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What is the fate of zOMG! if [ JK ] has been quoted as saying the game is dead and DJ Helsing was quoted at the SacCon as saying "it's time to move on" from the game? Will the game be removed from the site and receive not even the minor updates as promised?
jean-luke picard
is there a way that i might be able to become part of the gaia team even though i am 17
i try to be active everyday
i dont use bad language
i am still working on posting this is the right place but i will get it soon
i play by the rules
i hate hackers and i can simpathize with them because i have been hacked
i own my own guild, pokemon masters, it is still new but i am working on it
i have been a member of gaia for over 3 years or close to it now
is there a way that i may become a member of the gaia team please
You have to be 18. It's not optional, it's a legal requirement due to the legal agreements, and also because you can, and probably will, see some sensitive info. NDA's for the win.
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Late in saying so, but -- you will be missed, Biglanky14!
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Sen Natsu
Sen Natsu
I can't get my aquarium to show up. Black scream both places I look.
go to http://get.adobe.com/flash and update flash.
I did that yesterday.
firefox, chrome, or IE?
IE would like to feed my fish

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Does any admin or gaian have a favorite pony
Fluttershy ftw!
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Blooming Shadow

That'd be good. xD

Like $10,000, or 10,000g? o.0
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Can I have waffles; I promise to eat him with a side of eggs and a steak take good care of him mrgreen
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I have actually never posted in one of these before, but I'm a long-time lurker and honestly I just wanted to thank Lanky both for his work on the site and for being so amusing. razz Seriously, half the reason I read AtAs is because I love the banter amongst the staff, and this was a great surprise birthday present after a not-so-great birthday.

So, best of luck with your new job, Lanky. Teaching is an incredibly important job and I get the impression that your students are going to love you. :3

Hi Lucentas,

Thanks so much - that seriously means a lot. It's nice to hear when we can bring a little happiness to someone. Hopefully they see you posting in here on a regular basis too smile
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Niccolo Ammaniti

Good luck with High Schoolers! You are going to need it :'D Just kidding. Just make sure you are just about the best damn teacher out there! I just graduated and I am missing several of my teachers. xD So what do you plan on teaching?

Thanks Niccolo!

I've got World Lit and American Lit this year.
There are lots of cliff notes for those classes, too.

I think you will make a good teacher because you are always so nice & have a great sense of humor. Wish you had a clone who could stay here at Gaia. crying
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When will the gold shops as well as the cash shop, aka Mecha Neko, get new stuff in?
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What is your favorite anime and/or manga?
This question is for everybody.

O.O um um um.............. I can't decide I have a lot of favorites whats yours?
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No! I'm very sad about biglanky leaving especially since he gave the clearest answers to my questions. Good luck with your teaching though biglanky and hope you come back once in awhile to say hi. Thanks for being a nice new friend lanky and sorry you will be leaving.

Anyway to the questions:

1) There was a thread in z!F about how the SacCon mentioned zOMG! not getting any updates, what is that about?

2) When will BidBlast be removed?

3) Any news about the new games?

Thanks Scobre!!!
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Ridley Starsmore
^.^ Hiya Ata. First time posting here x.x I've missed every one before because Monday Nights is a night they like to put me on a lot razz

Biglanky :'( Aww it's a shame to hear you are leaving. I've always enjoyed your insane avi while reading page after page of the ATA's. <3 Thank-you for all you've done for Gaia and I hope you enjoy your new job!


Well I know this is a bizzare question but are artists in gaia assigned to draw specific NPC's? If so, is there a list of who draws whom? Or are artists assigned to a project and must be willing to draw all the NPC's? The NPC's I'm talking about aren't Rig NPC's but people like Ivan, Louie, Sasha and specifically Nicolae.

Thank-you for looking at my question ^.^


Thanks Mistress!!

I got my hopes up there for a min

You're more then welcome, love ^.^.

I'm willing to bet a few ladies were fanning themselves for a sec.

*honored to be quoted by Ridley*

Though I'm rather confused at what you mean... x.x It's my name right? Reason I signed it Rosalyn, to prevent that awkward "calling me Mistress only" moment. OBVIOUSLY == I still didn't evade it.
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Rotten Odor
BigLanky is kinda cute and DJ Helsing has a nice butt.

What if you combined us? HEAVEN!!

My exact thoughts! c:
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Zero Omega
What is your favorite anime and/or manga?
This question is for everybody.

Akagi and Kaiji
First I love your avi, and also I was wondering do you think there will be anymore RDMW contests? or any other way to get minis in general? sweatdrop

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