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Hi guys!

Just a brief question.

Is there a set date for the release/announcement of the new CrosStitch items? Super excited to see the winners this time!

Thanks for the great work!



Another thing actually! Would it be possible to get say, Lilo & Stitch knockoff items? emotion_kirakira

No and...

I'm not sure...
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Squee Nii
Zero Omega
Squee Nii
Zero Omega
STILL patiently waiting for you to answer my pms. emotion_kirakira

I read them! That's a step in the right direction!
Okay. So how long until the next phase? ; u ;

Twenty six years.

But seriously, promise I'll get to it soon. I'm actually trying to do it this week.
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Hey guys~
Just wanna know. Any progress on the alchemy stuff? There's a lot of formulas where the components cost more then the finished product. Any ideas on how to help counteract this?

My latest journal entry talks a bit about our plans for alchemy.
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I'm not sure who to direct this question to,so I'll just ask.

For a while now, I've only been able to use one item at a time from the Monthly Collectibles and other items that have more than one component. Just wondering if this is how they're designed, or if this is a bug/glitch? Thanks.... Love my "life" on here ^.^
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hello admin peeps. when exactly are you gonna put a patch on towns? i try and use the arrows to go to a deferent section of the town and it brings me back to the section i was just in. please make a patch for it, and when will we see new items for rally and the games?

We are busy making Towns 2, and will eventually shut down towns 1.
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Niccolo Ammaniti
Zero Omega
Squee Nii
Zero Omega
STILL patiently waiting for you to answer my pms. emotion_kirakira

I read them! That's a step in the right direction!

Why didn't you love my chalkboard proposal ;-; ? WHY ZERO, WHY?

//explodes in a fit of rage and passion

I don't remember seeing your chalkboard proposal? eek
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Uncle Kenny
Uncle Kenny
1.Can you tell us or perhaps give us any hints about this years halloween event?
2.does it contain witches?
3.perhaps or does countess ambrosia have a role in it?

I'm afraid I cannot reveal anything about Halloween under penalty of death being fired receiving a stern talking to spoiling it. Instead, I'll answer your question with my own question, also asked by Narumi, have you read the newest manga update today? wink
Oooo I did!
is that K for me ? XP jk jk

awww alrighty! then there is no way you could say whether or not the witch business taking place in GCD is run by you guys or us users? or might that be revealing too much?

All I can say is read the manga and look at my journal. Things should start coming together soon.
Aw ok!
may the journal stalking commence

thank you for the reply by the way =]
really appreciate it considering most AtA's tend to be crazy
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Narumi Misuhara

Are you guys thinking about updating the flower exchange in rina's shop? It's LOOONG overdue for an update and these flowers are just collecting dust in my inventory...

http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/petitions/wanna-do-more-with-flowers-sign-here-over-250-signatures/t.70652111/ link to my petition with over 250 signatures and counting. sweatdrop
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Got a few things I'd like to ask about.

1) Featured Avatar Blog: Currently we don't get any notification about it other than checking the homepage, also is blog format the best way as up/down voting seems pointless on a featured blog.

Also they way its done alot of players like Featured avi's to see what other player are coming up with however it seems nay of the picks are well not up to scratch to what we would expect for featured avatars. How do you guys pick the avi's? have you ever thought about featuring an avi each week from different respective boards or even having a featured player each month?

2) CB/GD cleanup these boards seem very out of control at time, is there are reason they are separate it would make more sense to have them as a single board?

3) When will we see more in Towns 2? looking forward to have a fully interactive map.

4) Map events (Hobbit day) will we see more of these?

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eek OMG RLY??????????? does that mean you guys got back your stuff from that mean company that was holding everything hostage? *all excited*

oh i have a surprise for you guys, i just have to mail it first. just sisky, it is a box. wink

Not quite, But I *do* have a few things up my sleeves... or with sleeves... d'oh! I've said too much! Anyway, it'll be fun I think biggrin And I'll keep an eye out for the surprise! We're at a new location now though, so be careful where you send it XD
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Reiko Iwamaru
Hello Gaia Administrators!

How are you doing on this fine Monday?
I was wondering if you could answer a simple question.

So I'm a guild, and the Captain's friend, cannot log into her main account anymore. She wasn't banned, but for some weird oddity, she just can't log in...So she has to use her mule account for the time being. But to the point...

How come she can't log into her account? It's puzzling me, the guild captain, and the guild captain's friend. neutral

Have her file a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help using a mule account, the staff there should be able to help her out.
The gaia dress up thing, seems to be a little broken, some items don't show up on it at all that I know existed. (Ex: Sweet Frosting, Succubus Zivva)
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Zero! Where's my mod app rejection letter?

And on an unrelated note... giving us poor Android users an iOS app? For shaaaaaaaaame ;-;

Haven't looked it over yet!

I'm just gonna go to a corner and weep...


No, no, don't do that...
That's not helping anybody :T

Is there a day or an ETA you plan on starting to sift through mod apps?


I don't want to give out any ETA on the off-chance that something comes up that prevents it from happening. Just know that it's something that is constantly on my mind.

brb crying
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I never get this answered but I'm going to try anyway

>> Any idea when there will be guild updates? I've seen so many petitions and have a guild of my own, so I know it's definetly needed. Is it at least being looked into?
Niccolo Ammaniti
Niccolo Ammaniti

They have auto-commas. Its on the second confirmation page.

thats not auto-commas!

Last time I checked, you aren't putting them in manually....so they must be automatically placed. :l

i think you didnt read my post

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