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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Moderators can work in any forum and move threads from any forum.

Thank you I was wondering as we seem to have one poor moderator working in the zOMG fourm right now and didn't know if it was to do with them been the only named one.

I was certainly confused because I know you were a mod at one point, I figured you knew how it all worked. eek

rofl was NOT expecting that reply, but the embarrassing thing is that my internet poofed, so never got to learn that side of things , I'll also point out that was 3-4 years ago so shocked you remembered ( or I've a black mark against my name, telling you guys if anything goes wrong blame this user....)


And no, I just happen to have a fairly decent memory for anyone who picked up a green name.
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My ticket still hasent been answered. Its been up for months now. I try to pm an admin or mod but no relpy
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moga seems to have nixed everyone's neighbor....any change of giving vixmo a kick in the butt to fix it?

chrome is still super laggy with booty grab....any hope of a fix?

and 6 tip based achievements.....gaia just hates me..... gonk
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Lost with Lies
I was wondering if there will be anymore wheelchairs in the future?

It's always a possibility.
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My question is would you guys ever consider making the animated items animate in the flash areas?
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Any good wigs in the RIG for next month?
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Wild and Young
If life give you lemon, what would you do?

Cut is in half, and use half in lemonade and half to clean my counter - lemons are naturally antibacterial! biggrin
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Corinth Maxwell
Narumi Misuhara
Hi guys!

Lanzer wanted me to pass along that had some monsters to battle and wouldn't be able to start today's ATA but hopefully he'll be able to join us later.

Did you enjoy the Pirate Day and Halfling Day events? Have you read the latest manga update yet?

Lots of stuff going on... Welcome to ATA everyone!

*waves* cat_whee

1. Has it ever occurred to the staff & the devs that, for the few avoidant, xenophobic, and/or misanthropic players of zOMG -- which certain elitists & other such similarly-ignorant people deliberately mis-label as "anti-social" -- you just might be putting a little too much emphasis upon "group interaction"?

Some people play this game merely to have fun (and seeing as how this was always designed as a "casual MMO", it's quite disappointing that this game has seemingly strayed away from those words in the past year or so). The definition of "fun" doesn't necessarily (or automatically, for that matter) mean "doing something with others", especially if said "others" are people that certain users would simply rather not be around at any given time (case in point: everyone hanging around in Bill's Ranch for DMS). Unfortunately, those users who choose to play alone are frequently ostracized, harassed, and otherwise bullied into either not wanting to play at all, or avoiding certain areas of the game entirely, due to others insistently imposing their "anti-solo" views upon them.

My question is this...who, exactly, is harmed by altering the game so that it becomes possible for certain parts (i.e., instances/the Hive/DMS) of this game to be completed by smaller groups and/or individuals? Is there some sort of "negative outcome" that would arise from this, one that we don't yet know about (especially in the case of DMS -- where, as I remember it, quite a few people have questioned why it just had to be designed specifically so people would HAVE to enter it in groups)? cat_stressed

2. Why, with all of the zOMG power-ups we already have available, is there not one to instantly refill the G'hi meter & then temporarily keep it at 100% for a specific amount of time? cat_burning_eyes

1. I'm sorry to hear you guys are being bullied. The bigger issue is making any such changes would require development resources we don't have. Most of the people who made those kinds of calls about how the game would function have long since moved on from Gaia Online. So that's not really something I can address.

2. To my knowledge no we don't :/
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When are you guys FINALLY gonna update the flower exchange of Rina's shop? gonk The fishing exchange got an overhaul. why not flowers...?

Link to my petition.
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Raine Dragon
Thank you so much for making the talk like a pirate day event! It's one of my favorite holidays and it was super fun! ^__^

Also, thank you for making Lolita Fashion a hot topic; is there any chance that it could become a long-term subforum?

Potentially! Depending on the traffic of the forum and user interest.
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User Image

Can you check on my ticket about my account being unbanned? I was talking to a friend and she said it can take up to a month for an account to be unbanned or getting back a hacked account and told me when you guys have the next ATA to ask to check the ticket and try to resolve it or something. Thanks. If you need a ticket number I can provide that as well
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Zero! Where's my mod app rejection letter?

And on an unrelated note... giving us poor Android users an iOS app? For shaaaaaaaaame ;-;

Haven't looked it over yet!

I'm just gonna go to a corner and weep...


No, no, don't do that...
That's not helping anybody :T

Is there a day or an ETA you plan on starting to sift through mod apps?
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Uncle Kenny
Black Death Goddess
When will the Halloween Event start and do we go to the stores to get our Halloween outfit items?

Expect it next month. ToTing will be available in Shops again, yes.
Does that include Edmund's shop?
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Hi guys!

Just a brief question.

Is there a set date for the release/announcement of the new CrosStitch items? Super excited to see the winners this time!

Thanks for the great work!



Another thing actually! Would it be possible to get say, Lilo & Stitch knockoff items? emotion_kirakira
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Hi, Narumi/staff.
I enjoyed Halfling day the most.

I made a Frodo avi, and everyone loved it.
The item was super cute as well.

I also got to inflate the cost of the accursed rings for a day.
Who doesn't love making profit, right?

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