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Squee Nii
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I see what you did there. So, is it my turn now? And does it look bleak? emotion_facepalm

Man give me time to read what you sent back. gonk
You're so cute. redface
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First off, thank you for the T&B items.

Second, I'm having a small issue that I posted about last week and never got answered. I find the STOP icon used as a placeholder for blocked imaged to be distracting and I would like to block that image from showing (when I check no images, I mean no images). Unfortunately, the url for that icon is s.gif which is the same url for the reset option on items with multiple poses.

I know I was able to block the STOP icon before on my old laptop and I was wondering if there was a way to do so now?
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Hey! I've been hoarding my gaia cash for some time now and I was wondering, when is the next 999GCash EI coming out? :O

Also, I've encountered some green goo on my avatar (I'm wearing it now, it's on my head) just so you know!

Aaaand one more thing... actually nope that's it! You guys are awesome! :D
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I just want to keep asking cause I'm a curious little bugger. :B

1. Have you guys looked into "evolving skins" like evolving items, but... potions that change over time in accordance to certain actions? Like a grombie skin, except you could buy a consumable potion for at stage 3 and work your way up to stage 5?
2. Will we be seeing new skins in this event? Different shades for vampires and elves? Maybe a Dawnguard bat-monster transformation?
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Stray Cougar
Is there a way for one to delete a thread they made? Meaning if I made a thread, could I delete it at all?

Unfortunately there is not, but you could edited all the content out of the first post and close it.
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Hello ATA!!

I don't want to stay on too long since I'm sick. emo Just want to ask a few things.

1. Have you ever considered making more tie-dye items for our avatars. The only tie-dye item I think we do have it that headband in that Flower Power item. It would be neat if we had more. Items like; shirts, tank tops, dresses, pants, skirts, jewelry, bags, scarfs, socks, shoes, etc.

2. Can we have more retro items on Gaia? Examples: record players and records, lava lamps, bean bag chairs, beaded curtains, etc.

3. Melon pan item!! I need a melon pan item to go with my melon pan mood bubble. They are so tasty!! The actual treat, not the mood bubble. sweatdrop

4. Are you guys going to do anything on Halloween in RL?

I'm hoping to be a pirate for Halloween!

Is anyone excited for the new episode of Gravity Falls?
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Hai hai admins~ heart
Halloween... are there gonna be any costumes contests or fancy balls this year? emotion_kirakira
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Who's going to New York Comic Con, next week? Sadly, I missed out on the Gaia panel at Otakon, so I have to make it up here!

ALSO! CAN THERE BE A PSA ABOUT SIGNATURES? You guys should know how many I've reported! D:

Sadly, I won't be at NYCC, but glad you'll be there! And we are always happy to have suggestions for the PSA project, so we'll add that to the list! biggrin

Sadness! I've always wanted to meet you because you've inspired me to get in shape. heart

Very good! I hope it'll be something in the future.

Awwww, what a nice thing to say! Maybe I'll make a video or something for DJ Helsing to bring out there! Keep up the great work getting in shape! biggrin
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Latina Puddingv2
Are you guys going to dress up for halloween, and are you guys going to give out candy? Oh and hi sisky

The magic nine-ball says... probably not, and highly unlikely. At least I think I'm shaking the right billiard ball...
Oh well sweatdrop
We definitely want to put more measures to prevent mispricing and most ideas are actually more sophisticated, but I definitely agree that making units more visible do help. We'll put that on the list of improvements to be done ASAP. Thank you!

Existential Existence
Hey Guuuyyyyy-UHhhhh

Here's a quick little experiment....i'm gonna flash you two images. Just quickly open and close them for 1 second, and 1 second only:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Did something draw your attention more in the 2nd pic?
If it did, this comparison worked you fell into my un-counterbalanced ploy. Big red letters attract attention. Red things in general attract attention. Red black and white are one of the world's most universal colors across cultures. /unrelated

Lately in SF lots of people still seem to be..hm...what's the word....uh...unsatisfied with the MP precautions for helping preventing people from making misprice mistake. A lot of this happens because when people list up prices in the MP, they are simply not paying attention.

What big red letters do is actively draw attention. Even for people who don't normally make misprice mistakes, if the "Buy now price" section were 1) colored red, 2) enlarged (bigger font) it would make it loads easier to locate this section instead of having to hunt for it on the confirm page. This change would benefit a lot of people and not just the people who post misprices. It might be unsightly on the MP page but that's the point, to make it an eyesore so that it draws attention from the inattentive. It might not look like much, but I think it would be a great way to help people with their attention issues when they misprice items.

That is all.
add: I am basing this suggestion on a little cognitive psychology about the color red and the factor of contrasts, but IMO this misprice issue is mostly an issue of attention. You can't get people to pay attention when they don't want to, but you can make it easier for people to pay attention to certain things on your web pages. Making the 'buy now price' red and in bigger font will help direct people's eyes to that area.
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User Image
There's some stuff that's in my house that I cannot remove.
I went to arrange my room and the stuff that I can't remove isn't in the house, but says its being used.
How do I remove? o3o

Send in a ticket to http://www.gaiaonline.com/help , I actually helped someone with this earlier today.

Gah thank you! <3
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Zweizi Galon
Good evening Gaia Staff! Congrats on making headway and opening up the beginnings of the Halloween event. A lot of excitement and speculation going on, can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

Here's some of my planned questions for tonight:

1) On behalf of the "Countess Ambrosia Fanthread" I'd like to ask if you could give us any more information or clues towards Countess Ambrosia. I'd like to expand a little and spark some discussion in the fanthread. Any new information you can give us on [NPC] Countess Ambrosia?

User Image

2) In Towns 2 we see an expansion on the Isle de Gambino location. In said expansion, we see the location of a building called "Screaming Daggers" with clear pirate themed imagery. For many years, users have theorized that this location on the map was going to be where the upcoming Weapons Shop would open. My second question concerns this. Are there still plans to open a Weapons Shop, and if so will Screaming Daggers be the location for said Weapons Shop?

User Image

3) Many users are concerned that with the rapid pace at which our fictional world is growing, that the attention given to expanding on our World Map is suffering horribly. Interesting and exciting new areas are being opened in many forms of media, from manga to R.I.G.s to mini-comics and etc. and users are patiently waiting for many of these amazing places to become part of our world map. My third question is, when will we see an expansion with new additions of map tiles to the World Map? Are there any specific locations planned on being added at this time?

User Image

1. No

2. *shrug*

3. Updates to this are currently on hold. Once we're farther along with Towns 2 we'll be updating the global map to reflect the updated world.
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I just want to ask...please can you figure out a way for us to Edit our short cuts...please its really hard how it is now.
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fudge late >.<

What would it take to make a new inventory arranger high priority? :3
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My friend sent his ticket 3 months ago and it was never awnsered neutral ...he wants to know if this problem can be solved. neutral sweatdrop

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