategy and a lot of high quality animated characters. Hope you'll like it!

Welcome to ATA!
Hey Lanzer and gaia staff how u doing tonight.

Well i have a few questions,One of them being do u think gaia staff can make a guide to how to make a big sized guild and how to get people to join and stay.

My next question is the member talk email can we email u ideas to that email.

Then my last question for now is about the new card game can u give us an idea how u pick people on the daily invite.

I Really look forward to hearing back from the gaia staff.
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Uncle Kenny
Thank you so much! C:
We'll be waiting~ patiently and eagerly XD <3

User Image
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I know you guys aren't going to reveal much about the Halloween event but could we please, please, please have new Vamp/Elven skins? Ours, while contributing to diversity on Gaia, are wonky because they are skinny and don't properly fill out clothing.
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When is the October event going to start?

This month!

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