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Good evening Admins. Hope you are enjoying the new place!

-I want to know, did anyone tune in for Shark Week last week? emotion_omnomnom

-Have you ever thought about updating the puzzles? It would be nice if we got new puzzles using the art from the RIGs, recent MCs and EI's. 3nodding
I was wondering if the rigs, cases,caches are opened,the itemtem chosen or is already scheduled?
And have a time of the day to get better things?
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Hey gaia staff. Two things.

One: Will there ever be a way to put highlights or different coloring in your hair like if i used Guy's Aero black (Dark) i could put red highlights on the bangs?

Two: Will there be any more Dragon Ball, DBZ, or DBGT styled items? Head Case being the only Super Saiyan hair you can have besides set hairstyles gets annoying and the set hairstyles you have to pay to change every time...
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Could there pretty please be more contests in the art arenas? emotion_kirakira
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yoo i cant save my avi df rofl

question idea
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Ren Orenji Doragon
also, hi everyone. biggrin


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Happy Moving day smile much more fun unpacking then packing wink
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Ah, finally caught the AtA this week!
But I completely forgot what I wanted to ask or say! xp
So I'll just lurk with the rest of the lurkers. <3
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Hello Admins ,
    Just wanted to ask this question , hope its not bad but
    Where is the 2% off items going when an item is placed on the Marketplace .
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Question part: The MP warning "The price is a lot higher/lower than the store/... price" is in the most inconspicuous font size/face/colour ever. Can you please change that?

The "why should you" part: It takes 5 minutes, even if you have the file/database entry/style sheet portion multiple times across multiple servers, it takes almost no time at all to change.

Please change it. Red. Bold. Bigger. Smaller. ANYTHING to make it STAND OUT. Changing it will for a fact stop many people from regretting having mispriced their items and sold them for the wrong price.

Thank you~

Ps. This is the second time I post this, I posted this in the last ATA without a response. Anyone agreeing with my request can keep posting this in the future ATAs til it gets an answer. (Tho I hope it will get an answer in this ATA!)
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Zero Omega
Can we get pictures of the new office/move? wink

Check Milkbun's post on the first page!
How long was the painting going on before you guys could move in?? eek
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You guys watch Monday Night RAW?
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Shocked again she opened the gates of her tragic past|
And bloody images came back to her mind|


I'm really into guild matters which seem neglected, unfortunately. I would be grateful if you let us know when we will be able to tip posts in guilds or subscribe to particular guild threads. And, if not soon, please let us know why it is so hard to implement the same solutions to guilds as we have in the forums since we have already got spoilers and quick replies. Is it possible to simply copy the forums code into the guilds?

Thanks in advance and don't feel offended, I'm complaining now but I have a lot of fun here, at Gaia. But I'd really like the guilds to be noticed and treated on he same level as the forums are.

She remembered the old mission|
The dark comet's goal beyond the suns|
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I really can't wait for you guys to fix buying tokens. I've read many threads full of people having this problems over the last few weeks but no solution has been offered. It'd be great to be able to buy tokens sometime soon so could you you please at least take a look at it?
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when will rally be removed

also can we have back frontier skies

or maybe a downloadable version of it

i loved that game

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