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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had fun at the Friday the 13th event. For those who missed it, I'm sure there'll be another one in the distant future, plus I'm sure there will be other fun mini events along the way.

Not much happening this week, but some of us will be celebrating Chinese Moon Festival. "Celebrating" really means eating moon cake and getting fat from it. biggrin
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        Good evening everyone, I hope things are going well over at HQ!

        Hello, I'm sorry to keep pestering you but I was wondering if you received my PM last week? I feel like I'm being a nuisance about it, I've only been persistent in asking because while I'm super excited, I've also been very anxious for a few months crying /overeager
This was my mantis, Taboo's, expression when he signed into Gaia today and discovered countless Moira eyes had flooded the site and where staring back at him.

User Image

Moira is the leading cause of all insect squishing on Gaia. She is known for her perverse and twisted hobby of hammering insects and collecting their juicy guts for ink that people later pay to have injected into their flesh.

You can't even begin to imagine the horror that having her lifeless eyes staring back at him caused his poor little buggy soul! He will be looking at years of intensive therapy to get over this. I hope you are happy you monsters! For restitution of his pain and suffering we are demanding $9,999,999,919 gc be transferred over to cover his mounting medical bills. That, or he would also accept an adorable praying mantis companion item complete with an I AM pose.
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Hello Gaia Staff & Devs. heart
No questions from me..

But thank you all for the hard you all put into Gaia. emotion_hug

Edit: woot woot first page~ o 3 o

Edit #2: I also can be ignored.. I still love you guys though~ heart T v T
Dear Gaia staff,

Flynn's Booty. What the hell, man? What the hell? WHY?! Why must you keep releasing Flynn's Booty again and again? Initially, you made the claim (which I am still skeptical of) that due to its limited amounts it would not be a long term damage to the economy of Gaia. But then you've kept releasing it again and again in such a short time span. You added them to a sale, you then offered 25 of them for five dollars to accounts which had not used GC before (how long the offer lasts, I'm not sure personally, maybe it is said somewhere though), now you've extended that offer of 25 of the Flynn item for five dollars to accounts which have met some unspecified type/level of activity and support for Gaia for a time period which is not clearly specified. (In that last case it says it is a reward for the activity and support. I hope this isn't considered one of the rewards for non-GC forms of loyalty because a GC offer as reward for the non-GC stuff would be completely inappropriate as any sort of "reward." ) Please, explain yourselves here Gaia.

P.S. Thanks for the mouth pose in Vega and not attaching it to other stuff or charging eleventy bazillion gold/monies for it.
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I have an idea for an achievement.
We should have ones that involve ninjas, and samurais. (We have pirate from last year) I would love to see those as titles. Like the werewolf and vampire ones that we have already.

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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Is there any way to make donor status carry over, or change things to where if you spend a certain amount on a single item, donor status could somehow carry over? It costs $30 a year to keep donor (to keep ads away, to be able to nerf fully in zOMG - although I rarely do that) if I were to spend $2.50 a month. To be honest, I really can't afford to spend $30 a month on Gaia, so don't ask me why I spent $50 on a single item recently during a sale. There is no way I could possibly swing any more money for Gaia. I was kind of frustrated to see that despite going above and beyond what would be donor for a month or even a full year, that it didn't carry over or anything. Once this ends, I'll be dealing with sound and obnoxious ads again, despite shelling out $50.

With all the recent high priced sales, have you guys thought about extending donor status for larger purchases? The answer will determine how and if I spend money on this website in the future.
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Is this the kind of website that you truly wanted to create?

I haven't really felt welcomed here on this site in the past few months. I tried talking to DJ about it at gencon though he totally misunderstood me. I'm one of those users who can only get cash from free gaia offers. So all this cash stuff is making me want to quit. I know fully well this is a business and don't need staff to tell me it's a business. It's b/c this site feels like a business that just wants money which is making me feel unwelcome. I come here for entertainment. I love getting on zomg and hanging out with friends. I love talking to people here. I even got gifted lucky and unlucky this past weekend. But all these bad business decisions and the people making site decisions obviously not caring about putting out an enjoyable product is making me think that quitting would be better. I know Flynn's booty made gaia a bunch of money but it also made my efforts at earning gold worthless. I don't like having a shop for exclusive items when in real life, I would even go into one of those pricey stores for overpriced clothes. I'm tired of the staff wanting backwings to be "rare" when you promised they would be accessible to everyone. They drop rate is so low on quest formulas that you'd have to spends millions upon millions of gold just to get one. There's also gaia abandoning one feature after another. I know you need money but management really have to drop updating guilds b/c they couldn't cram enough cash features into it? What exactly is the cash shop for if it doesn't help pay to update features. Zomg, Heralds of chaos, monster galaxy, alchemy, guilds, minigames, etc...have all practically been abandoned for years. Did you really want to create a website that never updates features? Did you really want a place where have the stuff your company makes is left rot? Did you really want a company where even L0cke couldn't be a part of its future? Is this really the place you wanted to create? A place where if you can't spend lots of cash per month, then you feel unwelcome and want to leave?
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        Good evening everyone, I hope things are going well over at HQ!

        Hello, I'm sorry to keep pestering you but I was wondering if you received my PM last week? I feel like I'm being a nuisance about it, I've only been persistent in asking because while I'm super excited, I've also been very anxious for a few months crying /overeager

If it's what I think it is, then I'll just say stay tuned.
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swarf doll for talk like a pirate day? emotion_kirakira

and well, not really much to ask about... *looks at pile of homework* >>

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