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New achievement "ultimate player"
The title Sex Symbol does not work
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can u guys make a :cat_kirakira: emote

i always type it out
and it never works
wtf gaia
u dicks
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Missing Lanky already.. crying

Awwww *pat pat*... not to worry, I have a secret vault of Lanky pics and videos I'll be posting over time! 3nodding

Yay. Then we shall all look forward to that secret vault of yours. 3nodding
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Hi admins 4laugh
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Missing Lanky already.. crying
Lanzer took over his desk, so I don't really miss him much.

Holy Moly, that didn't take long. Was Lanky's desk much bigger than Lanzers? rofl

I thought Lanzer's old desk was the server room?

Thus, all the sushi errors. Coffee spillage.
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Wub? :D
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ok i have 2 questions
1. even if i am 17 can i become a member of the gaia team
2. can you gift gaia cash
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Yo, Codemonkey!

Any growth on those trees and bushes in Towns 2.0? They've had a few months to grow now, so I'm hoping they're big enough by the final release.
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What was up with all the mods banning practically everyone and their mother last week?
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official meevs
my question is why have there been like 5 dev updates today
Someone spiked their drinks.
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Will people who meet all of the requirements for the new achievements get them automatically - or will we need to go about getting them again?
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official meevs
my question is why have there been like 5 dev updates today

We've been busy.
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Its All Gleek To Me
Hello everyone!

Hope you all had fun at last week's event. For those who have an Android phone, be sure to check out the "Gaia On The Go" android app on the Google Play store. All the main features are now complete and most of the bugs are ironed out.

Welcome to ATA everyone!

Would a user run reality show contest be permitted if we were to use the towns as a way to split up the teams? As in ( Using the RO town split to divide teams. ) Or is that against the TOS.

Would Gaia ever sponsor a user run contest? Gaians have talent that we would love to show off.

Just a couple of thoughts. Thanks smile

It says that you replied but it links me to an answer for somebody else. I don't want this question to go overlooked because they think It's already answered. Anything you can do?
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Squee Nii
Zero Omega
Squee Nii
You've got two from me on different cases. If you're missing the one, I shall resend it. The other is still sitting in my outbox. I shall continue to stalk you in hopes of receiving aid. emotion_c8

Both? Resend both?

Yeah, just to be safe.
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Do you think it would be possible to create a new achievement or something which could include the words: Analyzer, Analytic, and/or Observer?

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