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Hello Everyone

1.Can you make the preview image in jigsaw a little bigger?
zOMG related:
2.Why do the flying giftboxes in Bass'ken Lake spam the chat box (when they're not in the screen)?
3.My friend has a problem with a zOMG! badge (Air Fluff Decimator), she even posted in the zOMG! bugs forum, is there a way to solve this problem?
Hi Darc, those are some pretty cool achievement ideas. I'll pass them on and see which ones we can add. I definitely love the new titles that the achievements give.

Darc Nightgale
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I wanted to make a pair of Black Edwardian Children's Trousers. In order to do that I would need 55 of each pink, yellow, and green trousers. As well 10 red, and 5 blue trousers, and 33 licorice. So all together you would need 213 items to make one pair of black trousers. Anyways is there a chance that you could make it so we wouldn't need that many items. Maybe in exchange make the price to craft the items higher.

Also I wanted to say that I love the new achievements. I think it's wonderful how everyone is workin' together in the achievements forums to get the new achievements. I don't know if it's possible or not, but why not have some achievements for aquariums.
1. For havin' a full tank of fish.
2. One for after a fish passes on.
3. One for makin' a x amount of gold from booty grab.

You could also have an achievement for spendin' an x amount of gaia cash. Since people can watch videos, and do offers, or buy cash cards. It's somethin' a lot of people could do.
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Do we always get our CI's released on the 10th of every month? Just wanted to know!
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Does it bother you when people constantly bug you about things? Like the facial hair system... emotion_awesome
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Crap, I'm late.

Heya Gaia Admins! Rids here, just popping in to ask a simple question, then back to watching Doctor Who!

Can we have a Bunnihilation evo soon? It would be ever so nifty. emotion_kirakira

I had an idea...a shop, like the treehouse...that has like..10 items in it. And they all cost One Birthday Ticket. And you get a Birthday ticket for logging in on your birthday! Brilliant!

...Also, did you know, that grape Four Loko is rather nifty? I'd never had it till now. I likes it.

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Happy _Tropical_Flower

2. Also, I was adding someone onto my ignore list and after I did, I ended up getting the “Befriended” achievement even though I did not add anyone to my friends list. Was this a glitch that happened to me and should I be worried about it as well? :<

Thank you so much!

This is just a result of the Ignore and Friends systems being basically one in the same when it comes to the code that runs the check for the achievement. When the achievement was added, it wasn't built in to just check for adding friends so it's quite possible to also receive it for ignoring someone instead.
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Dear Staff...

When will you fix zOMG?

There have been problems with many a users trying to log on, with no success. The website was not like this 4 months ago. Please help resolve this issue.

Sincerely, your loyal fans who love zOMG.
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When is the rig coming out! I'm holding on to the Sealed advance chance for so long and I'm losing my patience
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First of all thank you DJ for answering our questions last week even though it may have been hard. It's also sad this is the first ATA without biglanky.

I love having DMS open to public and hope it peaks interest into the game. I'm just very upset with friends and others in the zOMG! community for holding a protest in front of the gate especially since it was a special spot where I camped with others with tents awaiting for the opening last year. I've even been trying to help new players out with the area.

Also the school event is fun and funny to see everyone's avi.

1) Can we delete or recycle sub-forums in guilds that we no longer use?

2) Will the General Mayhem boss and papa saw glitches be included in the latest glitch fixes for zOMG!?

3) Any news on the mod applications?
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Will you tell me what you want what you really really really want?
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Have you guys ever considered making any My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic items?
Much like you did when you partnered with AT, have you considered doing the same with Hasbro?
Thank you for reading smile
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Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I hope you've been well I was mainly wondering if you guys got my email that I sent out last week on a RIG theme. I was just curious. redface

Edit: Yes, as many have asked, can we get some more item-related achievements? I'd love to have one with "Lunar" in the title as well as some with "Ice," "Frozen," "Moonlit", etc.
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Happy _Tropical_Flower
Hello, Admins and Devs!

I have two questions.

1. Days ago, I tried to log onto my Gaia account and it said my password was incorrect. I tried logging in again and I am sure I typed in my password correctly that time, but it still said my password was incorrect. Later on in the day, I tried logging into Gaia again and it logged me in. The part where I typed in my password correctly, but it didn’t log me into Gaia has happened to me before and I had to change my password in order for it to log me in whenever this happened to me. But, when I did change my password, I changed it to the same password I used before and when I used that same password to log into Gaia, Gaia accepted it. I remember changing my password to a different password sometimes as well and it logged me in with that password each time as well. But, days ago, when my password wasn't accepted twice in the same day, but it was accepted later on in the day has not happened to me before though. When I had IP Verification turned, I do not remember if this problem with my password not being accepted happened to me though. Is this a possible glitch that has happened to me and should I be worried about it? D:

2. Also, I was adding someone onto my ignore list and after I did, I ended up getting the “Befriended” achievement even though I did not add anyone to my friends list. Was this a glitch that happened to me and should I be worried about it as well? :<

Thank you so much!

1. It sounds like just a glitch for one reason or another, I wouldn't worry too much. If the problem keeps happening, file a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help and we can see about escalating it to our developers.
What will be the requirements for the Angelic Rod Plus and when will it be released?
Tear of Fate
Good Weekend for all you Asmin's?

Yeah! Bought a bunch of meat for making hotpot, but I bought too much meat so we had hot pot 3 nights in a row! biggrin

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