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It's been a while since the last Mecha Neko update, and I hope that you enjoy the Tiger Bunny items. October is here already and many are already talking about Halloween costumes. Have you started costume shopping yet?

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1.Will we see Jack roaming the world map this year? I gotta ask this every time I visit ATA. :B
2. With the current update schedule on the Halloween manga, when will the final page be out? People (me) are getting antsy from waiting. Bonus question: How many pages long will it be?
3. Will the H2K12 forums be up soon? GCD is kind of getting flooded with Vampire/Elf spam. xD
4. Who are you guys going to be for halloween? Video below related.

Lets write this down in Stone, so itll never be forgotten.

Good Evening Gaia Staff
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its me again, your friend Sextans.

I've made several threads in the past regarding the abuse/exploitation of the just added page section located in the drop down on the marketplace page.
To my understanding they use browsers that auto-fill the password section to snag new listings within the first 5 seconds of being listed,I have even contacted some of the major vendors and misprice snipers and many of them use this form of botting(buying through non human interaction>auto filling password browser).
You state in the rules that its against your Terms Of Service to use botting,a function that allows someone to purchase something or earn gold through non-human interaction means.
Such programs that automatically fill-in your password are against the Term of Service.
or you could just throw out bans and warnings at those using this bot feature.

But its easy to assume that even throwing out bans wouldn't prevent them from doing it again if they are set to be botting through this feature so the best solution seems to be a time delay on listings,a delay between posting a new listing and it showing up in the marketplace such as a 4-5 minute delay could help prevent the exploitation and botting.

or remove the just added section entirely to prevent the botting in regards to this.

I also know there's a whole bunch of codes to speed up your browser by eliminating certain area on the site. How? Cause a member of the guild was bragging about it on livestream and even pmed me the code as evident ;D
There's also a whole hack site outside dedicated for this purpose. *and yes, I would make a good private eye investigator by going into enemies territory* Integrity is lost.

There are guides in the guild that teaches you how to autofill password which can be considered a hack program since gaia didn't design the marketplace to be that way.
Not to mention all those codes to eliminate site features provided by members of the guild

By doing these things it violates the TOS so...

1.- why aren't you enforcing these rules?

2.- so why don't you do anything to help prevent botting through the just added section?

3.- Do Gaia Staff approve that behaviour of sniping misprices? is that how your System Works? Lanzer?

By not implementing a fix or doing anything you might as well be giving the green light that those who abuse this feature can snatch up misprices while botting to do so can get away with it.
This has been a on going problem for years now and I have yet to see a fix

Yes I've heard it repeated several times that it is the users fault for listing a misprice even though there is no warning on many items that states it as a misprice.

Adding a feature that allows AUTO-COMMAS would correct some mispricing ,perhaps it could add a comma every three zero's?

Yesterday Sep 30th 2012
a New thread created with the sole purpose of gathering feedback was locked recycled actually from SiteFeedback into the recycled Bin.

It is very clear now that none of your Moderators want threads asking for improvements to the confirmation page. yeah you will say it was a little off-topic ..maybe. but not when i left it since i was planning to come back later with more on-topic feedback.

In fact if its very irritating having these threads in forum 137, make it against the rules add something to the Frequently Mentioned Issues that states
any thread asking for improvements to the confirmation page or any suggestion related to improve the marketplace will be recycled.
Period, end of Story.

okay, that was not the point. do whatever you want with your forums.
its been proven there is Favoritism in Gaia (like im not one of your favorite gaians, hehe..oh darn sweatdrop ) well, i wont go further in details.

ive never mispriced an item before. i try to be careful .
I'm only suggesting this because I seen people cry over their lost items.
oh yeah even though ive used the confirmation page 40,000 times in the last 4 years what if one day i made a mistake like that? indeed it will be my fault but... with the auto-commas implementation i will never ever make that mistake for sure. i guarantee 100 percent!

Please DARKNRGY,carbonphyber
User Image

this is feedback from the recycled thread 82552229

- - Synxified

I actually like this idea. I've never mispriced an item before, but many people I've met have.
A slight delay would be really handy for this type of situation and if it was an optional setting for the Marketplace, then it could help those who have mispriced items countless number of times.

