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the games "resort world" and "monster galaxy" have been acting up lately. any chance they will be fixed or are you planning to take them offline? just wondering. i dont need a answer if you dont wish to answer.
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will there be any new ways to earn gold anytime soon?
<3/ popsicles
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goodbye lankie
not to sound like i am glad he is leaving but can i take his place please i really want to be apart of the gaia team
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/UNPREPARED /writing fast


I've been wanting to post a list of online stores because I really love alternative fashions

Q 1: Is posting a list of stores offsite advertising and against TOS?
Q 2: Since I believe a list like this with reviews and info on stores would be considered a guru thread? If doing this is not offsite advertising (though I think it is) where could I post a thread like this?

hi i just want all da mods and admins to say hi to me so i can feel special yo
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Any news on recycling the ghosties/jack zOMG event for Halloween?

I'd also like to bring this up, again: Alastor's quest to kill Bloodlust is still glitched. This is paid for content. Please (actually) fix this.
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HI!!! is there any chance we can get anymore doctor who parody items? like a dalek ?

did you have a good labor day?

Thanks btw for the previous dr. who parody items

*waves* I had forgotten how much i loved gaia and i am so glad I came back!
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Crystal Sparda
Ϲ ʀ ʏ s т Α ʟ ♥ ◕ ω ◕
            Hi biglanky!
            I'm lucky enough to have gotten your doll from my friend. emotion_bigheart
            If only you had a pose where I could be hugging you, I'd be wearing you like that!
            I'm going to miss you (who wouldn't?)!

            GAH! Questions?! QUESTIONS!
            Erm... I dunno! >o<;;

I have to admit, we *won't* miss the Lanky-mandated "Ke$ha Fridays"... gonk
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Any plans on releasing the angelic plus rod anytime soon? cat_4laugh
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Give me 10 bucks!!
IM A SHEEP!! heart
Do any of you like to eat ketchup with rice? gonk
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i'm sad about the rebuild event , i only got the first item, then i kept going for a while until it didn't give me anything so i thought that was it !!
and i couldn't finish it because of this glitch sad
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This moves a lot faster than it used to..
Anyway, a few questions.. =3

Is there any known date as to when Memphis the mermaid is going to be re-released?

Any plans on the Halloween event?

And lastly.. Is there ever going to be a Re-release of the B.O.O skin? Perhaps with a few changes on it so it isn't an exact re-release..

Any news on new video sponsors?

I'll probably think of more questions as soon as I post this.
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Howdy guys, been a little while since Ive been able to make a ATA.

Just a few small questions.

1) Will tipping be added to guilds any time soon (Most of my guildies would love to see this)

2) Will the youtube code be made to work in guilds? (We post a lot of vids, but can still only link to them).

3) talking of tips, any chance of adding the ability to tip more than 25g in the future?

Thanks for your awnsers in advance.
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any update on that staring mouth that was deleted back fr om 05/06?

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