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what's an easier way to make gold nowadays?
i'mon a quest for oisin's blessing and i'm only 4.6mill into it gonk
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Zero Omega
school... what is this... i don't even...

anyway, hi everyone! how is the new office going? and did anyone get lost, yet? *shifty eyes*

also, can we have more sdplus dolls? more staff like swarf and a marshall that includes the obby pose? i know, i know. i asked this before but duuuuuude. do you know what you are seeing here?

and the brony king, is his new desk all decked out in pony? surely it is by now. and with how you all's desks are set up, do you ever end up having a staring contest randomly?


wow. it looks so... bland. dang brony king. @_@

It's amazing.
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Ri Oestreich
I was wondering if you guys have plans on making Rigel, Cresento, Mintaka, or Zhivago companion items? o:
I asked this a few times last time but got overlooked every time! >o<

Repost o:
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Anyways, hope everyone is doing well.

I just wanted to say thanks for eliminating the pancakes from the formula's. That helps a lot. whee
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I have another question for you admins. Can we get another mod in the Entertainment forum? Right now I notice there’s only one and there seems to be a big problem in there right now with offsite adveritisng threads .
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hello! I would like to know why you have finished EI's in the weekly EI polls.
and if you say there not done, then how come they say finished in the museum?User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Ϲ ʀ ʏ s т Α ʟ ♥ ◕ ω ◕
            Ha - whoops! I swear it's not b/c I don't like you.......I think...... smile
            You mean that there's a chance you *gasp* don't like me? emo
            Oh, and apparently my bird tells me to tell you "Hi!". rofl

            Zero Omega
            Hot Topics: We sometimes make temporary sub-forums out of the popular Hot Topics that die out, it's something we can think about doing if we find a forum ridiculously spammed with repeat threads about the same subject.

            Mod Apps: No ETA right now! But ASAP.

            Avatar Change: Something the mods put together, so I decided to run with it because why not.
            Hot Topics: Awesome! I was sad to see LoK forum go so soon!
            News about the new seasons keeps leaking and stuff, so always fun for shippers and fans to go crazy with theories!
            Mod Apps: Okay! I'll remain hopeful!
            Avatar Change: Most of them must've been inspired by the rally pimps. rofl
            DAT LUSTY AND CLOUD. cool
            Psst... lemme borrow them minis. I promise I'll give 'em back... /required begging

            Well, I grew up on the Gulf Coast, so I spent many times in my youth running from or dodging hurricanes! Then later, when I lived in Canada for a while, it was so cold and snowing so hard once that we got trapped inside my friend's basement apartment for a couple of days! eek
            I haven't been in a hurricane yet, but where I am, we tend to flood even from simple rainstorms. >.>;
            I lived in VA most of my life, and we had a few blizzards in my day,
            but my friend Koleda lives in Michigan and she laughs at what I call "a bunch of snow". rofl
            I hate cold, especially the feeling of walking in snow, so I'm glad I'm somewhere where it barely snows! whee

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wahmbulance Hey admins! Over Here! Look at this post here!! wahmbulance

Okay, I've got two questions and since you guys are very busy I'll make it short! (if possible)

Q#1: Me and a Friend on Gaia want to know if it's possible to make emotes such as→User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image and put them into the Emote Bar at the top of posts! And we wanna know if we can help!!

Q#2: How does the emote making process work on Gaia online? Can you guys give me a quick Explanation? (point form works fine)

Please and thank you! User Image

We probably won't (or shouldn') use your intellectual property but I just chatted with some of the artists and they said we might be able to do an emote update before too long.
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When do you think the next round of alchemy changes will be out? and what (if any) problems do you still see in it?
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what's an easier way to make gold nowadays?
i'mon a quest for oisin's blessing and i'm only 4.6mill into it gonk
Booty grab probably.
I'm just going to ask this but can the gaia community give back the gold i had to spend because they choose to CHANGE MY USERNAME AND MADE ME PAY 40K just to change it when i never even did anything wrong
Please and thank you..
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Harbinger of Pandamonium
what's it like to be the admin? heart
what's it like to meet see 100+ PM's and notices when you start work everyday? o3o
very scary!

oh my, I forgot to remove "meet" from my question emotion_facepalm
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Hello, Admins and Devs!

I have two questions.

1. When I bought the item, Soft Black Underwear, two appeared in my inventory at the same time. I do not remember if I bought two of them by mistake or not, but my question is, is there a possible glitch that if you buy one item from an npc’s store, you get two at the same time? I am not sure if that happened to me, but I just want to make sure it did not happen to me is all. sad

2. Also, when I was lurking on the Rejected Olympics forum, somebody posted a link in their post and I clicked on it. When I clicked on the link, I think the link took me to another page of the Rejected Olympics forum and I got an achievement from the link that I think was the “Medalist” achievement. I am wondering if the link I clicked on was a possible “cheat” link to the achievement I received. I do not know if it was or not, but I just want to make sure that it was not is all.

Thank you so much for all of your help!


1) Are you sure you don't just have a thing for buying multiple underwear? smile

2) That I'm not sure about. I don't think that you can cheat link to the Achievement, but I would never underestimate our hackers smile . Either way, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Derp, I kinda wanna go back to school so I can play MTG afterwards in the library but I kinda don't because, well school.
Anyways moving on, whats the status on fixing the MLP forums problems?
Also a less serious question, who is best pony? ("Whats a pony?" is not a valid answer.)

We're looking into some options with doing something about the MLP forum.

What's a pony?
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I said that wasn't an answer, you have 1 hour to come up with something more valid or I release the hounds. *hovers over cage release button and laughs in an evil manner*
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Ardian Logic
Please Admin Check My Tickets #5630-10238994
my friend account going to banned but someone hack it then post anything porn gonk
i trust her, she never do that because she just shy girl nothing more emo
please admin help me

Send me a PM with this information so I can look into it for ya.

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