I hate hearing the same story about them mispricing and PM'ing the buyer nicely about the situation and yet the buyer/vendor is too rude to even be nice enough to give the person's item back.
I don't care if it's to gain profit, this isn't the real world and people treating it like that... Where the hell is their brains? I mean, even if I did misprice an item on here, I'd be upset like any other person would be and probably freak out too, but I'd also look back and just see it as another heap of pixels.
And I'd also probably PM the buyer asking for the item back in exchange for the gold. But yeah, the whole delay before it actually being set into the market is a great idea. I know it might not be implemented into the site right away, but maybe in the next coming months or year it could be added.


The marketplace is the most important feature on this site. This is an avatar site after all for selling and buying items to make yourself look pretty. Any safe precaution made to the marketplace will benefit someone out there.
Mistakes happen and the extra time will help someone out there, might not be everyone, but it is helpful to some. Considering everyone uses the marketplace feature, some can amount to a lot of users on here.

When the Developers themselves had asked feedback on way to improve the current system. They can make this optional for people who choose not to have the delay.


I honestly didn't even know the just added section was there until i seen this thread,
i've always wonderd how the hell people buy listings within the first 5 seconds they are put up.

I've been here for years and never seen any mention of it...then again
I rarely use forums due to negativity in each and every single one of them, someone always has to argue and reject someones ideas, yeah big woop they are voicing their opinion,but it wouldnt hurt to give some support or at least don't freaking post if all one has is negativity to spread.

Seems messed up you never address this when I am one of the first people to post in the ATA.
Thank you for your time and I hope you can do something about this on going problem.

1. We do enforce the rules, unfortunately we can't be at all places at once so we also rely on users to report this for us. If you find or know of people abusing this, then report them so we can actually look into these situations further.

2. Couldn't tell you off-hand, but if I had to venture a guess it would be because it requires a lot of dev time and our devs are busy trying to fix bugs and make new features for everyone.

3. We do not approve of sniping any misprices through illegitimate means such as botting programs, however, if a user buys a misprice off the vend through legitimate means, then that is not something actually against the rules.
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Good Afternoon Admins!!!

How are you all today?

I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for coming to the AWA!

I had a blast with all your whacky challenges!!! emotion_dealwithit

Oh! btw, it seems you should give DJ Helsing a little bit more pocket money for his Red Bull/Monster addiction. emotion_awesome

He had the same problem last year getting confused, and it was really just sooo cute emotion_yatta

So maybe you should just leave things as they are.... ninja

Anywho my question for you today are....

A.) Will you be going to the AWA next year as well?

B.) What happen to Sunday's event? emotion_8c emotion_bandaid

I was very sad to see that you guys didn't have a Sunday panel like last year.

I believe it was Sunday where you went around trying to find other users who had done this or that.

I really did enjoy it! Please bring it back? emotion_kirakira
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Evening, everyone.

- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Have any new or previous glitches been fixed?

- Face/Body Mods: When making these kinds of items, can you remind the artist to keep all 6 of the human base skin tones in mind? It’s not cool when I see a face/body mod that I like, try it on, then discover that it looks like crap against my avatar’s dark skin.

- When will a spoiler button be added to the “Post a Reply” page?

- The Manga: Why did you go back to revealing one page a day? I find it annoying.
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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oh man halloween. i haven't thought of what to be or to make. then again i have some things i need to finish sewing... sweatdrop

and, i can't think of any questions right now. so i'll just.. lurk.. ninja
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Hey Guuuyyyyy-UHhhhh

Here's a quick little experiment....i'm gonna flash you two images. Just quickly open and close them for 1 second, and 1 second only:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Did something draw your attention more in the 2nd pic?
If it did, this comparison worked you fell into my un-counterbalanced ploy. Big red letters attract attention. Red things in general attract attention. Red black and white are one of the world's most universal colors across cultures. /unrelated

Lately in SF lots of people still seem to be..hm...what's the word....uh...unsatisfied with the MP precautions for helping preventing people from making misprice mistake. A lot of this happens because when people list up prices in the MP, they are simply not paying attention.

What big red letters do is actively draw attention. Even for people who don't normally make misprice mistakes, if the "Buy now price" section were 1) colored red, 2) enlarged (bigger font) it would make it loads easier to locate this section instead of having to hunt for it on the confirm page. This change would benefit a lot of people and not just the people who post misprices. It might be unsightly on the MP page but that's the point, to make it an eyesore so that it draws attention from the inattentive. It might not look like much, but I think it would be a great way to help people with their attention issues when they misprice items.

