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Hello Lanzer and Co.
School is going okay so far, 4th week right now.

1) Herald of Chaos beta testing is coming, how do you feel most people would view it?

2) zOMG! Auto-Cycle Program, how is it going?

3)Why is Zero 90% naked? o3o

edit: lol had errors on editing this post o3o

1) I think most people are really going to like it, especially if you play strategy games.

2) No real progress update, unfortunately. The key people involved have been on vacation so we've been a bit stuck sad

3) This disturbs us all.
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Is DMS becoming public anytime soon?
Evening, all.

zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Any good news?

Sorry Swarf is on Vacation this week and the last so the work on the server is still in progress. Will let you know as soon as we get another update.
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Hello, Admins and Devs!

I have two questions.

1. When I bought the item, Soft Black Underwear, two appeared in my inventory at the same time. I do not remember if I bought two of them by mistake or not, but my question is, is there a possible glitch that if you buy one item from an npc’s store, you get two at the same time? I am not sure if that happened to me, but I just want to make sure it did not happen to me is all. sad

2. Also, when I was lurking on the Rejected Olympics forum, somebody posted a link in their post and I clicked on it. When I clicked on the link, I think the link took me to another page of the Rejected Olympics forum and I got an achievement from the link that I think was the “Medalist” achievement. I am wondering if the link I clicked on was a possible “cheat” link to the achievement I received. I do not know if it was or not, but I just want to make sure that it was not is all.

Thank you so much for all of your help!
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wahmbulance Hey admins! Over Here! Look at this post here!! wahmbulance

Okay, I've got two questions and since you guys are very busy I'll make it short! (if possible)

Q#1: Me and a Friend on Gaia want to know if it's possible to make emotes such as→User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image and put them into the Emote Bar at the top of posts! And we wanna know if we can help!!

Q#2: How does the emote making process work on Gaia online? Can you guys give me a quick Explanation? (point form works fine)

Please and thank you! User Image
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Evening, all.

zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Any good news?

We have a dev on vacation and we hope to get the backlog of fixes released once he's back.
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Squee Nii
Would it ever be possible for someone who did break the rules to be given a second chance and have the sentence lessened? If they did do something wrong, but without the intention of being malicious, and are genuinely remorseful? Depending upon the circumstances, is there even the remotest possibility of forgiveness?

Entirely possible depending on circumstances. I owe you a response to a PM you sent me regarding a case of yours, actually think I saw you in my inbox coming up.
That gives me slightly more hope, slightly. I have another case now. Which I'd love to get your input on, but I know you're terribly busy. Also, I'm a terrible person. ; - ;
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Crystal Sparda

Playful joking aside, I just dodged the hurricane!
It missed Tampa, so it missed me as well!
Who in the admin have come close to (or actually experienced!) a natural disaster?

Well, I grew up on the Gulf Coast, so I spent many times in my youth running from or dodging hurricanes! Then later, when I lived in Canada for a while, it was so cold and snowing so hard once that we got trapped inside my friend's basement apartment for a couple of days! eek

You a Florida kid too?

-is originally from a little place called Sarasota.-
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Hello there Gaia admins, I have a question, will you make formulas for the michaels wings, and all those other wings that are costly?
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Black laptops?

Oh and, maybe beef up the trading investigation team because this is taking ridiculously long.
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what is the purpose of the "?_gaia_t_=" in URLs, anyway? it serves no purpose but to lengthen URLs...
same with "&mygntcid=" again i ask, why?
domokun stargate
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You need to add more stuff in mecha neko
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Evening, all.

zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: Any good news?

Sorry Swarf is on Vacation this week and the last so the work on the server is still in progress. Will let you know as soon as we get another update.
Thanks for the reply.
Mke It To Were We R Able To Earn 2mil A Day Like Mke When We Kill An Animal On zOMG Mke It Give Us 50k Please?
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I forgot today was Monday. lol

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