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Hello folks. Tonight I have a rather curious question. I submitted an application for moderator earlier in the month of August. I'm curious though how the system seems to allow me to still fill out another one. Has my app gone through?
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Hello, Admins and Devs!

I have two questions.

1. Days ago, I tried to log onto my Gaia account and it said my password was incorrect. I tried logging in again and I am sure I typed in my password correctly that time, but it still said my password was incorrect. Later on in the day, I tried logging into Gaia again and it logged me in. The part where I typed in my password correctly, but it didn’t log me into Gaia has happened to me before and I had to change my password in order for it to log me in whenever this happened to me. But, when I did change my password, I changed it to the same password I used before and when I used that same password to log into Gaia, Gaia accepted it. I remember changing my password to a different password sometimes as well and it logged me in with that password each time as well. But, days ago, when my password wasn't accepted twice in the same day, but it was accepted later on in the day has not happened to me before though. When I had IP Verification turned, I do not remember if this problem with my password not being accepted happened to me though. Is this a possible glitch that has happened to me and should I be worried about it? D:

2. Also, I was adding someone onto my ignore list and after I did, I ended up getting the “Befriended” achievement even though I did not add anyone to my friends list. Was this a glitch that happened to me and should I be worried about it as well? :<

Thank you so much!
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So about those black laptops and ridiculously long trading pass suspensions smile
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hi just want to say hi
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I like to move it move it.. we like to, MOVE IT! rofl
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Good evening.

I have 2 questions:

Question A: We've heard a lot about the PSA before summer started and now, it seems like this has faded away. When can we expect the staff to step in and launch one?

Question B: With A-Kon possibly being a stop for the 2013 con tour, I was wondering if GAIA would mind sponsoring a fan-run 'Ask an NPC' panel?

Myself and a few other users headed there would host it and with permission, maybe Helsing would mind helping out?

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With what CodedNinja said about the missing parts of the web document.
The avatar menu drop down doesn't work after you load the next page with the AJAX.
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Hey Staff, Hope this post finds you well. First may I say thank you for moving the MLP forum and adding rules to clean it up. You all rock.

Secondly, I have a question for you. When is the Faktori getting an update with new housing items?
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I miss lanky. D:
*hands everyone a baby, but gives lanzer seven of them*
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why has the frequency of booty grab CAPTCHAs been increased to every third game? shouldn't it have been DECREASED? doing this has brought back old glitches. domokun stargate
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are the changes to avatar, art, writing, and home arena in effect?
if not, when will they go live?
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Mashed Potato Jones

Hello folks. Tonight I have a rather curious question. I submitted an application for moderator earlier in the month of August. I'm curious though how the system seems to allow me to still fill out another one. Has my app gone through?

The application system currently doesn't block more than one application being filed, but should you file more than one we will know! But yes, I do see an app from you.
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hi just want to say hi

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I don't go back to school til the last thursday of the month!
I'm not sure if it's been asked recently (probably has, these things get too long to read sometimes) but will we be having the black friday sale again this year?
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Do you guys have any plans to recolor some old gold shop items?

Or change Ian in the Towns feature? ._.

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