That is all.
add: I am basing this suggestion on a little cognitive psychology about the color red and the factor of contrasts, but IMO this misprice issue is mostly an issue of attention. You can't get people to pay attention when they don't want to, but you can make it easier for people to pay attention to certain things on your web pages. Making the 'buy now price' red and in bigger font will help direct people's eyes to that area.
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Will there be a black friday sale after Thanksgiving again this year?

Will there be more free gaia cash offers being added?

How come we didn't get Tiger & Bunny clothing items? I wanted some items to wear not companions.
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Hey Admins, Happy October! I’ve got a few questions for you tonight

1. When might we see the changes in the AMC forum as mentioned in the sticky at the top of that foum

2. What’s the deal with the anime player? are you planning to add new anime or remove it?

3. Related to question 2, if you are planning to add new anime to the anime player, could we just get rid of the anime player forum in the AMC and just make a poll or sticky instead about what anime the users want to see added. The forum’s full of spam threads and low content threads.
And if you won’t get rid of the forum, could you make it so they have to add reasons why they want that anime shows in the forum instead of just saying “ add X show to the anime player"
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

It is October already and I cannot believe it! Anyone have any plans for Halloween yet? I know I plan on going around as Magenta and possibly helping a friend of mine with their home-made mad-scientist laboratory in their garage. emotion_dowant If the world finds itself in the past or future in a split moment, I may or may not be responsible...

1. Rocky Horror inspired items please? emotion_kirakira

2. There was an issue with the lack of a "Sell" button in the Inventory on several Aquarium fish and decorations that appeared to have been fixed a couple of weeks ago. However, this issue still persists with items for the avatar. I know the Tone Limbs Gloves do not have the button as an option at all (I received one in Dumpster Dive, so this is how I know those items do not have that button). I know I have a few other gold shoppe items on a couple of my mules that I either received in Dumpster Dive or from the Overseer, but I cannot remember them off the top of my head. If this is the case, I am sure there are even more items that I am not aware of that this continues to occur with. I am not sure about some of the Housing items that were experiencing this as well, such as the Holiday Trees, so I cannot make comment on those for either side.

3. Any specifics that can be leaked about any upcoming Alchemy updates?

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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Good evening Gaia Staff! Congrats on making headway and opening up the beginnings of the Halloween event. A lot of excitement and speculation going on, can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

Here's some of my planned questions for tonight:

1) On behalf of the "Countess Ambrosia Fanthread" I'd like to ask if you could give us any more information or clues towards Countess Ambrosia. I'd like to expand a little and spark some discussion in the fanthread. Any new information you can give us on [NPC] Countess Ambrosia?

User Image

2) In Towns 2 we see an expansion on the Isle de Gambino location. In said expansion, we see the location of a building called "Screaming Daggers" with clear pirate themed imagery. For many years, users have theorized that this location on the map was going to be where the upcoming Weapons Shop would open. My second question concerns this. Are there still plans to open a Weapons Shop, and if so will Screaming Daggers be the location for said Weapons Shop?

User Image

3) Many users are concerned that with the rapid pace at which our fictional world is growing, that the attention given to expanding on our World Map is suffering horribly. Interesting and exciting new areas are being opened in many forms of media, from manga to R.I.G.s to mini-comics and etc. and users are patiently waiting for many of these amazing places to become part of our world map. My third question is, when will we see an expansion with new additions of map tiles to the World Map? Are there any specific locations planned on being added at this time?

User Image
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Also, because I have the chance to ask more questions:

1. Any word on the recycled zOMG Halloween event? Is it still looking very unlikely? D:
2. Caroling and Trick or Treating in Towns 1 is already a no-go, but will we be able to Easter-Egg hunt in Town 2 next year?
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When will the halloween trick-or-treating start in shops?
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1.Will we see Jack roaming the world map this year? I gotta ask this every time I visit ATA. :B
2. With the current update schedule on the Halloween manga, when will the final page be out? People (me) are getting antsy from waiting. Bonus question: How many pages long will it be?
3. Will the H2K12 forums be up soon? GCD is kind of getting flooded with Vampire/Elf spam. xD
4. Who are you guys going to be for halloween? Video below related.

1) The World Map will not be getting any love this go around. The ToTing in Shops will be similar to previous years that didn't involve the World Map.
2) Some day after today, and at least 8?
3) The event forums won't be up until we're closer to the launch of the actual event which won't happen until later on this month.

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