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I've sent a report about my old banned account and I still haven't gotten anything and do you know any items that would go good with my avi?
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Guys underwear is glitched with certain older pairs of pants. Black glamrock is an example. Anything you could do about that?
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Thanks to Panagrammic for paying attention to the zOMG servers! heart

Any chance of a recycled Halloween event for zOMG this year? The hunting ghosties event being repeated would be so awesome on so many levels. emotion_awesome

Wondering if you guys have seen my Suggestions for zOMG's Maintenance Mode thread.
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Is it possible to add a way to organize subscribed threads... like being able to create folders/sub folders?
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Gaia convention.
Y u no come to Oklahoma?
The BOK center in Tulsa or the Cain's Ballroom seems great.
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Ridley Starsmore
Crystal Sparda

Playful joking aside, I just dodged the hurricane!
It missed Tampa, so it missed me as well!
Who in the admin have come close to (or actually experienced!) a natural disaster?

Well, I grew up on the Gulf Coast, so I spent many times in my youth running from or dodging hurricanes! Then later, when I lived in Canada for a while, it was so cold and snowing so hard once that we got trapped inside my friend's basement apartment for a couple of days! eek

You a Florida kid too?

-is originally from a little place called Sarasota.-

Nah, Texas smile
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I remember in the last event you guys released some more emotes for the forums. Will we eventually get them in the drop-down menu when you post a topic/reply?
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Just a question from a brony,

Have you guys ever thought about maybe teaming up with Hasbro and making My Little Pony items for gaia? Much like you did with Adventure Time?

Just a question. I also think that Mecha Neko [ I think that's the name ] store needs more cartoon and anime things as well, like perhaps something like Sgt. Frog. >w<

Thanks ~ stray pet

>gets tipped by multiple people and quoted
>not the only one
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Hello Lanzer and Co.
School is going okay so far, 4th week right now.

1) Herald of Chaos beta testing is coming, how do you feel most people would view it?

2) zOMG! Auto-Cycle Program, how is it going?

3)Why is Zero 90% naked? o3o

edit: lol had errors on editing this post o3o

1) I think most people are really going to like it, especially if you play strategy games.

2) No real progress update, unfortunately. The key people involved have been on vacation so we've been a bit stuck sad

3) This disturbs us all.

I see.
I guess they deserve a vacation after they're work on the game 3nodding
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I was wondering if you guys have plans on making Rigel, Cresento, Mintaka, or Zhivago companion items? o:
I asked this a few times last time but got overlooked every time! >o<
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Will it be possible for gaia to have conventions outside the American regions?
I want to attend at least one. :'(
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I'm just letting you guys know that I love the new MC.

It's the best one in ages.

When are you guys going to make more unisexual MCs, instead of one for men and one for women?
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Mke It To Were We R Able To Earn 2mil A Day Like Mke When We Kill An Animal On zOMG Mke It Give Us 50k Please?

I can already tell you that won’t happen, they’re trying to take col out of the system not add it. Plus giving away 2mil a day would ruin the gaia economy.
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Hey guys! Can we has an item of your new HQ?
I wanna turn it into a warzone. cool

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