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2. When can we expect some new Achievements? As you can see, I love getting those little points! But some new basic/commons might be nice!

We are actively working on new achievements right now. We have around six that should be going to QA in the next couple of weeks. Then hopefully more after that :]. oxydizer (new dev) is doing the work.
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Hey you guys, just a few questions I've kept in mind for specifically this time:

1. Any thinking about new games coming along? More the mini-games, things that earn tickets. I would love another option for earning Bachelor's credits and tickets.

2. Are there any plans for bettering the Bid Blasts? Every time they get close to ending they get bumped back up to 30 seconds, it's kind of annoying.

3. Recently my local Targets, 7-Elevens, etc. haven't been carrying GC Cards. Is this just a local problem, or are you guys pulling them out ...?

Thank you.
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what's it like to be the admin? heart
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Been there baby second week. I get to work on Macs for to classes biggrin , but I got to ride the cramped city bus home =_=.

I've got 2 questions.

1._ Hows that auto server cycle coming along?
2._ Hows Towns 2 coming along?
3._ DAT Loyalty Manga heart
4._ How is our lovely Gaia staff this evening?
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Is it possible that you could make it to where we could sell our old cars? neutral
I don't mean on the MP or anything major like that. lol
What i mean is like sell it for half price maybe like the potions i guess? heart
Or even sell them for chump change like the orbs even. lol
Is it even possible? emotion_eyebrow
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tiny plushie
        Pssh~ This post is special because it was made by me, and people lahve it right? emotion_awesome

        Thank you guys for the hard work you all do, we all really appreciate it. heart

        And you guys can ignore that statement above. c:

Awww, thanks for the nice words biggrin
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why don't bows have an arrow option???or even a quiver option?
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Hello Lanzer and Co.
School is going okay so far, 4th week right now.

1) Herald of Chaos beta testing is coming, how do you feel most people would view it?

2) zOMG! Auto-Cycle Program, how is it going?

3)Why is Zero 90% naked? o3o

edit: lol had errors on editing this post o3o

1) I think most people are really going to like it, especially if you play strategy games.

2) No real progress update, unfortunately. The key people involved have been on vacation so we've been a bit stuck sad

3) This disturbs us all.

Your face disturbs me.
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And you.. heart Answer my pm, please. I know you're also terribly busy, but I must find out if I am banned for the reason I think I am. ; - ;
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Are you guys making a memorial item for Neil Armstrong? sad
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Sup everyone? Just wondering about the following:
1. How's the beardly experimenting going outside from the MC? Will we be able to have glorious differently colored wigs for our faces in gold shops?

2. Snaaaakkkkes! C: Will they enter our future? I know there's some desu in snakes out there heart
This has been going through my mind for some time now, but I miss Timmy.... He should come back as this hunk who left from boot camp and is ready serve our country, Or another, not sure which sweatdrop

Or perhaps our little Rina is going to start to grow up ninja AND MAYBE, just MAYBE be one of the hottest Gaian babes of all time to where Sasha and Moira get jealous, Could also make a neat comic story too

But instead of a horrible experiment, just have lil ole' Rina grow up naturally, That is my opinion please tell me what you think!!!
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just a quick one -

there were reported 'coming changes' to Avatar Arena.
How late can we expect these to come into effect?
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Gaia convention.
Y u no come to Oklahoma?
The BOK center in Tulsa or the Cain's Ballroom seems great.

Unfortunately we were unable to head to any conventions in oklahoma this year.

Each year we go through a huge list of conventions and decide which we will attend based upon a number of different factors including but not limited to the number of attendees at the convention, the number of users in that region of the US, if there are other conventions near by, and how much it would cost us to go.

Even though we can't attend every convention we always are down to help support local conventions which we dont attend with free prizes and goodies to hand out.

So if you know of a convention that we arn't attending ask them to pm me on Gaia a request for support and I'll be sure to send over support.
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kiwirar jr
Black laptops?

Oh and, maybe beef up the trading investigation team because this is taking ridiculously long.

Send me a PM about this so I can look into it.

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