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Are there any plans to re-establish a merchandise store either running with GC or paypal to sell Plushies, keychains, and other merchandise that used to be sold?

I for one am not willing to spend real money on virtual items but I would be more than willing to spend it on an item that I can hold in my hand that will support a site I love.

I also have an OMG plushie that I love to death still. <3
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Possible answers from the Admin: PARTS 1 AND 2
(for your viewing and tipping pleasure...)

What are you gonna do about the inflation?

Why did you make gaia centered?

Can there be an option to de-center gaia?
NOPE, you gotta deal with it.

Any updates on the inventory arranger?
.... Ask again next week (And then the week after that and so on)

Are you aware that you are losing lots of users?
/busy counting money and creating new ways to make money
"Sorry, what did you say?"

Why do you like to piss off your users?
Because it's fun.

Is it possible you can space out the flash sales?
/new staff alert

Will you stop ignoring your users?
/la lalalala goes dancing in a field

Wasabi? Gaming Consoles? Halloween Costumes?
Okay, we'll actually answer THESE questions.

Is Gaia dying?

but secretly, yes.

Updates on manga, zOMG, guilds, towns 2, etc.?
Eh, we got nothing.

What about the 18+ site?
/releases another offensive survey to collect data for 18+ site

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Flynn's booty isn't all that bad. Besides everything on marketplace is a bit more expensive so you can resale and make a lot of gold. It does effect a lot of newer gaians who don't have much gold.
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Does user feedback mean NOTHING to you guys anymore? I mean, you pretend to listen, but then you pretty much do whatever you want anyway. Just like Darknrgy, only he wasn't serious. But you guys really don't care.
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So gaia admins, heres a few questions.

1. Why did you center the site even though you had a voting opinion pole to give your users a choice?

A majority of your users said no to it, so why bother centering it or was that just a big ******** you to our faces.

2. I've been a victim of false banning, and I've noticed a huge drastically huge impact on gaians being banned, for reasons without warnings no less. Hence the thread in my signature.

Are you guys just becoming harsher and saying screw you to warnings?

3. Your greed is deplorable. I remembered when the site actually cared about its users, not the money they brought in. Tinier me was brought down for those same reasons. They refused to hear out their members, and focused more on bringing in money.

Do you realize dear gaia, that your greed will eventually lead to the same shutdown that was once called tinier me?

4. Due to flynn's booty and flynn's chest, market place has so horribly inflated, that even newbies can't get noob items anymore, or they instantly get rich in less then minutes if they support your site by buying gaia cash.

What plans do you have to fix the inflation, and how will you go about it?

5. There have been more and more hack attempts lately, via links, pm moderator impersonators, I myself have had a pm from one who actually had a colored name, but promptly deleted it after laughing enough to squirt soda out my nose.

My question being, with people's skills in hacking growing, even to the point of moderator color name impersonation, how and what will you do to actually help us?
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Twisted Breadsticks
how do you expect people to pay $20-$50 per sale if you've had non-stop sales for the past 6+ weeks? this is outrageous

^This! Seriously, we need breathing room between each sale! How about we stick to only having them around the holidays, please?
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Can we get a date on the inventory arranger? It was previously promised to be released before Halloween but the halloween event is only two or so weeks away. Has something held it up?
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A friend of mine and I were talking. We thought it'd be a neat little feature if you had some kind of community clean up option where we clean up around the lakes that we can fish in to lower the amount of trash we catch in those said lakes. Maybe like.. if the community cleans up so many items the trash will be reduced by so much percentage, and if they clean up THIS much more then it will be reduced even lower.

You know, to grow community bonding and to support the idea that cleaning your parks and such is a good thing.
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I have two questions here...

1. why does has the gaia support gone lax? use to be when I was a new user you could email an admin if you had a problem that didn't fit under "bugs" or found something unusual and thought they needed to know about it... now you have to take a number and cross your fingers in hopes that someone sees it, and that it doesn't get buried under everything else.

