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Hello everyone!

Hope you all had fun at last week's event. For those who have an Android phone, be sure to check out the "Gaia On The Go" android app on the Google Play store. All the main features are now complete and most of the bugs are ironed out.

Welcome to ATA everyone!
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This post has three questions (still has two left).

So back in May I had asked about the avatar feature from the MP being a violation and DARKNRGY said that it should be enforced on the server side. I want to know if this is still the case that it's not permitted, because from my understanding there's conflicted information going around whether it's permitted or not. It's also stirring up some problems such as this:

What's the possibility of us being able to use BBcode to create a span or div element with an assigned ID tag (maybe even class tags?), [id="set-id-tag"][/id]
So that we could directly link to a particular part in a post, such as http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.thread_number/#set-id-tag. That can potentially be a largely used feature for guides, shops, contests and even profiles; being able to link directly to a specific part within a post could be very beneficial. You could even have a server-side security script in place in conjunction. If the ID tag they're trying to use is already in the page, use plain text, other wise convert it to a span or div element
We both know it's feasible, but would that be an idea that's acceptable?

The IP Verification feature, what's the chances of us getting an option to delete authorized IPs? It seems like a security risk to not be able to revoke authorization of an IP address. Such as if a friend's IP is authorized and they know the password but the friendship breaks, you should not have to change the password just to prevent them from accessing it. The purpose of IP verification is to revoke access from unwanted users, not being able to delete an IP address defeats this.

Also, dropdowns in forums and guilds should be fixed for users that experienced issues.
Awesome! Thanks Carbonphyber. smile
Replied by: Sandokiri , carbonphyber

Hello again Gaia Staff heart

( t.82240687_199 Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:24 pm)

may you Please explain why the warning does not appear when listing this Mythrill Halo at 42,764 gold
but it does when listing it at 42,763 gold ??

User Image

User Image

make the improvement im suggesting. "change the format of the warning"
if people dont like it , they will complain in site feedback, after that you may change it back like it was.
as today i havent seen people complaining about the new Red warning

i know theres a Difference between Underpricing and Mispricing items.

Definition of underprice: sell at artificially low prices (dumping items)

1. To price lower than the real, normal, or appropriate value.
2. To sell at a lower price than (a competitor): one store that underpriced others of its kind.

A mispricing is something that has the wrong price on it.
An example of mispricing is an Ancient Katana listed for 160000 instead of 1600000

That's what it's all about !

now, what can we do to end this Mispricing issue, once and for all?
ill tell you.... wink
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Heya Staff.

Just two quickies.

Could we have a place to trade regular zomg orbs for the shadow orbs? Doesn't even have to be in game. Like, a link off Nico's shop. Give it a 10 to one ratio if ya want.

And they have a feature on "The Imageboard That Must Not Be Named" where it shows a link on a post if that post has been 'quoted' in the thread. Like it would say"

Post number >9875856 This post has replies here: >998547864, >9986545567 (And those would link to those posts, similar to what you admin have here in ATA.)

Could we get something like that here?

That's it. Have a good night. -R
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1. Last week I talked about the new PJAX and was wondering is there an event that is caused once the page is finished loading?
Reason behind this some developers of Extensions, Script, and Userscripts applications break once it updates. So was thinking if there could be an event for us to listen for.

2. When would "Gaia On the Go" be available on all android phones? I sometimes hate going to the site on my phone and tablet. If not would I have permission to make a super lite version using html, jquery mobile, and javascript?

Also big plus for fixing the avatar menus after doing a PJAX request.
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With these database changes are we any closer to having a facial hair system?
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The Hobbit: sponsor any chance? o3o

Also, back in October 2010 the zOMG! devs held an avatar contest in the forum...
And the winners have yet to receive their reward*. Could you look into it? x D

*"the first place winner will receive an avatar art drawn by one of the zOMG artist. The second and third place winner will also receive avatar art drawn by other zOMG devs (these will probably end up looking like stick-figure drawings with crayons, so be warned, haha!)." x3
Can we see Hatsya as a character in the next RIG?

Can we have an EI like the Fallen Wish, but with Hatsya in it? I want her clothes, her dragon form, her hair, eyes, and everything, like Saiph got in his own EI.

Can we have more Hatsya SD Plus dolls? Several characters have more than just one, so I think Hatsya should have another doll, like everyone else.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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1. Waffles companion. Waffles plush for avi. Waffles plush in real life!

2. Speaking of in real life gaia items, so what if you got screwed over by the last company you worked with. That's no reason to just give up. Find a new trustworthy company and start producing all the highly requested stuff! Maybe even hire a couple people into the company to get it started and running.

3. Please don't gloss over this or give a fake answer. Do you (the alchemy team) plan to tweek things to make the back wings acheivable for less then, say, 50 million gold? Or are they only meant for the top 1% of gaians?
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Evening, folks.

- zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Got any good news to share.

- Team Gambino Uniform Glitch: When I use the agape scissors on the hair pose, the front looks good. But the back is glitched. Can this be fixed?

User Image Back: User Image
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Thank you for the new achievements. n___n
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Hey everyone. biggrin

I just have one question today. Unless I think of someone else later.

Trying to finish the Fallen quest is hard, because the components aren't available as formula. Can we have the Nitemare neck scarf as a formula please? gonk

Why does it cost so much? sweatdrop
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Good evening.
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Squee Nii
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Oh god awesome but creepy. gonk

Last half of last week was a bust for me, sorry, had to make an emergency trip back down to Los Angeles, so I've got a few days worth of stuff to catch up on.

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