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Narumi Misuhara
II BlazeoftheCookies II
Do we always get our CI's released on the 10th of every month? Just wanted to know!

So does it differentiate from days then? Thank you for answering the question, though.
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Any idea whether we can get a Cash = Gold transfer?
Ideally I would have each GCash worth 1k gold, what with how hard it is to get GCash.
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Is it really true that you all are keeping the DmS open forever???

There are a lot of players that are upset that you are keeping it open... And upset that
we paid for the Stone just for the players that haven't bought the stone to play everyday...

PLEASE let me that this isn't True

Thank you for your time

Devoted zOMG Player
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Hey Staff, Hope this post finds you well. First may I say thank you for moving the MLP forum and adding rules to clean it up. You all rock.

Secondly, I have a question for you. When is the Faktori getting an update with new housing items?

quoting so it will be seen
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First of all thank you DJ for answering our questions last week even though it may have been hard. It's also sad this is the first ATA without biglanky.

I love having DMS open to public and hope it peaks interest into the game. I'm just very upset with friends and others in the zOMG! community for holding a protest in front of the gate especially since it was a special spot where I camped with others with tents awaiting for the opening last year. I've even been trying to help new players out with the area.

Also the school event is fun and funny to see everyone's avi.

1) Can we delete or recycle sub-forums in guilds that we no longer use?

2) Will the General Mayhem boss and papa saw glitches be included in the latest glitch fixes for zOMG!?

3) Any news on the mod applications?

3. Still no news on that front, we're still really wanting to do something though, so hold tight.
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What is Love? emotion_kirakira
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I haven't been to an ATA for a long time. I don't have any questions or gripes right now, so I just want to say you guys and gals are doing a great job to have a VERY addicting website.
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What should I eat today?
Meats: pork, beef, chicken, or fish?
Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, organic salad greens, or green beans?
Carb: Brown rice, baked halved potato's, or pasta?

I expect an answer ... User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Hey Admins~
Hope you all had a good weekend.

Anyways, I was just wondering about my ticket. It's been open for 3+ weeks now and I just really want to get my old account back. I thought I would have gotten a personalized response by now, but I haven't... does this mean I should just give up?
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I dont have many questions but I do have request:

in zomg: can you make guys it possible to make it an option to let zOMG bloodstone amulet holders and bloodstone gem holders get the option/choice to obtain an integrity ring in exchange for the amulet? Like a trade off. Please? Alot of us zOMG players really want it. ^_^

gaia aquarium: same request, please return memphis, but as compensation make her price go up to 250gc ? :c I need something to fill my tank once work starts kicking in. :c Please gaia? If that would be possible.

- Lastly I love you all. Please Keep zOMG forever. smile As a massive lover and supporter of the game. It's great for you guys to keep it. c: I hope it stays forever, and even better itself with new contents in the near possible future.

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1. Will my account ever be unbanned again? Username ( TDA_Fallen killer99 ) Accused of something i didn't do .-.

2. Will i ever get a reply on my Scammed / Hacked report?
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This is my first ATA! But I have a lot of questions/glitches to point out. 


I love getting giftboxes randomly from floating on my page as the next gaian, but I was just wondering if instead of only being given the option to 'go to our inventory and rejoice' if we could be given the option to go back to what we were doing. It'd make things easier. 

Gold shop buying

If you go to an item in the gold shop, it opens up the item and all. For the longest time it was glitched where when you clicked buy it just closed the item. However, now you click buy and the store owner asks you to buy some other random item. Like I clicked buy cyan squirt gun and Liam asked me to confirm buying a turban. Can y'all fix that? Also can we just buy the item with gold in the avatar changer instead of having to go to the store? 


The Athlete achievement still shows up on the achievement page like you can still get it when you can't. Can that be fixed? Also the inquisitor achievement grants you it at around 40 votes on a poll. Also will there be more achievements soon and/or a reward for getting so many points? :3 Also, since the new achievements it's been impossible to get older ones without having a buncha friends help because a poor nudist thread is drowned out by all the fire starters and such. Do you think there could be like separate subforums, maybe? Oh and can we maybe get achievements for playing games like fishing and zomg? I know there's alchemy, so why not other games? 


Gaia games have become so pointless to play. Getting only 10 or 15 gold every level on word bump seems so pointless. You can get more gold for voting on a Poll or posting. You can even get more from daily chance. I was just wondering if you've ever considered changing games to give out more gold/better prizes. Also are yall going to make more simple/fun games like pinball or is it all about the new big game? 


I know back like years ago there was the skittles prom and all. I kinda want something like that back. I miss the events that weren't all in forums. I enjoy events more that arent all in forums. I really want some of those back. Like the camp one too. That was fun. It was mostly in forums but you had different stuff to it too. I just think other events were more fun when they aren't all just in a single subforum (like this detention one...).

As for alchemy and other stuff people ask about every week, I'd love to see all that updated but, really, I wanted to point out things people hardly ever do. 
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Are you guys planning on doing a Halloween event this year?
I know it's September, but wow- I am excited for this Fall season and am hoping you'll do something so perhaps I can hand out some gifts and get the spirit going!

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Anybody at the office a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan?

On a more serious note, are you guys thinking of bring a different version of PieHard or Prommageddon back? Those were my favorite events you've guys ever held. It'd be great to see them make a comeback.
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GrepoGod Skallagrim
What will be the requirements for the Angelic Rod Plus and when will it be released?

Similar to the requirement setup for the Angelic Rod, only more. And very very soon wink

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