2. I've 4 accounts, I've noticed something odd. When the change was made to the marketplace to allow users to sell 20 items instead of 10, two of my accounts didn't change. In fact, I believe a sent a report about this and never heard back on the issue. If it was just my mule accounts than I suppose I could understand, but it's not just them. My oldest account, that I've used as much as the account I use for rpg has that problem along with one of my mules and one of my mules can sell 20 like my rpg account can. So my question is... what gives?

Also, just a note... the site is a little laggy on centering... and kinda leaves a "white" space below where the end of the page should be upon loading. I kind of expected this though since it was just implemented. No offense admins... but almost anything that's been released that is new always seems to have a bug or two. I've been here so long (around 2003/2004ish) I'm used to it.

quoting until answered
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Divine Abomination

    Remember when ATA's were actually useful?

    Neither do I.
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Could SOMEONE answer my questions? sweatdrop
I've been asking questions for weeks with no replies
On top of that Im one of the FEW loyal Gaians who hasnt been bashing Gaia left and right and I've been defending you guys to boot... So something to show Im appreciated maybe?

Question! Are there any plans for the loyalty shop to have backwings and a halo?

Also! I've seen some users saying that "the option to spend more gold/cash isnt a reward for loyalty" in regards to Loyal's shop and Club Verge! Are there any other loyalty rewards planned that dont require spending?

So, when they created alchemy they wanted it to be a gold sink. It does do that, in a very small way with crafting fees, but, right now, whats mainly going on is that gold is simply exchanging hands rather than actually being fixed.

So, a thought crossed my mind: What everyone wants are caches. Caches arent infinite, theyre subject to price changes/hikes and this creates an un-needed problem with inflation (gold caches are currently worth more than 4 mil and normal caches are going for 400k).
Since caches will always be a thing thats needed, this will never change. But a way to regulate caches is needed. A way that will heavily affect alchemy and the economy, positively.
And, right now, crafting caches is a thing that can take hours, just for 1 (if you wanted to collect the items yourself rather than buy the components). This is a good option, it should stay there, but this is an option that is not healthy for alchemy, especially since many of the high-end formulas require astronomical amounts of caches, crafting all of them by visiting towns would be quite silly.

But what if they were in the gold shops (base caches)? At 200k-300k a pop (someone suggested 150k)? This would keep them some-what at a high price, meaning youd still need a bit of gold to buy them, but they would be regulated and their prices wouldnt change so drastically every 5 minutes. the coloured caches would be left out of the shops, but the chance to win them is obviously still there. Since they have stated that alchemy wont be leaving and alchemy does have items people covet, this would seem like a very viable solution. This would create a regular flow of caches/items, remove gold from the system, and help to fix alchemy.

Thoughts? (Also, adding the ability to buy any/all gold shop items in bulk)
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Why did you bother putting up a poll if you were going to center the site anyways?

Leaving aside opinions about site centering, why make a poll when the end result is going to be ignored?
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King Awesomolocity
King Awesomolocity
King Awesomolocity

I should fix it with the script, and then remove all of the ads, so gaia doesn't get revenue. User Image
~King Awesome

and have it linked on your main site, in a tab like the analyzer! domokun stargate

Lol, Alright. xD
~King Awesome

will make it easier to find.
someone else is already working on a stylish script. o.o

maybe we can get to the point of a whole firefox addon just for fixing gaia. this addon would also fix whatever in gaia's caching makes photobucket images go "user image". XP
domokun stargate

Knight Yoshi is working on that. Lol.
It's gonna be in the next GaiArch update.
~King Awesome

gaiarch is so much better than "better"gaia. domokun stargate
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When will Loyal's shop be opening?
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Zero Omega
Radiant Mercy
Hi Admins

I recently got the Millionaire Achievement but it was revoked after I spent the gold. Why is this?



Can you also please make the missing Heralds of Chaos achievements appear? We are waiting for them... emotion_8c emotion_8c emotion_8c

I'll have to ask Kenny about the update on that.

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