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dang. i reload and that epic waffles in space cheezburger pic disappeared. > <
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Evening, all.

zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Any good news?

We have a dev on vacation and we hope to get the backlog of fixes released once he's back.
Thanks for the reply.
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        Pssh~ This post is special because it was made by me, and people lahve it right? emotion_awesome

        Thank you guys for the hard work you all do, we all really appreciate it. heart

        And you guys can ignore that statement above. c:
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i got a couple of questions, so on zomg why did you guys implement the nerf? i was not around im assuming it was to control and influx of gold being introduced into the mp and what not to keep the user run economy stable also dms blood stones why are they so damn expensive gonk
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This is a two part question.

1: What ever happened to the "OMG" feature that used to be on the settings tab ages ago for OMG owners? I believe it was /account/settings/OMG or /account/manage/OMG

2: Well, With gaiaonline getting up there in the years, It seems that nobody knows how it was established and what kind of changes have happened over the years or anything about the history of Gaiaonline other than it used to be called Go-Gaia.
Are there any plans to add something such as "History of gaiaonline" with details of stuff such as how in 2004 they used to have a feature called "Gaiaonline Hang-Outs" and features / games that were removed, And just general info about what changes have gone by over the years, I am always interested in history, but gaia is a total mystery to me.

Oh, And one last question.

3: Are there Any plans for a "Hue" option for items? Such as, Being able to alter the colors of items before putting them on your avatar? It wouldn't be too hard to add the feature.
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Hey staff, I hope this finds you well. I have a few questions for you

1. Can we get some items based off the Rune factory video game series?
2. Can we have a favorite pony sticky, as well as an art sub-forum and Oc sub -forum in the my little pony forum?
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Do you guys think there could ever be a re-color of Fallen Wish? I know it is an EI, but I would love to see it in a pitch black color, or any other, for that matter.
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I asked this question before, and was responded to, but the question was not answered.

When will the outfits shop have an update?

There are many things that can be added, but not only that, but there are flaws and exploits as well.
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Hello everyone,

1.Can you make the preview image in jigsaw a little bigger?
2.zOMG related: Why do the flying giftboxes in Bass'ken Lake spam the chat box?
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When is the Alastor quest for zOMG! Deadman's Shadow actually going to be fixed, and not just proclaimed fixed?
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school... what is this... i don't even...

anyway, hi everyone! how is the new office going? and did anyone get lost, yet? *shifty eyes*

also, can we have more sdplus dolls? more staff like swarf and a marshall that includes the obby pose? i know, i know. i asked this before but duuuuuude. do you know what you are seeing here?

and the brony king, is his new desk all decked out in pony? surely it is by now. and with how you all's desks are set up, do you ever end up having a staring contest randomly?

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Just wanted to say hi guys

blaugh 4laugh
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Hello all you hard working Admin!

Question will there ever be a Phin Phang bundle that can be bought with gold instead of cash? I mean one that you buy from Phin Phang and not the Cash Shop.
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stray pet
Have you guys ever thought about maybe teaming up with Hasbro and making My Little Pony items for gaia? Much like you did with Adventure Time?

Just a question. I also think that Mecha Neko [ I think that's the name ] store needs more cartoon and anime things as well >w<

Thanks ~ stray pet

MLP <33333 domokun stargate

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