Welcome to Gaia! ::

Omg I am finally online when it is ATA time x3 YES

Anyways, Wanting to know, to all the mods/admins/devs.

What is it like working on/for Gaia Online? ^.^


Do you think you guys will come to australia? Or open up a Gaia Online Place here. Or something? xD
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i'm wondering if/when the gold shop will EVER get expensive items (as in upwards of 200k sale price) that aren't in the Dernier*Cri range
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I just wanted to say, I've been here since '07 and I love it!
I am always happy with the way you guys run things, and I just love the site. No other site has kept me around, and I just can't go to any other site!!

Thank you for all that you do, and all the crap you take from some users. <3
This is one happy user!

This question goes out to anyone who wants to answer it.
If you had to pick Vampires or Dark Elves...which would you pick and why?

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Good afternoon, admins!

My question is, will the town maps ever be used in events again?
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I see you lurking. And you'll need to join the zOMG! contests this Halloween season. I'll expect your participation. EXPECT IT! scream

You've posted it?

If not can we have a hint of what might be involved?
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Hello all!

Although I don't really do much for Halloween, I'm looking forward to having a legitimate excuse to wear my homemade Jedi Knight outfit in public again. x3

I think I had some questions for you guys, but I forgot! Ah well. I'll just kick back and watch the banter. Hope you all are doing well!
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Are you guys going to dress up for halloween, and are you guys going to give out candy? Oh and hi sisky

The magic nine-ball says... probably not, and highly unlikely. At least I think I'm shaking the right billiard ball...
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seems that everyone has lost neighbors in moga....any chance of this ever being fixed?

still having massive lag when using chrome on the site. please address this.

not receiving subscribed thread notices.
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Who's going to New York Comic Con, next week? Sadly, I missed out on the Gaia panel at Otakon, so I have to make it up here!

ALSO! CAN THERE BE A PSA ABOUT SIGNATURES? You guys should know how many I've reported! D:

Sadly, I won't be at NYCC, but glad you'll be there! And we are always happy to have suggestions for the PSA project, so we'll add that to the list! biggrin

Sadness! I've always wanted to meet you because you've inspired me to get in shape. heart

Very good! I hope it'll be something in the future.
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Captain Nitemare
you guys going to start making good items again?

"Good items" is subjective, I think all our items are good. ;P Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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I'm REALLY thankful we got the Tiger and Bunny items - but I will admit to being very disapointed with the complete lack of items/outfits from the show that we could wear on our avatar bodies. emo

Was that the sponsor's decision or you guys? burning_eyes

Is there a chance that we will get some in the future?

Thanks for the question - glad you like the "Tiger and Bunny" items! Such decisions are always made based on mutual decision making - we balance the licensor's needs with the Gaia community's needs to try and come up with a solution that makes everyone happy. As for other Tiger and Bunny items coming, it's not likely, but you never know! Things can change biggrin
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Hey admins,

will you eventually add more fun things to the app?
Like games and a better forums?

also, procrastinating on my English paper. emotion_c8
Not sure what to ask here... (most likely won't get answered anyways)
Are you planning to take a nice photo with Halloween costumes on?
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Hi everyone o3o
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Is there a way for one to delete a thread they made? Meaning if I made a thread, could I delete it at all?

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