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Hey im here to ask for donations from the admin and/or staff....with these items i can start a donations guild for starters or people who have been hacked...Im Not asking like lusty or any of tht expensive crap....but like little things like 4th amigo lucky items or maybe any of the summer tops mainly like tht kind of stuff....Please respond to this comment i would like gaia to be a a better place ♥
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I am in the wrong San Jose! I got lost in the move! Waiting for a flight back to California, so I'll be lurking and watching for towns 2.0 inquires.

A lot has happened while you were gone :]. See ya soon!
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Hi everyone! New offices are so exciting! Can't wait to see the pictures emotion_yatta

Nothing to complain about today redface so I'll ask a non-Gaia question. Anyone watching Big Brother this summer?


Thanks for getting that 3rd party ad snafu fixed. I was thrilled when they disappeared off my forum pages.

I should have finished browsing the first page before posting, Love the new offices! heart It looks like such a fun place to work.
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Can you check out ticket #5630-10199296 i havent got a response for a long time
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Hello there fellow Gaians and evening to you as well Gaia Staff. I had a random question for you...

Will there be a chance of you guys having duck races again? I found that event to be very entertaining.

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I don't really like this website, nor it's staff. Well, especially the staff. I've posted this issue in previous Ask The Admin Sessions and it has yet to have been fixed.
I could suggest that they hire new staff that actually solves issues and don't troll or suggest underage individuals ingest alcohol, but they find that offensive.
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is this where I beg for gold?
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Why are you so beautiful? redface
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Be my friend! 4laugh
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What did the dev mean by Gaia items are only licensed by gaia not owned by any individual? if you buy gaia cash and buy items from the shop you dont own them?
can i see a picture of the zomg sever .... sometimes i wonder what that thing looks like
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Evening, folks.

zOMG! Glitch Fix Update: What's the word?

Sorry we were pretty tied up with the office move, but we are moving forward with updating the server and setting up auto server reboot. Hope to have more update next week
Thanks for the reply.
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I had a thought recently that might help quiet the people who want a bank feature. Maybe Meredith could start selling Mythrill Coins in a Gold Shop-style interface? The only catch would be making them buyable for their sellback price instead of their store price. Then, people who want to "deposit", say, a hundred thousand gold could just buy this item from Meredith and stick it in their Storage trunk or something. When they want to "withdraw" the gold they sell the Mythrill Coin from inventory.

The Mythrill Coins have only been available as RIG prizes thus far, but I figure if there's already a wide range of items with a common theme that exist solely to have a given sellback value, why bother inventing another? Does this idea sound workable? And if not, can you explain where it goes wrong so the folks who want a bank can try to tweak it to make it workable if they want?
Hey Platonix,

I'm admittedly not totally up to speed on the reasons for wanting a bank, so do you mind telling me what this would accomplish? Is it just a way to take gold out of your account (in this case trading it for coins) for clutter reasons? Or are they looking to collect interest on it? Any info is helpful.

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Dear Admin,

My brother made an account through facebook but we can't log in to it. We put in his username and his fb password, but we still can't.

Please help, thank you.
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Hai Admins and artists and programmers and everyone of the AtA! I hope you all like the new office space, it looks swanky!

Artists, I just wanted to say "New arm+Leg mods YAAAAAAAY!"

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