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Zero Omega
Moderators can work in any forum and move threads from any forum.

Thank you I was wondering as we seem to have one poor moderator working in the zOMG fourm right now and didn't know if it was to do with them been the only named one.

I was certainly confused because I know you were a mod at one point, I figured you knew how it all worked. eek
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Ty for the ┬Żling stuff >w<

Any word on the winners of the dev-held zOMG! avatar contest finally getting their reward?

Thanks for the heads up on this! We were made aware of this today, and will be looking into getting everything resolved biggrin

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Zero! Where's my mod app rejection letter?

And on an unrelated note... giving us poor Android users an iOS app? For shaaaaaaaaame ;-;

Haven't looked it over yet!
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Evening, folks.
- When will the team Gambino long hair with the agape scissors glitch be fixed?
Reminder: Front:
User Image Back: User Image

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I just wanted to say

Thank you for three servers on ZOMG!

Also wondered about updates on glitch fixes, particularly silent NPCs and instance glitches.
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Monsters? Oh dear I hope Lanzer comes back undamaged.
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Why ford the sweaty jock strap not cut off sleeves anymore? sad

And uh... any plans to update houses soon? 'Cause uh...
Kind of needs fixing some places.

(I bought a GREEN Christmas candle and it shows up as RED)

Can custodian Junko's sweater please stop removing skin items?
And one of the jackets from the latest GS update.

Also hi.

/item complaining ;_;
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is there a way an admin could help me get a submarine capsule please it is the last item i need for my next cosplay
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Hey guys~
Just wanna know. Any progress on the alchemy stuff? There's a lot of formulas where the components cost more then the finished product. Any ideas on how to help counteract this?
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No questions for you guys - But thank you muchly to the artist who created the Beastly Professor item.
It's nice to have more body hair options on Gaia. lol Plus it looks damn spiffy with the Bitter Black, tea item.
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Will Edmund's shop come back with new items?

Will there be holiday events in zomg like halloween?

Edmund's shop returning is a mystery. You'll just have to wait and see.

The chances are not high for a Halloween event in zOMG this year.
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Who would win in a fight
Clint Eastwood or Liam Neeson?
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Sweet Angel Mary
Will the revamp of the games replace gold grants with ticket/item grants? I'm confused by what your journal post meant.

So new zOMG items are coming?

means games like wordbump that give out bachelor credits will instead give out tickets and that games like slots which take tokens to play will be changed to accept gold.
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Zero Omega
wait. a manga update. :O

*opens a tab to check*

aww i was beat to it. but here are some of my repeat questions... maybe... kinda..

1. can we have more mods in the zomg forum? that place is not even an attractive mess. or even, update the rules of that particular forum? just things are so out of hand in there... sad

2. with the mention of "unreleased items" for zomg, can a few maybe be like, oh let's say creating a swarf sdplus doll or even a marshall doll?

3. um.... i forgot what i was going to ask... > < so um... hi? *waves*

1. This is something we were talking about earlier, when we have some more information you'll know.

thank you brony king! *hug*

oh also, i guess the new season of mlp is delayed. last i heard it was to begin was this past saturday. i'm not the only one with pony withdrawl right? sweatdrop
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Hello Gaia Mods and Admins. I hope your day is going well. I recently forgot about this. When will I be able to see my beloved main account again? I have waited over two to three months. I know you guys are doing your work, but...I have been waiting patiently. If I could get an answer on this, it would be great.

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