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Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful night. whee I was wondering if you may have seen a thread I created in the Bugs forum about the Millionaire achievement being revoked.

I've gotten the achievement twice and then spent my gold and when I relog into Gaia it's been revoked, I'm curious if theres a time you have to keep the 1mil for it to stay permanently. Thank you for reading. emotion_yatta
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Crystal Sparda
Ϲ ʀ ʏ s т Α ʟ ♥ ◕ ω ◕
            1. I have the loiterer achievement, but I'm unsure if the fact that I got it was a bug or not.
            I know I've logged in for 60 days straight, so why do I have loiterer and not streaker?
            I made a thread here, so maybe you could answer it there, pretty please? emotion_kirakira
1. Things that require new counters can't be done retroactively, so the counter started from when the achievement was released, sorry! sweatdrop

Ϲ ʀ ʏ s т Α ʟ ♥ ◕ ω ◕
            So then why did I get the Loiterer achievement if it requires me to log in
            for 30 days straight after the achievement becomes available.
            It hasn't been 30 days since Loiterer was released,
            so is it a bug that I have it, or was it supposed to be granted to people
            who already had the 30 days of log ins acquired?
Not sure! but that's the explanation that was given to me when I asked. xd
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omg hi emotion_kirakira

How are things holding up after the power shifts (lanky's departure)?
Any news yet on the new game announce at the panels this year?
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Hey Gaia staff, how are you all this fine Monday evening?

I have a question for you all concerning achievements. I wonder have you ever thought of perhaps adding a search bar to the achievements page to make finding an achievement you’ve earned easier ?
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I was wondering if there will be anymore wheelchairs in the future?
Your siggy made me giggle.
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1.Can you tell us or perhaps give us any hints about this years halloween event?
2.does it contain witches?
3.perhaps or does countess ambrosia have a role in it?

I'm afraid I cannot reveal anything about Halloween under penalty of death being fired receiving a stern talking to spoiling it. Instead, I'll answer your question with my own question, also asked by Narumi, have you read the newest manga update today? wink
Oooo I did!
is that K for me ? XP jk jk

awww alrighty! then there is no way you could say whether or not the witch business taking place in GCD is run by you guys or us users? or might that be revealing too much?
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Zero Omega
Zero! Where's my mod app rejection letter?

And on an unrelated note... giving us poor Android users an iOS app? For shaaaaaaaaame ;-;

Haven't looked it over yet!

I'm just gonna go to a corner and weep...

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If these questions have been asked before, then excuse me.

In the outfits marketplace, I have seen outfits that have been glitched/hacked to look overpriced. Many of them are just outfits with I AM poses, and a trash item underneath like Spartan Gloves. Can you fix this so this never happens? I also feel as if the OUTFITS market is neglected almost.
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:O Hi
what is going to be the halloween event?
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
wait. a manga update. :O

*opens a tab to check*

aww i was beat to it. but here are some of my repeat questions... maybe... kinda..

1. can we have more mods in the zomg forum? that place is not even an attractive mess. or even, update the rules of that particular forum? just things are so out of hand in there... sad

2. with the mention of "unreleased items" for zomg, can a few maybe be like, oh let's say creating a swarf sdplus doll or even a marshall doll?

3. um.... i forgot what i was going to ask... > < so um... hi? *waves*

1. This is something we were talking about earlier, when we have some more information you'll know.

thank you brony king! *hug*

oh also, i guess the new season of mlp is delayed. last i heard it was to begin was this past saturday. i'm not the only one with pony withdrawl right? sweatdrop

What's a pony? eek

my little pony
my little pony
ah ah ah ah ahhhhhh
my little pony
i wonder what friendship could be....

*hums tune*
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STILL patiently waiting for you to answer my pms. emotion_kirakira
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When will the Halloween Event start and do we go to the stores to get our Halloween outfit items?

Expect it next month. ToTing will be available in Shops again, yes.
If life give you lemon, what would you do?
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Farts ArE my OxYgEn
I loved the events. They were quite enjoyable. Thank you for implementing them!

Glad you are loving the events! Stay tuned for more events and contests this year! We think it'll be super fun biggrin

- Sisky

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