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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star....

Could there be a possibility for us to see a person's wishlist in the same drop down menu that we have in the forums?


...Why Must You Be So Far?
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When are we going to see any new info on your new gaia online game?

I really want to play it.
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What are the next lottery numbers?

What kind of cat is Waffles?

3- 32-Q- Red- Johnny Unitas.

The mega ball is a lemur.

Waffles is a rare flat eared driving cat. You may have heard of his cousin, Toonces.
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Ridley Starsmore
Ridley Starsmore
Happy Monday, Gaia Staff!

Bunneh here, and once again, I am attempting to keep up while having a cold. Shame on me. I should be resting, eating chicken soup and watching a movie.

Yet here I am, on my sickbed, talking to you fine folks.

I should get a cookie. emotion_donotwant

Anyway, on to some simple questions!

1. When can we expect some new formulas for alchemy? Some new ones that don't bankrupt you in fails or need a lot of parts. And not just level ones, eh? Some of us just want to get to level ten, yo. Without destroying all the past cash shop releases in the process.

2. When can we expect some new Achievements? As you can see, I love getting those little points! But some new basic/commons might be nice!

3. Can cards and slots get an update? These games are fun, but a graphic update, and maybe some new gameplay features, might be nice...focusing on the onsite games we already have is a treat for us too, you know. whee

I actually have far deeper questions than these (Why is the current management team trying hard to become a gaming company instead of making what they were known for better, why do we only see the same 5-7 peeps at AtAs from the staff [love you guys but everyone should play along, yo.], did you know checking Gaia on a kindle is hard if you have a crazy password?)

But then Lanzer skips those.

So here is one for him as a gimmee.


Are they in Ohio?

Are they being held by a second rate online real product store that makes sales and doesn't send the profits to the proper locations? emotion_awesome


User Image

And who do I have to kneecap to get one?

love, Bunneh

PS. I noticed something missing in the pics last week...why does your office not have a sundae bar? If they can swing one at the Sizzler, surely one could fit in the break room...

Hi Ridley,

I'll take the management question smile

Basically, we're trying to maximize our chances at doing well as a company. Like an investment, we're diversifying our portfolio. We obviously love Gaia a ton, but focusing solely on it means that if it doesn't do well, we're in trouble. By pursuing multiple product paths, we're giving ourselves a better chance to succeed, which is good for all our products.

And while I'm at it, I know that it seems like an automatic bad thing to have people working on something that's not Gaia. But as I mentioned in my Journal entry awhile back, the downside of having a lot of people working on it is that.....you have a lot of people working on it. That's a lot of salary and other expenses. That means we need to make more off of Gaia in order to make it financially viable, which puts pressure on us to make decisions based on money. Trust me, we wish we didn't put ourselves in that position with some decisions in the past. But now, because we're not as big, we don't have that same financial pressure and it's easier to get back to doing things that make users happy, such as better events, more consistent manga, etc. even if they don't directly make money. Don't get me wrong - like any business Gaia needs to make a certain amount to stay around. But we're in a much more comfortable spot now than we used to be.

n n

A legit answer! Cool.

Ok, I get that diversification is key to the company's survival, but the biggest complaint I am seeing in the site, and I'm sure you have heard it, is the viewed "Put it out and leave it" philosophy that a lot of folks feel happens with new ideas you put on the table.

The big problem I'm seeing is the site has had a history of some features 'going south' after release. Such as with zOMG (And I get the reasons for choosing to cut back on support. Hard to monetize, lack of staff resources, what have you.)

The whole state of affairs with the game left a bad taste in a lot of folks mouths and they are seeing a lot of the same pattern with other features. (MoGa, Alchemy, the games we already have in place)

I think we can agree that while bringing in the new is vital, a lot of what we already have can be awesome if properly maintained as well. I cite the great job codemonkey is doing in towns 2 so far as a step in the right direction.

I get why that reputation has developed, as we some features haven't been kept up with. However, I'd dispute the "you guys just throw stuff out and abandon it" sentiment I see sometimes. zOMG was worked on for approximately 4 years - I know that hasn't turned out the way anyone really wanted it to, but we put a ton of effort into it. Moga has had several years of updates and content additions. These are long times in internet time. Some stuff didn't get that much attention after launch, but honestly, I think the real problem is that we don't remove content as it starts to age, b/c we've generally adopted a "it's better to let people use a feature that's aging than to take it away" philosophy. But that line of thinking lends itself to the philosophy that we just let things die on the vine. So while I agree that we don't maintain everything the ideal way we should, we also get hammered more on this point than we probably should (in my biased opinion).
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Also! Try as I might, I cannot find the "file a new ticket" button. I've read the Help post, gone to contact us, and done everything to find it. Is there a link I could save to have it handy whenever I need to file one?
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admins I have a few questions

