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Why was the BTPD Guild given a cease and desist by Gaia?
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I was out of town last week, so I didn't get to bug anyone about the facial hair system. So, how about that facial hair system?
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I'm late as usual but is the glitch that doesn't let us sell some items back to the store being addressed? O:

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I've been busy with the Halloween event but once I get some time freed up I'll go through the bug threads and send a list of the items with issues over to those who can fix them up.
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Hint for the new RIG or MC?
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Any hope left for Jack in zOMG! ?
Two weeks ago, you/Sisky said you'd look into the zOMG! avatar contest...so... is it full of stars? : O

Anything new you can share about Town 2?

Towns2? What would you like to know?
Anything you haven't already shared emotion_kirakira

About 2 weeks ago, we decided to merge Virtually Hollywood and Rally into towns 2.0. This means you'll be able to walk from one place to the other. Will that do for new information?
3nodding I'll had add that to my notes.
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Waffles companion! heart

I haven't tried HoC yet.. I could never really understand how to play TCG, so i'm a bit wary of even attempting the game.
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Hey! Thanks so much for the server cycling schedule on zOMG! Is there any chance we could look forward to the clan chat being fixed?
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My ticket is still not answered this is almost 4 Months evil

Did you send me a PM about it with the ticket ID? If so, send me a follow up and I'll get back to it.
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Squee Nii
Zero Omega
Replied. So, are you going to read these before next Monday? heart

Also, artist question. Can we pretty please fix the layering of Modus Operandi + Oolong Wonder + Kabuki so that they properly go UNDER, like so?
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Twelve million days.
Serious question, serious answer please. emotion_donotwant
never ever emotion_kirakira
Which question are you answering? classified_fu
The first one emotion_kirakira
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I have a question again... I am having trouble recovering my email. I can't remember it for the mule account, and I don't know what section I should file the ticket under.

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Any hope left for Jack in zOMG! ?
Two weeks ago, you/Sisky said you'd look into the zOMG! avatar contest...so... is it full of stars? : O

Still looking into this issue! Bear with me, it could take some time, but we'll get it sorted biggrin
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Hi AtA. o3o

I'll forward your request to a moderator. As for the halloween event, we'll look into it, but we have the main event to work on first.
That's understandable. ^^;;

And thanks! c:
Are there any other things we should be looking forward to on ZOMG?

When is the October event going to start?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
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Soul Crash has Crashed!
And my computer has Crashed too sad cry emo crying
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Some of the zOMG! community are concerned about what is going to happen to our favorite MMO. Many of us are devoted and play it daily and are worried that it will soon fall apart. We would like to help out in taking it out of maintenance mode. We understand that we cannot pay for the development that it will cost more than you think we can raise. We were wondering however if we could make a donation that would get a ball rolling. We are looking into doing a fundraiser to get all if not most the money for this to happen. If you can’t help us could please point us in the direction of someone who can help us iron out these details. We of course do not want to donate this kind of money without a contract that states that will be used exclusively for zOMG! We would also like to have an account that we could put these donations into, and if there could be a way for us to setup donation rewards. Many in our group that have been talking about this would like to donate these rewards as a little “thank you”. Please get back to us as soon as you can about the validity of this idea.

A few of us posted this last time and were directed to the admin BKRacer, but he hasn't read the message yet. I was wondering if there would be anyone else we could contact.

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