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Question for the devs. Do you have any leads on the cause of the GST glitch where the site randomly thinks it's noon every now and then?
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Hey Admins!

Just wondering, are there going to be any more developments with the whole Gaia Bomber? Unless I missed a story update, someone got dragged out if a jail cell?


Any spoilers?
~ Luna Rousse
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I've sent a report about my old banned account and I still haven't gotten anything and do you know any items that would go good with my avi?

Send me a PM with the ticket ID so I can check into the status of it.
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Sorry if this seems crass, but my question is:

"Why is everything so expensive? We barely get any gold by playing games, posting, and voting, how are we ever suppose to attain the 3 million gold items and the like?"
Hi, I was wondering if there's anything new that will be released this year for Gaia online and zOMG?
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Derp, I kinda wanna go back to school so I can play MTG afterwards in the library but I kinda don't because, well school.
Anyways moving on, whats the status on fixing the MLP forums problems?
Also a less serious question, who is best pony? ("Whats a pony?" is not a valid answer.)
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gaia_angelleft I'm wondering if getting "Michael's Wings (Any)" is even possible o.O;; and if so how? gaia_angelright
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hello there. I got 3 questions
1. Is there going to be any more anime items like fullmetal alchemist ???????
2. Will there be any new games coming this fall to gaia online ????
3. What is the next rig / chance item theme going to be ????
if these are answered than .....
Thank you
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GAIA : Could you please add an opt out check box for the " flying gift boxes/trunks " that pop up.

Also in SiteFeedback Opt Out for Flying gifts
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I've been a user on Gaia since 2004 and have been... well, a bit a**l-retentive about off-forum topics since I've been on Gaia. I've undoubtedly filed thousands of reports, and even was a moderator for a few months before I resigned. During all of this time I've had little problem with the report system with one glaring exception: Captchas.

The captcha system currently set in place for the reports are heinous. They're difficult to decipher, and often end up making me type in the illegible characters into the bar several times before I'm able to get a report through. It hasn't been changed in I'd like to say like six years, while the captchas for posts have changed several times and become far easier to use.

tl;dr and question:
Report captchas suck right now. Will they ever change to the captcha system we have with posts, and if so when perhaps might that happen?

Note: I made a topic on this same subject in the site feed back forum, found here, and got several replies that agreed with me, some which came from site assistants and moderators.
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Ridley Starsmore

2. When can we expect some new Achievements? As you can see, I love getting those little points! But some new basic/commons might be nice!

We are actively working on new achievements right now. We have around six that should be going to QA in the next couple of weeks. Then hopefully more after that :]. oxydizer (new dev) is doing the work.

Awesome! I'm an achievement whore, and love to get as many as I can.
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what's it like to be the admin? heart
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Is they ever going to be a day when nerfing is off and why was it put up.
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                          User Image Hello! I'm Samantha. User Image
                  User Image

                  Okay. My mom is willing to let me go to a Convention...
                  But. I don't know when it's going to be going to my state!
                  When is the Convention coming to Las Vegas, NV.?
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Hey staff, I hope this finds you well. I have a few questions for you

1. Can we get some items based off the Rune factory video game series?
2. Can we have a favorite pony sticky, as well as an art sub-forum and Oc sub -forum in the my little pony forum?
3. Can we get more dog companion items please? we have a few but we need more.

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