1. When might we see an update to the housing item shop with new items?
2. why is the recycle bin forum not locked since its full of repeat threads and other threads that were removed? is there a specific reason it stays open?
This has been going through my mind for some time now, but I miss Timmy.... He should come back as this hunk who left from boot camp and is ready serve our country, Or another, not sure which sweatdrop

Or perhaps our little Rina is going to start to grow up ninja AND MAYBE, just MAYBE be one of the hottest Gaian babes of all time to where Sasha and Moira get jealous, Could also make a neat comic story too

But instead of a horrible experiment, just have lil ole' Rina grow up naturally, That is my opinion please tell me what you think!!!
wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance PLEASE READ!!! wahmbulance wahmbulance

posting for the 5th time....
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This is the first time I am ever able to attend this thing.

First, horribly late question: Was there any reason why Durem teammates still couldn't shoot each other during the Paint Splat game with the Olympics? Just curious if that was supposed to happen or not.

Secondly...I wish I had more questions. XD

Hi Battery Acid,

Nope - they weren't supposed to be able to. That was primarily b/c that would make the game pretty easy. Just get a bunch of teammates and shoot them to maximize your score.
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Zero Omega
Trying again to get an answer, for the 3rd time
How do you get your account back when your email address no longer exist and you i can not remember your password and what all the trades are. I can give you a list of items I had in there. So now how do i get my cash items back?

File a ticket at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help

I did file a ticket but it told me to have it sent to my email account associated with that account. The problem being that the email account is locked out.
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do you have a release date planned for the android app?
i'd really like to use gaia on my phone...

Not an exact date, but it's really close! We're hoping to submit it to the Google Play store in the next week or so.
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i have 4 questions. the first will be for future reference for me xD
1. Do you prefer answering my questions if I post them one at a time, or all at once?
2. Are you guys going to fix the timed quests in Rally? It's been a very long time now, and my friend and I haven't been able to complete those quests.
3. Why did you guys discontinue the development of zOMG?
4. Is it possible for you to make a somewhat less confusing Bug Report thread? Every time I try to report bugs (like the Rally quest one) I always get really confused with what I'm supposed to say after reading the rules yet again.

one more now that I remembered XD
5. I keep looking, but can't find the CI that Persephone came from. (The item I mean.) Do you have any idea what the name of the CI is? (answered)

ok, one more question. (boy do I have a lot today xD) Please answer these ♥
6. Do you guys temporarily ban people or do you always just warn then ban their account? What actions would get banned and what actions would get temporarily banned? Just curious ^^
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Ralis Saika
Zero Omega
Ralis Saika
This time I'm here about an account ban question. I have an account that was banned on hacking terms but never gave me a chance to explain myself. I filled out tickets and never got an answer.

Please can someone help me? I'd never hack nor do I even know how to. I just want a chance to get my old account back.


Send me information regarding your ticket and I can look into it.

XD yo Zero been a while. Didn't think I'd get you. But hey its Kasuma. P:

But yeah. I don't even have access to the account I filled the ticket on anymore. It was stolen by a friend who was visiting and decided it would be funny to go on my comp when i was signed in randomly type a buncha letters. as a username and pass. ehh...I just want to know if any way possible to get my first account back. I don't care about the acc my friend took.

Hows James btw

File a hack report to get the account back then send me the info.

Don't remember James...? eek

x.x i think I might have the wrong mod, but the wolf demon clan james.

Anyway. I don't want the acc back that my friend took. I want the acc back that was banned.
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You guys are doing great, keep it up!
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Ridley Starsmore
Ridley Starsmore
My Orange Juice
Is DMS becoming public anytime soon?

We don't have a time frame, but we are looking at how we can make this be available more often.

Here's a thought.

Why not just keep it unlocked?

I mean, at this point, It's been open for a while, why not let the hounds run loose?

then the amulet and gemstone are useless purchases. > < just users purchased those since dms was a new addition, exclusive. just like how bb full was to be. and well, if it was unlocked for all, imagine all those users being mad they paid money for the exclusiveness. but if the meter thing was tweaked more... then maybe a better solution? but i thought everytime dms was unlocked for all, it was open 3 days. *shrug*

You do realize the DMS release was over a year ago, right?

I do believe the 7.50 was well spent. whee

It was actually first released in November 2011... sweatdrop

-tags you with the cattle prod-

A year ago....
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I predict lanzer will be closing ata soon o.o
so bye! Zero get some clothes on gonk

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