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Sooooo, no answer on the Halloween items in the gold shops then?
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When are you gonna put up some new games that don't rely so much on facebook? Seriously. I don't want to have to go to facebook to play a game on gaia.

Thinking about it.

Thinking about what? Adding the games? Making new games that don't rely on facebook? An actual answer? What is going on with this?
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What would be your weapon of choice during the zombie apocalypse?

They would use Zero in that time >_>;; I think..

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Fedelta Hellbond
Fedelta Hellbond

I know that feel bro. ;~;

; x; I've been begging for the black hair similar to gogh reed zero hair for weeks. not even a maybe. Sometimes I wonder why I bother buying gaia cash or even try to do anything on here anymore. Mods don't really care either. I have a friend who was scammed and all they do is ask for screenie shot screenie shot proof more proof even after she gives it to them. Who the hell takes screenies of a gifting anyway!!

D'aww don't say that I'm sure everyone on the Gaia staff truly cares for the members of Gaia. 3nodding
About the hacking I'm sure there are a lot of fraud claims of being hacked so they just want to make sure she is telling the truth. As for the hair maybe in the future they might make a black version of it. c:
Uncle Kenny
We've broken all ties with the store as they basically took all of our inventory, kept it, and just stopped paying us. The store itself is not accessible from our site anymore and any links should no longer lead anywhere but pages that are down. So long story short, we're not in the business of RL merch anymore. The artists do have a RedBubble account that they're selling a few items through though.
I don't know Cali law, but ain't that illegal?
@ Gaia Staff : Will Gaia Consider adding an opt out check box for flying giftboxes and the like??

@Gaians : Click to see petition.

User Image

That's the first time I've heard of such a request, any reason as to why?
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I have a serious question. What are people like myself supposed to do on gaia? I joined a long time ago. I started in 2005 and I grew with gaia and I am sorry but gaia is refusing to grow with me. I am now over 18 years old and I know a lot of people that have also grown past the childhood years. I have dumped money into this site and I feel like gaia is saying, "oh your 18 now. well since you crossed that line we no longer care if you go or stay." I''m not saying I want to be able to c-y-b-e-r on the site or anything, but I am tired of watching my back because I am having a more mature conversation with my friends. There are many topics that do not involve any sexuallity that can go above a PG-13 level. I am mature. I am an adult. Is gaia ever gonna do anything to make the site more usable for it's members that grew up on gaia? Or are we just expected to quit something that has been such a big part of our lives for so long?

You do realize that Gaia is not PG-13 right?

"Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
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What happened to Waffles?
Fedelta Hellbond
Aaaaaaand its over..thanks again of gaia admins for absolutely nothing..[whimpers and goes away giving up on all hope of gaia]

Pfffffft, you haven't given up all hope and you know it! KNOW IT! :0

If you have something pressing, feel free to pm me with the question/info biggrin

Sisky, I sent you a PM :3
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I have some questions that are sort of plot related, but I don't know if they're spoilers...

How exactly do vampires reproduce on Gaia? Is it just through sex? Can a person be embraced? Are both possible? Also, is embrace strictly a bite on the neck? Or is there some form of blood exchange between vampire and victim?
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Would any EI and REI ideas be accepted by the artists?

pleeeeease if you have ideas make one with flowing long straight black hair? ;x; [whimper]
Oh I have a Question biggrin

How do you feel about the pace of our Gaia-verse plot?
And do you care if people are invested in the story?

Recently, I've seen plenty of people bashing the storyline as a whole.
It's slightly saddening to think that these individuals don''t give two sh*ts about the "backstory" (I guess we can call it that) ,
to a site they seem pretty invested in monetarily and otherwise.
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In the playplus - Gaia relationship, does playplus do any of the development or is that pretty much a gaia thing? What is playplus in that respect. I.e does all development come from the gaia side of things?

Any clues on whats happening in soul crash dev world atm?

Any chance of getting a achievement granted to the top 10 pirates?
What happened to Waffles?
He got syrup'd.
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I dont know where i read this. BUT are you guys still takeing ideas for new Gaia games???

How bout a side scroller type game? ala Super mario bros? Where two players can compete against each other at once?

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