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Also, because I have the chance to ask more questions:

1. Any word on the recycled zOMG Halloween event? Is it still looking very unlikely? D:
2. Caroling and Trick or Treating in Towns 1 is already a no-go, but will we be able to Easter-Egg hunt in Town 2 next year?

1) Still the same as previously, no real updates to give on this one.
2) Maybe? We probably won't know specifics of when things will be available until later.
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When will the halloween trick-or-treating start in shops?

When it's closer to the launch of the event wink
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Who's going to New York Comic Con, next week? Sadly, I missed out on the Gaia panel at Otakon, so I have to make it up here!

ALSO! CAN THERE BE A PSA ABOUT SIGNATURES? You guys should know how many I've reported! D:

Sadly, I won't be at NYCC, but glad you'll be there! And we are always happy to have suggestions for the PSA project, so we'll add that to the list! biggrin
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Just wanted to say hi and thank you all for the hard work you all put into for making gaiaonline more fun. o u o
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Quick alchemy question.

Is it normal to fail 8 times in a row on a level 10 formula that's labeled as having "High" chances of success?

That's what happened to me when I attempted to craft a Nice Suit for Work. I have screenshots for proof if needed.

Evening, everyone.

- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Have any new or previous glitches been fixed?

- Face/Body Mods: When making these kinds of items, can you remind the artist to keep all 6 of the human base skin tones in mind? It’s not cool when I see a face/body mod that I like, try it on, then discover that it looks like crap against my avatar’s dark skin.

- When will a spoiler button be added to the “Post a Reply” page?

- The Manga: Why did you go back to revealing one page a day? I find it annoying.

We've been working on a few issues but don't have any updates to share, sorry.

If there are any items that you have problems with, please let us know which particular item it is, so we can bring it up and understand your point quickly.

The lack of a spoiler is a bug and should be fixed soon.

The manga format changes depending on the story or event. Sorry if you find it annoying.
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Admin Help me! My mule "Unhappy Maiden Cry" going to banned!
What should i do?
I'm not doing anything..

Tell me the Steep to Make it unbanned
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Hello everyone! *pass out cookies*
In answer to your question:
Planning it. Haven't start building it.
1) will you respond to the zOMG maintenance mode petition?
2) how hard it was to code an event into zOMG?
3) someone go to Ames and wish NASA happy birthday for me please?
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There's some stuff that's in my house that I cannot remove.
I went to arrange my room and the stuff that I can't remove isn't in the house, but says its being used.
How do I remove? o3o
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Squee Nii
Zero Omega
I see what you did there. So, is it my turn now? And does it look bleak? emotion_facepalm

Man give me time to read what you sent back. gonk
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you guys going to start making good items again?
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Hi admins. How is everyone this evening. Can you tell me if you have anything in store for aquariums? Also my tank has been getting a lot of 0 gold plays...any advice there?
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You guys know the deal. smile

Why must you torture me with cake!? I'm happy that the Owlpocalypse finale had cake and that the REI (Keiko) that involves cake, but I would love it if you guys could put regular cake in the GS. emo To be specific, Buttercup Cafe. Just to let you know, I have no money/GC, so each time any item that is released on Gaia that is costing money, I don't buy it with cash anyway because I don't have it (unless I spend days/hours/weeks/months on doing offers). xd So you're pretty much missing out on me buying it, you're 'biggest' cake fan! surprised But seriously, PLEEEEEEASE add cake to the Buttercup Cafe?

Here is a thread on that: Y NO CAKE? crying (Item Request/Recolor; w/EXAMPLES) [/shamelessly self advertisement]

Hopefully any artists that are lurking will see this...or bring it up to them please. ninja And please, get it right this time- Gold Shop, not Cash Shop! emotion_donotwant (Seriously, I want to hoard GS cakes and gift them away too as B-Day gifts- so pretty please!?)
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Is there a way for one to delete a thread they made? Meaning if I made a thread, could I delete it at all?
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Are you guys going to dress up for halloween, and are you guys going to give out candy? Oh and hi sisky

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