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I'm still curious... who is Mr. Green --& mrgreen

He is the oddball out of all the smileys, kinda feel sorry for him.

Honestly, I really don't know! I could make up a story for you if you want, but it would be a lie! A LIE! gonk

He's ultra special because he's the only one with teeth. This classy fellow needs to get a Mrs. Green, stat. xp
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What's your fav Anime?
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Is some of the green goo glitches reported in the bug thread for avatar/items ever going to be fixed? I have been waiting for months for a fix.
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Beloved Kitten

..no question actually, just wanted to stop by and thank you all for your hard work. ^w^ ~leaves a basket of cookies~ ^w^>O
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                          User Image Hello! I'm Samantha/Charlene. User Image
                  User Image

                  ★ ~ When is Modus going to be completed. I want to make my avi already and I don't want to buy the gen that is already complete because they are too high priced
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Since some of the arts I received are bigger, I can't seem to edit some Journal Entries, can someone please fix it so the "Delete" and "Edit" buttons aren't invisible inside the box? Thank you!

Here's an Entry of Mine that I want to edit: http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/?mode=view&post_id=33796765&u=8828144

User Image

using firefox browser

maybe move the buttons to the left most instead?
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so when can i open my october ci
n00b question.
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Ardian Logic
Admin Help me! My mule "Unhappy Maiden Cry" going to banned!
What should i do?
I'm not doing anything..

Tell me the Steep to Make it unbanned

How is it "going to be banned?" eek
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Zero Omega
So, every ATA, or every other ATA, I ask you about the message that you asked me to send about my hacked account.

So, not trying to be pushy, but have you looked into it at all?
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Hello Lanzer,

I'm already ready for this Halloween event as a Vampiress Countess
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Simple 2 part question here, how is it being an admin and what is the day-to-day at the Gaia office? eek
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Lanzer, Lanzer, on the (forum) wall, who's the fairest one of all?

Edit: Your silence means it's ME!!!
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❤ "What are the chances we will get a male only EI?
Even a small 4 part evo of male only inspired poses/bodymods/etc?"
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Got two more questions for you Admins..and cookies- holds up a plate of cookies

1. Can you tell me what the deal is with the anime player? Is it getting removed, updated, anything?

2. How do you all pick the costumes for the NPCs for Halloween ? is there a certain system you use or what? I’d love to know since some of the ones in the past have been awesome.
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There's some stuff that's in my house that I cannot remove.
I went to arrange my room and the stuff that I can't remove isn't in the house, but says its being used.
How do I remove? o3o

Send in a ticket to http://www.gaiaonline.com/help , I actually helped someone with this earlier today.

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